Sunday, March 18, 2018

LUSH Easter 2018 ♡ Free Rangers Bath Bomb

Lush Free Rangers Bath Bomb

I drop by the Lush store last week to check out the Easter collection and I completely fell in love with this bath bomb. Although I have said in the past that I won't be buying Lush bath bombs again because a lot of them stains my bath tub, but I couldn't resist buying this one. It's just too cute to pass.

Comparing to 2017's Lush Easter Collection, this year's limited edition products are way cuter.

I have only purchase two bath bombs from the Easter collection and they are the Free Rangers (the one I am reviewing today) and the Which Came First.

Lush Free Rangers Bath Bomb

Lush Free Rangers Bath Bomb comes in three colours and each bath bomb comes in two parts. It retails at NZD $13.90 and you can choose to either use it in one go or you can separate the parts and use it for two baths.

I have used this bath bomb in one go as I was curious of the colour combination of yellow, blue and pink. Also Lush often have surprises hidden in their bath bombs and I was curious to see what's inside this chicken. Unfortunately, no surprises for this one, but the colours turns out to be a beautiful blue-ish green.

Free Rangers fizz very quickly. When I drop the bath bomb, the water was a creamy yellow and blue colour and it slowly turned into a green and blue, then finally, it stopped fizzing and the water was a vibrant green colour.

The bath bomb smells fruity before I drop it into the water, unfortunately, I couldn't smell much of the fruitiness or sweetness while I was in the bath. The moisture level is okay, it's not as moisturising as their other bath bombs and I think the only thing that stands out to me is the chicken and the colours.

By the way, I took some suggestions from a reader and I made some gifs image of the Free Rangers.

I hope you guys like it. 

Lush Free Rangers Bath Bomb
Lush Free Rangers Bath Bomb
Lush Free Rangers Bath Bomb
Lush Free Rangers Bath Bomb


  1. These are incredibly cute, I really do love Lush, the smell of their stores always entice me in!
    Lovely review, how cute are those bath bombs!
    Laura xo


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