My Top 5 Winter Lip Colors ♡ ft. MAC, Lime Crime & Aritaum

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors 2016

This winter has been horrible,  it's soooo cold and 98% of the time it's raining, I have enough of it! On a brighter note, I am sharing with you five of my most worn and most loved lip products this winter. Vampy lipsticks is such a winter thing, but surpsingly non of mine is a vampy shade.

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors 2016

 MAC NOUVELLE VOGUE LIPSTICK was launched as part of The Matte Lip Collection in 2014 and it is a Limited Edition product. I wish that MAC would bring Nouvelle Vogue back as a permanent product because this color is so pretty, gorgeous to wear all year round. 

Nouvelle Vogue (I love the name) is described as a soft blue pink with a matte finish, the formula is creamy and glides on without dragging the lips. I love that it is long wearing and it has a opaque coverage. I find that the upon application, the formula appears as more of a satin finish, but as it wears for longer, the more matte it turns into. 

A lot of the times MAC's matte finish tends to be very drying, but surprisingly Nouvelle Vogue is moisturizing and comfortably to wear, it also leaves a pink stain after the lipstick wears off in approximately six hours time.

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors 2016

 MAC HOOP LIPSTICK was one of the three lipsticks that was chosen from the MAC By Request program in 2014, it is another Limited Edition product that I wish MAC would bring back as a permanent item.

MAC Hoop is my all time favourite lipstick, it is described as a mid-tone rosy pink with a satin finish. The texture is creamy and the application glides on smoothly without pulling and dragging. Hoop has a full pigmentation that applies evenly and the lipstick wears for approximately five hours. During wear it was moisturizing and I love that it's one of those lipsticks that I am so confident with that I can put on in a rush without being messy.

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors 2016

 MAC FAST PLAY LIPSTICK is one of those products that wasn't so impressive upon first impression, but it become a favourite on second try. I have recently reviewed MAC Fast Play and I have mentioned that I only started liking the lipstick when I find that the color goes perfectly with a winter outfit.

Fast Play is described as a neutral pink with an amplified finish, the color is more of a darker shade, a mauve pink on my complexion. The texture is very creamy and the color is very pigmented, I love that the lipstick glides on smoothly and it allows me to create a fuller lips look with the subtle shine.

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors 2016

 ARITAUM VOLUME UP OIL TINT is the absolute BEST long wearing lip tint that I own in my makeup collection. At the moment I have three colors from this range, but the shade "No.3 Bounce Pink" is my most used.

The shade No.3 Bounce Pink looks like a scary bright red with a hint of pink when swatched on hand, but once spread out on the lips, it is shown as a medium rosy tint. I love that the slanted applicator allow me to apply just the right amount of product on the lips and my favourite thing about the Aritaum Voluem Up Oil Tint is that once I applied the lip tint, I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day. I could have the oiliest food and the color still stays as pretty as if I have just applied. By the end of the day at approximately seven to eight hours, the color will starts to fade away and when it wears off, it fades off evenly.

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors 2016

 LIME CRIME VELVETINES RIOT is described as a red brown, and it is my most worn lip product this winter. Lime Crime Velvetines has a very thin and watery texture that dries into a complete matte formula. The formula is SO comfortable to wear and the lip color wears for long hours unless if I had oily food.

I love that Lime Crime Velvetines has a sweet vanilla cupcake scent that is not overpowering and the lipstick doesn't smear on the chin or bleeds during wear.

Top 5 Winter Lip Colors 2016

have you tried any of the lipsticks mentioned?
what is your favourite winter lipstick shade?


  1. Mac Fast Play and Lime Crime doe... #HeartEyesForever


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