Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul + Online Store Review ♡ ft. Lash Serum, Milk Mask Sheet, Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow & Lip Pencil Set

Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul

I have been buying Korean beauty products from eBay for years, but lately it has come to my attention that some of the prices isn't as affordable anymore compared to some NZ based companies that sells similar items. So when I asked for NZ based K-beauty stores recommendations, a few bloggers has recommended Korean Kiwi Beauty.

Since this is my first time shopping from Korean Kiwi Beauty, I will be sharing with you my first impression of the products I have purchased, my overall shopping experience, price comparison with other K-beauty online stores / eBay prices, payments option and delivery.


 Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul
Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul


If I remember it correctly, Beyond x Alice in Wonderland is a pretty old collection and I think it was launched sometimes in 2015. 

I remember that this collection was rather hard to get my hands on because non of the regular online stores I buy from stocks the brand Beyond and the ones being sold on eBay is double the price expensive. So when I saw that Korean Kiwi Beauty stocks these cream shadows it got me really excited! 

Beyond Alice in Glow Cream Shaodw in #03 Grapefruit Squeeze looks like a gorgeous shimmery peachy coral in the pot and when I did a arm swatch, the color shown up on skin as a light shimmery pink; but when I applied it on my eyelid, it shown up as almost clear with lots of shimmer. It has a grainy texture and it didn't apply too well either with fingers or with a makeup brush. The eyeshadow doesn't stick too well on skin and I find that it's better used as a glitter topper. 

 Korean Kiwi Beauty - NZD $15.00 
 eBay Seller Rinishop - USD $10.29 (approx NZD $14.23)


I have read a lot of reviews which many people claims that the Etude House My Lash Serum made their eyelashes softer, shiner and longer within one week of usage. Although my eyelashes are quite healthy, I still wanted to try this serum in hopes that my eyelashes grows longer so that when I curl my lashes with an eyelashe curler, they stay up.

 Korean Kiwi Beauty - NZD $7.00
 Etude House Official - USD $5.90 (approx NZD $8.26)
 eBay Seller F2Plus1 - USD $4.99 (approx NZD $6.90)

 Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul
 Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul
Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul
Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul


PeriPera Ink Lip Pencil Set features a trendy graffiti theme tin case and the set contains eight lip pencils in nude, brown, pink, red and purple shades.

These lip pencils claims to be highly pigmented with a velvety smooth finish that glides on the lips softly and effortlessly. They are the twist-up type of lip pencils, so there is no need to worry about sharpening the pencils.

I find that majority of the shades are pigmented and each of them leaves a slight stain when wiped off with a makeup remover cloth. The texture is velvety smooth and soft as it claims and it glides on the lips without tugging. The only thing that really bothers me about these is that the pencils snaps so easily upon application!

 Korean Kiwi Beauty - NZD $30.00
 eBay Seller RoseRoseShop - USD $18.87 (approx NZD $26.48)

Korean Kiwi Beauty Haul


A'Pieu Milk One Pack Mask Sheet is available in seven kinds and I bought the Strawberry one for brightening effect and the Coffee one for firming effect. I have also received the Chocolate one as a free gift and it works as a smoothing effect.

This is one of those mask sheet that I tried and instantly see result! My face was glowing after I used the chocolate mask sheet, it also smells like coconut which got me so obsessed!

 Korean Kiwi Beauty - NZD $2.50
 RoseRoseShop - USD $0.73 (approx NZD $1.04)


Korean Kiwi Beauty accepts credit cards and direct bank deposit payments.

I feel that I have to especially mention their payments option because nowadays online stores rarely allows the bank deposit option, even those stores based in New Zealand.

Sometimes it becomes a hassle if I am unable to pay via credit cards and the stores doesn't accepts bank transfer and I'm left here hanging... like... "I want my order but I can't pay via credit card, so what do I do now?!".


Korean Kiwi Beauty was quick to dispatch my order despite paying via internet banking between different banks.

I placed my order on Sunday afternoon at around 4 pm and on Monday morning at 8 am I have received an email with a tracking number to inform that my parcel has been dispatched! My parcel arrived on Wednesday, all well packed and nothing came missing or damaged.

Shipping is free on all orders within NZ, no minimum order rules unless if you order sheet masks only. They also offers delivery to Australia.


Korean Kiwi Beauty stocks a lot of brands, but they don't have a wide selection of products and I find that majority of the products they stocks are items that you rarely hear about. So some of the products could be Limited Edition collections that was launched years ago, or they could be the products that has been in the market for years, but no one raves about them.

My overall shopping experience with Korean Kiwi Beauty is great! As you would know that customer service is one of the most important things to me when it comes to shopping online or in-store, if the seller is rude or unprofessional, it's likely that I would walk off or never return again.

As stated in the price comparison under each products, Korean Kiwi Beauty's prices is not expensive compared to eBay and other international online stores. Most of the time eBay is cheaper in their pricing, but you would have to wait weeks to receive your parcel, and while Korean Kiwi Beauty is a few dollars extra, they do arrive in less than a week! Also, I wanted to compare Korean Kiwi Beauty prices to other NZ based K-Beauty online stores too, but they don't stock the items I featured in this haul, so I'm going to have to wait until I bought an item that all the stores stocks to be able to compare the prices.

have you shopped from Korean Kiwi Beauty?
what is your favourite Korean beauty online store?


  1. I haven't shopped from them yet, I still find prices a bit better from eBay or Jolse and I don't mind waiting a bit longer for shipping.



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