Beauty Haul ♡ ft. Sonia Kashuk, Sephora, Too Faced

I have recently switched to a new mail forwarding company, after getting so frustrated with the shipping time Youshop takes to deliver and the ridiculous pricing even after a consolidate package; I had enough of it! So I tried out a company that everyone has recommended, I tried Shipitto for the first time and now I can't stop raving about their service hehe. 

Below are a few packages that I have purchased myself, and/or using Shipitto's Assisted Purchase, all these packages came from different places like MAC, Sephora, Target and Too Faced. They all arrived at different times and I have consolidated into one package.

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup Brush Set

Since I have never shop from Target before and I wasn't sure if they accept international payments etc... I didn't want to risk going through the hassle of them cancelling my order. So I used Shipitto's Assisted Purchase and bought this set of 10 Limited Edition Sonia Kashuk brushes and also another Limited Edition compact brush.

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup Brush Set

The Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Art of Makeup 10 piece brush set includes:
1 x large powder brush, 1 x domed blusher brush, 1 x synthetic buffing brush, 1 pointed foundation brush, 1 concealer brush, 1 eye shadow brush, 1 blending brush, 1 crease brush, 1 smudge brush & 1 synthetic angled liner brush.

I love the pink bristles and the gold and colourful handles. I remember being so envious of girls showing off their Sonia Kashuk haul in Makeup Obsessvies; Arghhh I wanted a set so badly, and now, finally a proud owner of one!

Sonia Kashuk Completely Compact Travel Brush

The Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Completely Compact Travel Brush is another item I have purchased using the assisted purchase. This brush includes a mirror and a powder brush that flips open. It is a multi-use makeup brush that can be use to apply powder, blush, highlighter and bronzer. I absolutely adore the turquoise bristle, and plus the brush is so soft, it is amazeball!

Sonia Kashuk Completely Compact Travel Brush
Sephora Collection Retractable Kabuki Brush

Now it comes to a part where I begin my Shipitto obsession...

I have placed an order for two Sephora Collection Retractable Kabuki Brush as they were on sale for ten dollars each. When my Sephora order arrived, there were only one brush in the package and usually I wouldn't bother contacting Sephora about my missing brush because if I was still using Youshop, the shipping cost for an extra package would cost more than the brush itself. But since so many people had recommended Shipitto and raved about their shipping cost and service, I decided to just contact Sephora anyway.

So I did contact Sephora and they sent me another kabuki brush which as expected, it arrived in another medium size package. If I was using Youshop, it would cost me at least $26 for another package, and to my surprise, after I consolidate all my shopping into one package, the shipping cost was 80% cheaper than what Youshop usually charge me... Not even exaggerating here!

Too Faced La Creme Cinnamon Kiss

While waiting for my missing Sephora Kabuki Brush to arrive, I couldn't help it and purchase the Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Cinnamon Kiss.

I have previously tried the La Creme Lip Cream range and I admit I wasn't a fan, I have tried the shade Marshmallow Bunny which I though it looks like a gorgeous nude-ish pink in the tube; but once applied on the lips it is streaky and I just wasn't feeling it.

When I saw Cinnamon Kiss, I wanted to give it another try, maybe a darker shade will have a better performance and since it has a pretty good review online, there must something special about it. Plus Cinnamon Kiss along with three other gorgeous shades are on sale! I love sales, hehe.

Too Faced Lip Injection

A mini sample size of the Too Faced Lip Injection came as a promotional gift and I am so glad to be able to finally try this product without having to spend a fortune and later regretting it if it doesn't work.

MAC Morange Lipstick

Last but not least, I bought MAC Morange from the Wash and Dry Collection.

I was a bit late on catching up with the latest MAC collections, by the time I decide on Morange, it is all sold out online; thankfully, Nordstrom had some for sale, and I was able to grab Morange before it is all sold out again!

Overall, always happy with my purchases and extremely happy this time that I was able to save big bucks on shipping cost.

I like that Shipitto allows me to pay using Paypal, and I can deposit an amount of money into my account for future use instead of having to enter my bank details every time I want to shop. I love that they consolidate my packages and repackage in a reasonable size box instead of a huge box to charge me more fees. Their packaging is really good too, nothing came damaged.

I have consolidated four packages together and shipping cost is only around $50, of course there were other shipping methods to choose from and I went to DHL express which is the most expensive, but my package arrived within 4 days! 4 DAYS! HELLO, THAT IS FREAKING AMAZEBALL!

Have you tried Shipitto?


  1. I have the four piece face set teal lish set from SK and even though the bristles are the softest, they all work so well. I always use the big fluffy powder brush as a blush brush now because it helps blend in blush so seamlessly. I really want to get another one, but I haven't seen the same brush in any more of her sets :(

  2. Wow the brushes you chose are beautiful! And that MAC lipstick packaging <3

  3. Oh that sounds like a great experience!! I'm planning to use a mail forwarding service to get my colourpop fix as well as some bits from drugstore/ as the service I use doesn't allow you to purchase from just any sites. That's great that they fixed your order so quickly and at that rate! That's what I call great service. Also the brush set you got is adorable and I totally could use a clear gloss right now, even a cheap one as I don't actually have a single clear gloss! Great haul, I can't wait to get me some colourpop!!

  4. That brush holder! <3 I have TF's Lip Injection, and it works quite well. I'm not a huge fan of the scent though. And shipping costs are just the worst. Sometimes I fill my basket with things that I want, and then realize the shipping is about half the cost of everything, so. I never knew they had services like Shipitto though.


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