MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick ♡ Review + Swatches

MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick
MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick
MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick

Today I am sharing with you my review of the MAC Oxblood Lipstick, it is one of my favorite and most used lipstick in my MAC collection. Oxblood is part of the MAC x Toledo Collection that launched in January / February 2015 and it is a Limited Edition collection with a stylish packaging.

Firstly I want to apologize for reviewing a product that is no longer available on the market. This has been sitting in my drafts for over a year and I think it is time to review this cute little thing. 

I absolutely adore the MAC Oxblood Lipstick, I love everything from its' smooth matte texture to its' peachy nudes shade that wears beautifully on my NC25 skin tone all year round. I wish that some day MAC would bring back Oxblood and make it into the permanent lipstick range, this way I wouldn't panic every time I see how 'used' the lipstick is. 

MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick

Last year, MAC collaborate with fashion designer couple Ruben and Isabel Toledo and together they have created a makeup collection which contains 6 x lipsticks, 6 x lipglass, 3 x eyeshadow palettes, 3 x blushes, 3 x eyeliners, 3 x colored mascaras, 3 x nail polishes, 1 x powder brush and 1 x makeup bag. It is a fairly big collection, but the only item that truly caught my eyes was Oxblood. 

MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick
MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick

MAC Oxblood Lipstick is described as a light peachy nude with a matte finish, it appears as a medium nude with a peach undertone on my NC25 skin tone. It is slightly orange, but the color doesn't appear as muddy.

MAC x Toledo Lipsticks comes packaged in a Limited Edition lipstick bullet with a rubbery texture, it has a white base with a chic design and the cardboard box is double packaged with two layers, the one on the inside is plain white with the logo printed in red and the outside cardboard packaging has a design that is similar to the actual bullet.

Usually MAC matte finish pulls and drags upon application, but Oxblood is the total opposite. The lipstick has a creamy texture that applies like a dream. It has a great color pay-off and it wears comfortably for up to four hours before it starts to feel very dry. The longest wearing time of Oxblood is approximately six hours on me, then it starts to fade into an awkward lip liner look.

MAC x Toledo Oxblood Lipstick

 OVERALL, MAC Oxblood is a beautiful warm nude lipstick if you are into those kind of shades. It is a matte finish, but it has a creamy texture that wears comfortably for at least four hours and the application was smooth and easy. As always, I cannot say no to beauty products with cute packaging. I thought that the MAC x Toledo collection's packaging is so chic and stylish, it is exactly what you could imagine coming from a fashion designer. Part of me bought Oxblood for its packaging, but this time the biggest reason of my purchase is toward the lipstick shade. It is absolutely gorgeous and I don't think I own anything similar (coming from someone who often 'accidentally' buys lip colors with the same shade). 

I am giving this a four stars rating because:
- It is a Limited Edition lipstick and it is no longer available to purchase, unless if risking the authenticity and buy from eBay, or buy second hands.
- When the lipstick wears off, it fades awkwardly into the lip liners look
- The lipstick shows signs of flakey-ness around the four - five hours mark.

are you a fan MAC Oxblood Lipstick?
do you know of any dupes to this Limited Edition lipstick?


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