Sleek Makeup Lip 4 Palette - Mardi Gras - ♥ Pictures

I have recently picked up Sleek Makeup Lip 4 Palette in "Mardi Gras" for only NZD $6.95! This is my first Sleek Makeup product and I am very impressed ~ Love their packaging and the shades are very pigmented! At the moment I can't say much and I won't be reviewing these until I have used them for a reasonable time. Right now please enjoy some of these gorgeous pictures I took of the lip palette.


  1. Great pictures! This is next on my Sleek must have list! Can't wait to read your review on this as I'm really interested in seeing how opaque they are (especially that purple).

    Zhahara xxxxx

    1. Thank you :) Will write up a review soon x

  2. That palette is soooooooooo pretty!!!!


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