Sunset At Limon ✿ Restaurant Review

Grab One has become my new best friend. ♥ I am constantly on there looking for good deals and new restaurants to discover ~ Saturday was such an amazing day, beautiful weather, I had to go out and enjoy the sun! Below are some of the pictures I took while having dinner & watched the sunset at Limon Restaurant.

Limon Restaurant is a Spanish / Mediterranean restaurant located in Auckland, at Princes Wharf (just under Hilton Hotels). As you can see from the pictures above, the views are so beautiful! The first time I dine at Limon was after dark and I couldn't enjoy any views, so I decided to visit in a day time and BAM! Dining at Limon in day time, in the afternoon, totally changed my whole view on the restaurant and since the weather was ahhmazing~ I get to watch the sunset. ^^

✿ Mixed Olives & Feta - meh.
✿ Garlic Prawn - yummy :)
✿ Fried Squid - the most delicious out of all three Tapas

✿ Moroccan Lamb Shanks - Single Shank

Moroccan Lamb Shanks - Double Shanks

Slow Roasted Pork Belly

The food was okay, it's not the best, but it's also not the worst.

Look how beautiful the sunset was!

Auckland city night view.

Overall Ratings:
Food imageimageimage
Just okay!
Restaurant Themeimageimageimage
I like the outdoor sitting, but why are their tables SO small?!
Quite expensive for what they offer, great price if you have a voucher.
Service imageimageimageimage
Very friendly people.
More quiet than other parts of Auckland's waterfront, nice views.


  1. Well, even if the food wasn't amazing the view and being in that location is very beautiful!

    1. Oh yes Sharlynn ^^ I don't mind paying just for the view :p

  2. Oh wow very good place~ The food looks delcious~

  3. The restaurant looks beautiful...and the pork shank looks good too


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