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Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.

A new-to-me skincare brand contacted me last month to see if I was interested in reviewing some of their products, and I said yes! Although I am not a huge skincare person, I was excited to try out this brand because majority of their products claims to unclog pores, removes blackheads and control oil, and my skin is all about that right now. 

Established in 2009, b.liv, pronounced as "believe" claims to be a leading brand in pore management solution. I was told that they are an award-winning skincare brand which has gradually gained popularity in the South East Asia market such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China and Indonesia with proven results in combating blackheads. b.liv also claims to be an affordable, salon-tested skincare regimen formulated for enlarged pores, oily skins, acne-prone skin, sensitive skin and redness due to hormone and stress.

As you know, I have oily skin and my T-zone gets very oily during the day, hence why I no longer wear foundation to work because my makeup would just slides off. In the morning, I get these weird red patches around my nose and I have recently noticed this small area of dry patches under my lips area. Also, my nose is filled with blackheads and whiteheads that I am forever trying to get rid off but I just cannot stand the pain when squeezing out those gross stuff. Lastly, I cannot live a day without a poreless primer, unless if I was wearing absolute no makeup on the day, and because my face gets oily easily, my eyes would stings so badly if I don't blot away the facial oil during the day.

b.liv was kind enough to put together for me three of their star products based on my skin type and my current skin problems, and they are:
 Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel)
 Absolute Matte (clarifying mask with active charcoal mask sheet - refreshing type)
 Deep Impact (deep pores massage and cleansing emulsion)

I have been testing these products for a total of three weeks and I am excited to share with you my initial thoughts and mini reviews of these products. Although there are good and bad, I am happy to say that one of these products has become my absolute favourite.

Below is a few photos of my bare face and skin condition that I have taken prior to trying out these products. I must say though, my skin is not as bad as I think and I am confident of going out with no makeup at all.

clarifying mask with active charcoal mask sheet (refreshing type) | 1 pc | USD $2.50 | click

Absolute Matte is best suited for combination to oily skin and it helps combat excess sebum and control surface shine while purifying and refreshing your complexion. It has the benefits of lifting away impurities and leaving the skin clear, balanced and fabulously glowing.

b.live has suggested to use Absolute Matte "2 times 2 week" and as per usual, leave the mask on for 15 minutes, gently massage the remaining essence after removable, then leave it for complete absorption.

- I love the fresh minty scent
- The smell of charcoal lingers around after mask removable
- My face looks glowing after use, at the same time it also feels and looks matte
- It had a refreshing feeling

- The mask is too big for my face and it doesn't fit properly

deep pore cleansing and massage emulsion | 50ml | USD $35.00 | click

Deep Impact is best suited for oily skin. It has the benefits of gently but effectively exfoliates and clarifies your skin for the velvety smooth touch, it cleanse pores gently and it also prevent blemishes and pores blockage.

b.live has suggested to use the Deep Impact scrub "3 times a week" and I was reminded not to use it everyday because oily skin must not be over dried to maintain skin's essential moisture level.

- The texture of the scrub is not harsh, it doesn't hurt my skin as I scrub, but at the same time I do feel that it does clean my skin thoroughly.
- My skin doesn't feel squeaky clean or drying afterwards
- It has a nice smell

- I didn't see any difference when comparing with my other scrubs and cleanser

blackheads sebum gel | 15ml | USD $35.00 | click

Off With Those Heads is a sebum gel that helps with blackheads and whiteheads removable without the need for painful squeezing and it is suitable for all skin type. The gel is suppose to softens the clog that is blocking your pores to allow effortless extraction. It has the benefits of helping with blackheads and whiteheads clearing, and keeping oil secretion under control.

b.live has recommended to apply Off With Those Heads on your T-zone for 14 day consecutively after toner and before moisturiser.

- cooling gel texture that absorbs quickly
- I was able to pull out more blackheads and whiteheads when using a nose strip
- blackheads comes out easily with a light-handed squeeze on the nose
- No pains whatsoever when squeezing blackheads from nose
- Removing blackheads on the nose has never been this easy! and painless!

- none
The photo above shows a before and after of using b.liv Off With Those Heads and I am so impressed with the result. Although it does not fully remove my blackheads and whiteheads on the nose, you can definitely see a huge difference.

Overall, I am glad that I get the opportunity to try out such a cool skincare brand and I am not just saying that because these were sent to me for free. If I was to spend my own money on this brand, I would definitely buy Off With Those Heads as that was the only product that really impressed me.

As for the Absolute Matte mask and the Deep Impact scrub, I didn't find too much of a difference when comparing them to the other skincare products that I have been using.

b.liv has this 14 days money-back guarantee policy and it takes a total of 5 days including weekend to arrive in New Zealand.

have you tried b.liv?

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  1. That was really nice of them Kay! The one for blackheads sounds the best, because they are hard to remove. That mask was really big! WOW Glad it worked great though.


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