The Balm Matt(e) Nude Palette Review ♥

Around August last year (2013), I posted a Pagan Marie beauty haul in which I bought The Balm Matt(e) Nude palette. It's been over six months since I bought this palette and I have used it quite a few time, I thought it's time to review these babies ;)

The Matt(e) Nude Palette is made of thick cardboard paper with a magnetic closure. There is a very handsome looking man printed on the packaging with shiny white teeth and blue eyes, who enjoys long walks on the beach, creamy eyeshadows and fabulous liners. He sounds like my type of guy, come at me baby!

The Balm Matt(e) Nude Palette comes in a total of nine large eyeshadows and a large mirror. The eyeshadows are each named after various Matt names and it is made in the USA. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, not too powdery or chalky; the shades are all very wearable so I tend to have a hard time choosing which to wear for the day, if I use this palette.

Matt Johnson - dark grey-ish
Matt Garcia - brown with a hint of red
Matt Malloy - white
Matt Rosen - medium brown
Matt Wood - dark brown
Matt Singh - peachy pink nude
Matt Abdul - grey-ish taupe
Matt Lombardi - beige
Matt Hung - dark-ish purple

The price for this palette is selling at USD$42.00 on The Balm website, in my opinion it is a little pricey but since this palette is very useful, it is worth every dollar!

My favourite shade from this palette is Matt Hung, haha not because he sounds Asian but because it's a perfect dark-ish purple for smokey eyes look and I also love Matt Lombardi and Matt Singh. I often use Matt Garcia to fill in my eyebrows. Which one of these is your favourite shade?

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