The Famous Cheong Song Yi Lipstick ♥ Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in Neon Orange

If you question me about 2NE1 a year ago, I probably would have no idea what you're talking about! But now it's a different story ~ When everyone was obsessed (still is) with Korean drama / Kpop, I was crazy in love with Nicki Minaj; I enjoy more of American hip-hop etc and then things starts to change as soon as I start watching "You Who Came from the Stars / 来自你的星星". 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good looking Do Min-Joon is ~ 

Anyway, today's post is on that famous Cheon Song Yi's Laneige lipstick that everyone is talking about; everywhere I looked is either sold out, discontinued or too expensive and I finally came across an eBay seller who sells one for a reasonable price. *yayy*

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in Neon Orange

Neon Orange is an eye-catching beautiful bright orange shade, which I think will look amazing on every skin tone. The lipstick contains 35% moisturising serum and it is easy to apply, glides on smoothly. The packaging is very simple and the lipstick feels very moist, it also gives you a fuller lips effect.

See how intense the shade is, I have applied two layers of Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in the swatches below. The lipstick is super pigmented.

The lipstick tube tends to get very messy cause the lipstick is very moisturising and I feel like the products won't stay in one place, seems to move around a lot. 

Below is just a simple look I did to show you what the lipstick looks like on me, it wasn't inspired by Cheon Song Yi; I will probably do an inspired look sometimes soon.


  1. This shade suits you well, you look great! Also this lipstick looks and sounds really tempting!:D

  2. I've been seeing this more now on blogs and it looks like an absolutely love product to have! I suffer from dry lips so I will need this! I probably will get it in a nude or pinkish shade so it's not messy if it bleeds or moves while eating/drinking!

    1. I think this will suit best for dry lips ^^ you should definitely try it! Next time I am getting a nude shade cause the neon orange is just too messy x

  3. Hey Kay where did you get this? I got it on my trip to Korea but then lost it after a month (cry cry)

    1. Hey Maddi, I bought it from eBay. It was sold out everywhere >.< I'm selling it.. It's not what I wanted...

  4. It look super pigmented!
    This colour is hard to pull off.



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