Thursday, April 20, 2017

MAC Haul & First Impression ♡ ft. Scented Fix +, Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Essential Oils, Waterproof Brow Set & Lipglass in Original Packaging

MAC Haul April 2017

Today I am sharing with you Part A of my recent MAC haul which includes some skincare and a few of the OG Lipglasses. Just incase that you haven't heard or noticed, a month ago MAC has revamped their Lipglass line with all new packaging and new pricing. The formula hasn't changed, but comparing to the OG Lipglass, the new ones are a lot bulkier and more expensive.

I was lucky enough to grab three of the MAC OG Lipglass including Nymphette, which I had my eyes on for a very very long time and I was even more glad that I bought them with such good sale prices when they were being placed in the GoodBye section.

If you are a MAC collector, you would know that MAC used to NEVER EVER goes on sale and ever since they begins the MAC Select program, they starts to occasionally offers 25% discount to their MAC Select members, on top of all that discounts, they have this GoodBye page which is filled with products that are to be discontinued with amazing sale prices.

MAC Prep + Prime Coconut / Rose / Lavender Fix +

MAC Sized to Go Prep + Prime Fix + in Lavender, Rose and Coconut is from the Work It Out Collection which was launched in March. These are not new products as I remember trying them a few years ago and to be honest I am still unsure of  the exact purpose of Fix + ?

MAC has described the Prep + Prime Fix + as a lightweight water mist that refresh skin and finish makeup, some people says that it's a makeup setting spray, while others says that it does not set your makeup at all, but it does refresh your skin like a moisturiser and it can also use to make your eyeshadow pops if the quality is not as pigmented. 

Lately I have been using the Fix + in Lavender a lot during the day at work as my skin tends to get very oily even in not-so-humid environment. I would use the Fix + after I blot my face with blotting papers and I find that it does refresh my skin and make my face less oily, I would have to repeat the steps a couple of times during the day, so far I am loving the refreshing feeling, but if I was using the Fix + for this purpose only, I don't think it's a must have item in my collection because it's not comparable to the other setting sprays I own.

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is described as a highly-effective cleanser and exfoliator that unclogs pores and adds instant moisture. It is a dual-purpose cleansing and exfoliating scrub with the key claims and benefits of controls oil, smoothes skin, adding instant moisture and leaving skin feeling soft and comfortably clean.

This is my first time trying out the MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and so far it has left me with a great first impression. Although it is quite expensive and it didn't perform 100% perfect, like I couldn't see any great results on the pores, the blackheads and my skin wasn't left ultra smooth; but I like that the texture of this exfoliator is not so extreme and harsh on the skin as I scrub. I also like that it makes my skin clearer and I don't have to put on moisturiser immediately after use.

MAC Prep + Prime Essential Oils Grapefruit & Chamomile

MAC Prep + Prime Essential Oils Grapefruit & Chamomile is described as an unique oil that leaves skin feeling energised and moisturised with a healthy glow, it smoothes, hydrates, clarifies, improve radiance and condition skin and it can be used alone or under makeup.

I have been using the Prep + Prime Essential Oils as a morning moisturiser on days that I wear absolutely no face makeup and I love that it keeps my face hydrated all day, my face tends to get oily from time to time and it's normal because I have naturally oily skin, but I especially love that the Prep + Prime Essential Oils doesn't make my face feel greasy.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

Back with the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set, this is my first time re-purchasing a MAC makeup item and it actually surprise me because I never expect myself to hit pan or empty any MAC products as I own too many. 

I wasn't a fan of the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set when I tried it for the first time, but it has slowly become a holy grail product after using it continuously for weeks. 

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set is described as a non-greasy brush-on gel that grooms and defines brows into shape while naturally shading them to create subtle or dramatic looks. It has the key claims and benefits of being waterproof, long-wearing (wear up to 8 hours), flake-proof and smudge-proof with no clumping. It also claims to stay through sweat and humidity. 

MAC Lipglass Nymphette / Dreamy / Lychee Luxe

Last but not least, I picked up three MAC Lipglass in the original packaging in the shades Nymphette (sunny golden pink), Dreamy (gold glittered pink) and Lychee Luxe (pinky-coral with golden shimmer). The OG Lipglass are no longer but these shades are available to purchase in the new packaging.


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