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I apologize for the lack of blog posts, life was getting a bit too hectic in the past couple of days, I felt overwhelmed and I needed time to myself; so I took a little break. 

This Easter break has treat me pretty good actually, I was able to sleep-in and do the things I love. I hope you all had an amazing Easter holiday, but now it is time to get serious and go back to work. 


Today I am writing a first impression post of Gerard Cosmetics, I haven't used their products long enough to write a full in-depth review and also I have came across people asking if Gerard Cosmetics is worth the hype? I have asked the same question before I tried their products; so I thought it would be good to discuss if they are really worth it as well as a first impression.

Gerard Cosmetics

From my research, Gerard Cosmetics is a makeup brand created by the same lady who created the oh-so-popular Whitening Lightening teeth whitening pens. The brand mainly focus on their lipsticks and lipglosses, but they also sell BB cream and brow products. We all know this brand is being heavily advertised by well known beauty gurus, almost every makeup obsessed owns at least one set of their lipsticks or lipgloss; but have you come across a proper review of the brand and their products from a "proper-non-beauty-guru-person"? Not me, well, hardly! I mean, I have searched through Google for a proper review, and all the links that pops up are from well known YouTubers, almost all the videos I have watched were people talking about how amazing their products are, I don't remember hearing anyone saying one negative thing about the brand.

I personally think nothing is perfect, even MAC Cosmetics has flaws and you guys knows how crazy I am about MAC ♥ ~ So when a product is being advertised as perfect, no flaws, there's two thoughts that come through my mind: 1) it is really an amazing product, someone has finally created a product that is perfect for everyone! 2) no one is mentioning the negatives because they are being paid to review these products.

Gerard Cosmetics - 1995 & Nude
Gerard Cosmetics - Nude & 1995

Anyway, I have recently purchased two of their lipsticks to try, one is a Gerard Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill collaboration called 1995, another is Nude and it is described by Shaaanxo as a nude that is not too light nor too dark.

Gerard Cosmetics' lipsticks comes packaged in a gold reflected bullet and it has Gerard Cosmetics' logo printed in black on the bottom of the tube. I love anything gold, but the overall packaging feels very cheap. As you can see from my pictures the bullets looks very scratchy, when holding on to the lipsticks, it is very light-weight, it feels like the casing is made with cheap plastic.

I was aware of the weird smell of Gerard Cosmetics' lipsticks, many people has mentioned they smell like play-doh, some says it reminds them of their childhood and I think they smell like... a farm. *imagine a farm with loads of cow poops*

Gerard Cosmetics - Nude
Gerard Cosmetics - Nude

Gerard Cosmetics - Nude

Gerard Cosmetics Nude Lipstick is described as a full coverage, buttery, stunning neutral hue that can be mixed with any lip color to create the perfect lip color, it is their famous nude lip gloss in lipstick form. I bought this based on Shaaanxo's suggestion, she has described it as one of her favourite nude lipsticks that is not too light nor too dark.

Nude looks a bit yellowish / orangey on me.

Gerard Cosmetics - 1995
Gerard Cosmetics - 1995
Gerard Cosmetics - 1995

Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick is a collaboration Gerard Cosmetics did with Jaclyn Hill, it is described as a neutral nudes of the 90s with a matte but creamy finish. This is the lipstick that everyone says it is a dupe for the Kylie Jenners lips color, but in my opinion 1995 is a lot pinker when worn on the lips.

The texture feels weird at first, I did a few swipe and no product came off the lipstick, as if I was applying with a toy lipstick; after awhile, the lipstick kind of warms up and it pretty much just melt into my lips. Both texture is smooth and creamy and the application was easy, no tugging nor dragging for 1995 despite its matte formula.

1995 is a very impressive lipstick, the pigmentation is amazing and it wears for hours without loosing its colors or fading to the lip lines. The longest I have worn it is five hours and after removing the lipstick, it leaves a plum-ish pink stain; during the five hours wear, 1995 did not dry out my lips, it did not feel heavy and it was quite comfortable to wear.

Nude was a disappointment, even though the pigmentation is quite good, it gives a full coverage with a few swipes, but the application was not easy. First time I tried it, I didn't exfoliate my lips and it wasn't like drying or anything, application goes on awful! It made my lips looks pasty. Then I tried applying the second time with a fully exfoliated and packed on lip balms lips, application was a bit better, and after awhile it still looks pasty, it emphasize lines and all bits of dryness. The staying power of Nude wasn't impressive aswell, I have expected it to last at least three hours, but it only worn for one and a half then it fades to the lip lines.

Gerard Cosmetics Nude Lipstick - USD $19.00
Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick - USD $19.00

imageWHAT I LOVE                     
- gold packaging                                  
- creamy texture                                      
- 1995 is gorgeous

- weird scent
- packaging looks cheap
- Nude applies awful and it emphasize lines and dry patches
- Nude didn't wear long enough
- why so expensive?

I am sure there are plenty of dupes for Gerard Cosmetics' lipsticks,  I think they are worth a try if you are not on a budget and you enjoy trying out new products and new beauty brands. I love almost everything about 1995, mainly because it is created by Jaclyn Hill and I have always been a fan of her, but honestly, if it wasn't for Jaclyn Hill, I probably wouldn't buy any of their lipsticks.

Obviously not trying to be mean and simply just expressing my own opinion, I usually don't trust a brand that when you type into Google, all the reviews shown are from people who was paid to review their products, especially when no flaws were mentioned in any of those reviews. It often sounds too good to be true when people has made a certain brand seems so perfect, ya'know?

So... I have come to a conclusion that Gerard Cosmetics is not worth the hype, after giving both lipsticks a few try, I feel like these lipsticks have the look and the quality of a cheap product from a $2 shop, with an expensive price tag.



  1. Great honest review- a farm with lots of cow poop sounds like a great thing to put on your lips! Hahaa! These lippies don't seem worth it to me, and nude doesn't really look nude.

  2. I think they both look great on your but I'd love to try 1995 myself xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  3. Those lipsticks are beautiful - I've never heard of this brand before.

  4. The colours of these lipsticks look so gorgeous although I'm not sure I could get over the farm scent! xxx

  5. Love this review! I wanted to get 1995 during one of their 2 for $20 or something sale, but I'm still on a low-buy and the price puts me off. I still probably won't try out their lipsticks anytime soon though because of the normal retail price. I think people still categorize Gerard Cosmetics as Indie and they're about a year old or something and I feel like $19 is waaaay too much for one lipstick.

  6. The packaging is really lovely, I prefer the second option x

  7. I love the pink color the best! Never tried this brand before, thanks for sharing!

  8. gorgeous packaging but the quality at that price is deffo a no go for me

  9. I'll be honest, I'd not actually heard of this brand before your review - but the expensive price tag, tacky packaging and weird smell means I wont go out of my way to look for them either!

  10. I haven't heard of these, but they sounds great. Two lovely shades aswell x

  11. This a lovely on you. I have herd such a mixed bag about this lippies! xxx

  12. So happy you made this review! I totally agree, any other time I've looked up reviews for Gerard, it's been nothing but positive things from people they've paid to review it. For $19 dollars each I'd expect them to have a near flawless formula, so I'll be happy to skip out on these as I haven't seen a must have shade yet :x

  13. This was such an interesting read! I also wondered if YouTubers were being paid to give these lippys a good review because I've seen a lot of people on Instagram saying they were quite drying and awkward to apply. Nude look so gorgeous on you! I wish I could pull it off but I don't think it would suit my Maori/Croatian skin tone :(
    I might have to try them out one day when I have extra money :) xo


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