#MACLipADay ♡ Showing A Lip A Day During May 2016

Spotted on Twitter on the 1st of May is the new hashtags thread from MAC Cosmetics called #ShowYourSwatch of (a MAC lipstick) / #MACLipADay. MAC has encouraged all beauty addicts to share their daily swatch and I didn't even think twice, I joined the convo immediately, cause I love MAC heheh.

I thought that it would be fun to share the #MACLipADay swatches altogether in a blog post. I love lips, arms and any types of swatches, also it would be awesome to share with you what I actually own, or don't have right this moment.

#ShowYourSwatch of Ruby Woo  | #MACLipADay 01/05/2016

Ruby Woo is described as a very matte blue-red in Retro Matte finish. I have purchased, used and sold this many many times; I love the color, but dislike the formula and I just cannot make up my mind. 
#ShowYourSwatch of Candy Yum Yum | #MACLipADay 02/05/2016

Candy Yum Yum is described as a neon pink in Matte finish. I have purchased this many years ago then later sold it because of two reasons: the color is too bright and way out of my comfort zone and the formula is too drying. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Please Me | #MACLipADay 03/05/2016

Please Me is described as a muted-rosy-tinted pink in Matte finish. I have this in the MAC Magic of The Night Limited Edition packaging and also the 6 preferred pink lip palette. I don't reach for this shade as often, but it is a beautiful color. The formula is matte, but it's moisturizing during wear and the color worn for around four hours on me. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Lady Danger | #MACLipADay 04/05/2016

Lady Danger is described as a vivid bright coral-red in Matte finish. I have not try this and I don't think I will ever buy because the swatches online shows that it is so bright.

#ShowYourSwatch of Dubonnet | #MACLipADay 05/05/2016

Dubonnet is described as a deepened claret in Amplified finish. I am a total newbie to this shade, I have not heard of it, I want to try it; the swatches online are so pretty, not wearable daily for me, but it's also not too-much out of my comfort zone. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Heroine | #MACLipADay 06/05/2016

Heroine is described as a bright purple with a Matte finish. The lip color is kind-of out of my comfort zone and it's not something that I would wear too much, but I bought it mostly for its name, I also had it just so I could compare it to Pure Heroine (click here for my Heroine vs Pure Heroine comparison post)

#ShowYourSwatch of Saint Germain | #MACLipADay 07/05/2016

Saint Germain is described as clean pastel pink in Amplified finish. Saint Germain was my very first MAC lipstick and it used to be my absolute favourite back in my barbie days, it was my go-to-lipstick back then. Nowadays, I am not as into the color as I was, but I still like it enough to keep it in the collection. After all, it was my first MAC lipstick and it is some good memories.

#ShowYourSwatch of Lipblossum | #MACLipADay 08/05/2016

Lipblossum is described as a shimmering pink in a Lustre finish. I have not tried this shade before but it is saved into my wishlist for a long time now.

#ShowYourSwatch of Violetta | #MACLipADay 09/05/2016

Violetta is described as a bright clean violet purple in Amplified finish. I have this in the 6 preferred pink lip palette and it's one of those color in a palette that never gets any attention to. Violette is bright and purple and it's out of my comfort zone. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Gel | #MACLipADay 10/05/2016

Gel is described as sheer metallic beige in Frost finish and I didn't even know this exist. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Snob | #MACLipADay 11/05/2016

Snob is described as a light neutral pink in Satin finish, It is my all-time favourite, I love it years ago and I still love it till this day, it is the perfect everyday pink, the color doesn't wash me out, it doesn't make me look pale, the formula is moisturizing and comfortable during wear and it is one of those 'safe' ones that I carry with me everywhere, even on days that I am wearing a completely different lipstick or lip color, just in case of any makeup emergency lips makeup emergency hahah.

#ShowYourSwatch of Velvet Teddy | #MACLipADay 12/05/2016

Velvet Teddy is described as a deep-tone beige in Matte finish. I bought this because I wanted to see why everyone is crazy about it and when I finally tried it, I didn't think it was as good as everyone says. Velvet Teddy appeared to be a darkened brown on me, it's a matte with creamy formula that glided on smoothly, but it was drying during wear, I end up selling the lipstick.

#ShowYourSwatch of Stone | #MACLipADay 13/05/2016

Stone is described as a muted greyish taupe brown in Matte finish. I haven't tried this, but I want to and it's in my wishlist.

#ShowYourSwatch of Matte Royal | #MACLipADay 14/05/2016

Matte Royal is described as a deep blue with a Matte finish. It is obviously not an everyday wearable shade, but it is cool enough that I want to have this in my collection. Matte Royal is currently in my wishlist and I want it so badly hehe.

#ShowYourSwatch of Blankety | #MACLipADay 15/05/2016

Blankety is described as a soft pink beige in Amplified finish. I don't think I have ever owned this shade in my collection, neither have I tried it, I can't remember.

#ShowYourSwatch of Chili | #MACLipADay 16/05/2016

Chili is described as a brownish orange-red in Matte finish. I have been wanting to try it for so long, it is a popular MAC lip color in Asia, I think.

#ShowYourSwatch of Whirl | #MACLipADay 17/05/2016

Whirl is described as a dirty rose in Matte finish. MAC says that the Whirl lipstick is exactly the same as the lip pencil, I had the Whirl lip pencil and I wasn't a fan, so I didn't bother with the lipstick.

#ShowYourSwatch of Touch | #MACLipADay 18/05/2016

Touch is described as a peachy cinnamon in Lustre finish. I didn't know such color exist, but after seeing some swatches online, I have now added to my wishlist.

#ShowYourSwatch of Show Orchid | #MACLipADay 19/05/2016

Show Orchid is described as a very hot pink in Amplified finish. The name sounds so familiar, but I am not sure if I have it in my collection?! 

#ShowYourSwatch of Myth | #MACLipADay 20/05/2016

Myth is described as a Light Neutral Nude in Lustre finish. I had this lipstick awhile ago and I probably had sold it later on because the color looked too pale on my complexion.

#ShowYourSwatch of Relentlessly Red | #MACLipADay 21/05/2016

Relentlessly Red is described as a bright pinkish coral matte in Retro Matte finish. I haven't tried this color in the past and I doubt that I would be collecting this shade as well, it's not a color that I would go for that often.

#ShowYourSwatch of Morange | #MACLipADay 22/05/2016

Morange is described as a Loudmouth Orange in Amplified finish. I have this lipstick in the MAC Wash & Dry Limited Edition packaging and I absolutely adore it from inside out. Morange is bright, but it's different compared to all the reds, pinks, corals and nudes that I own. The formula is creamy, the glides on smooth and beautifully and it wears for long hours. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Impassioned | #MACLipADay 23/05/2016

Impassioned is described as a amped-up fuchsia in Amplified finish. I don't have too much memories of Impassioned, so I can only assume that I have never tried or owned this lipstick.

#ShowYourSwatch of Ramblin Rose | #MACLipADay 24/05/2016

Rambling Rose is described as a pinky-coral rose in Frost finish. I am a newbie to this color, online swatches shows it's a metallic coral and not only is it so pretty, the name is also gorgeous. I may have to buy and try this next time I order online.

#ShowYourSwatch of Studded Kiss | #MACLipADay 25/05/2016

Studded Kiss is described as a dark oxblood red in Matte finish. I haven't tried this lip color before, but I love the vampy shade!

#ShowYourSwatch of Mocha | #MACLipADay 26/05/2016

Mocha is described as a peachy yellow-brown in Satin finish. I haven' tried this shade in the past, but I may purchase it just for the name, hehe sometimes so silly, but I just can't help it.

#ShowYourSwatch of Men Love Mystery | #MACLipADay 27/05/2016

Men Love Mystery is described as a lavender violet in Matte finish. I have wanted to try this color for too long now. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Sushi Kiss | #MACLipADay 28/05/2016

Sushi Kiss is described as a midtonal coral pink in Satin finish. I had this, I loved the name, I like the color, the formula was okay, I end up selling it and I don't know why. 

#ShowYourSwatch of Razzledazzler | #MACLipADay 29/05/2016

Razzledazzler is described as a light cream peach in Lustre finish. It's a beautiful color for everyday wear and the formula was comfortable; but it applies uneven every single time. To get it full coverage, I had to layered it over and over.

#ShowYourSwatch of Steady Going | #MACLipADay 30/05/2016

Steady Going is described as a light pink matte in Retro Matte finish. Although the name sounds very familiar, I don't think I have ever tried this color.

#ShowYourSwatch of Pure Zen | #MACLipADay 31/05/2016

Pure Zen is described as a frosted warm nude in Cremesheen finish. I have heard amazing things about Pure Zen, but it's probably not one of those that I thought I must try.


  1. What a fun hashtag, I'll have to check it out, I haven't seen it!

  2. OOh this is much fun, I love the look of Heroine x

    1. Me too! The shade is actually a bit darker in real life.

  3. Oh I love this! Please Me looks lovely on you :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. Thanks Jess :) I should def wear it more often.

  4. Chili is probably my favorite mac lipstick!!! amazing color, but definitely for people with warm undertones!

  5. wow there is so many Mac lipsticks, definitely found shades I want to try. This hashtag seems so much fun x

    Pink Frenzy
    Öku Möku

    1. Please let me know if you do one of these, I will definitely check it out ^-^

  6. ive got please me but i haven't used it yet. i need to get ruby woo

    1. I am thinking of re-purchasing Ruby Woo also ~

  7. Your making me want to go buy some more MAC lippys. Lovely colours!!

    1. Hahah ~ me too! I want to buy more MAC lipsticks!

  8. What a fun hashtag! You have an amazing MAC lipstick collection - one shade I didn't spot that is one of my favourites (I recommend it to everyone haha) is Faux. Paired with Whirl Lip Liner it is absolutely incredible :D

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


    1. I will give it a try, thanks for the suggestion Sophia ♥


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