MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick ♥ Review + Swatches

I was in a rush one morning, my eyes were fuzzy looking at my lipstick collection trying to choose a lip color suitable for my outfit of that day, my brain was blank as there were too many to choose and I was already late to work; lol too many things going on all at once, I couldn't handle it!

I end up choosing the MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick, while driving to work, I dab a little on my lip for a soft tinted look, knowing it is a highly pigmented and intense lip color, I went very light handed to avoid messing up. Argh I know, multi-tasking while driving is no good, but I was desperate okay!

Ever since my failed, rush hour morning that day, I have been wearing Playtime more often than I used to. This lipstick could be a day-to-night lip color, since it is a very pigmented lipstick, you have a choice of dabbing a little for a tinted pink day look, or you can swipe it as normal for that intense date night look.

MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick

MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick is one of the six lipstick that was released in the MAC So Supreme Collection in 2013, it is a Limited Edition color that is described as a "bright coral pink". I sometimes wondered how MAC came up with such non-related descriptions?! Playtime is obviously a bright Barbie pink, it looks nothing close to coral, not in the tube, nor on the lips.

MAC Playtime Lipstick is a bright, girly, medium pink with a cool undertone, it has an extreme opaque coverage, the color is so bright and intense and it has a bit of soft pearl in it. It is so pigmented, even at first swipe, the color payoff is excellent!

I have previously reviewed Sweet Grenadine, another Limited Edition lipstick from the MAC So Supreme Collection, comparing the comfort of wear between the two, Playtime feels a lot more drying, it isn't as comfortable as Sweet Grenadine. Both sheen supreme lipsticks offers a glossy finish and a lightweight wear, Playtime is neither hydrating nor moisturizing, it feels drying from time to time and I had to add a bit of lip gloss to make that dry feeling go away.

The texture of MAC Playtime Lipstick is creamy and it applies on the lips smoothly. Its smooth and creamy texture doesn't make the lip color smear, it doesn't move around, no bleeding or anything, apart from the time when you have to eat and drink, the lip color does transfer to your food.

MAC Playtime worn quite well on me, it really depends on if I wear it as a soft tinted color or an intense one. Playtime worn well for three hours as a soft tint and it lasted for more than six hours if wearing as a full opaque coverage.

MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick

What do you all think of MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipstick formulas? I love, love, love how smooth and soft their texture is and I adore their intense color choice. Totally looking forward to trying more shades, what about you beauties?

 MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick
MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick

As mentioned above, MAC Sheen Supreme Playtime Lipstick is a Limited Edition lipstick from the MAC So Supreme 2013 Collection, it is no longer available to purchase from MAC or any other website, and it could be hard to find as it was released so long ago.

MAC Playtime is available to purchase from eBay seller: makeupemporium1, she is one of my most trusted MAC seller on eBay, I trust her, and you should too :) Just give her a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. I feel like you're the queen of brighter lipsticks to me hahaha I personally think that's too bright on me, but it looks great on you!!! I think if I were to get this, I would probably dab and sheer it out because it is a great color.

  2. Oh the formula sounds incredible! UGH I'm having a hard time deciding which formulation I want when I purchase some nude shades of lipsticks from them in the future! I totally see how you could assume that you could dab this lighting but damn that color is neon despite being a 'lighter' sort of color!


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