COLOURPOP Haul ♡ ft. Wolfie Ultra Glossy Lip, Fem Rosa Lip Bundle, Crushed Crystal Collection & Gimme More Cheek Palette + ARM & LIPS Swatches!

ColourPop Haul ft. Wolfie, Fem Rosa, Gimme More Cheek Palette, Crushed Crystal Collection

ColourPop has launched a bunch of new products recently, including a second collaboration with Karruechu Tran, the Crushed Crystal Collection, the No Filter Concealers, the Pressed Powder Highlighters and Bronzers, a colourful selection of Nail Polish and a set of makeup brushes which can be purchased individually.

I almost feel like I can't keep up with ColourPop's new releases because it seems like they launch a new product every week! But I have some cool stuff to share with you today and it is part one of my recent haul which features the lip bundle from the Karruechu Tran Fem Rosa collection and the crystal infused highlighter and lip balm.

Part two of my haul which features the brush set will be posted next week or so as I have just received a shipping notification for that parcel. Excited!

ColourPop Gimme More Cheek Palette

ColourPop Gimme More Cheek Palette features six pressed powder highlighters in a sturdy cardboard palette and the individual pans are not removable unless if depotted. These highlighters are described as a buttery soft powder that delivers a high-shine radiance.

As you can see in my swatches below, these highlighters are very pigmented and they blend out smoothly on the skin. So far I have only tried the shade in "Upgrade" (baby pink) on the cheek and I love that it delivers the obvious blinding look, yet it's wearable at the same time.

ColourPop Gimme More Cheek Palette
ColourPop Gimme More Cheek Palette arm swatch


 Extra - pale gold
 Upgrade - baby pink
 Bottomless - tangerine with a gold flip
 Full Service - pink with a gold flip
 Bigger and Better - champagne
 Total Package -  metallic rose gold

cheeks wearing "Upgrade" (Gimme More Cheek Palette) & lips wearing "Darling" (Fem Rosa Lip Bundle)
ColourPop Fem Rosa Lip Bundle

ColourPop collabs with Karrueche Tran again and this time they have created the Fem Rosa Collection which features an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette and a lip bundle that includes two Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks and one Ultra Glossy Lip.

ColourPop Fem Rosa Lip Bundle

The only item that I bought from the Fem Rosa Collection is the Lip Bundle and upon testing these products, I have noticed that both Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks are more drying than their normal Ultra Satins. Also, the shade in "Darling" (deep plum) applies a little bit patchy.

ColourPop Fem Rosa Lip Bundle arm swatch


 Contessa - warm gold sprinkled with pink and gold glitter in a sheer finish (Ultra Glossy Lip)
 Mrs - deepened coral (Ultra Satin Lip)
 Darling - deep plum (Ultra Satin Lip)

 ColourPop Fem Rosa Lip Bundle "Mrs" lip swatch
 ColourPop Fem Rosa Lip Bundle "Mrs" lip swatch
ColourPop Fem Rosa Lip Bundle "Darling" lip swatch
ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip "Wolfie"

ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip Wolfie is one of their most talked about lipgloss shade ands prior to my purchase, I have never tried their Ultra Glossy Lips, so I have always been curious of their lipgloss formula.

Wolfie is described as a metallic rich rosy pink with a flash of gold on top. I love that the formula is comfortable to wear, it doesn't feel heavy or sticky during wear, the colour is absolutely gorgeous and it's quite pigmented and it worn for three to four hours on me.

ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip "Wolfie" arm swatch

ColourPop has released a collection called Crushed Crystal and it features four sets of makeup with four different crystal themes. Each theme contains three products that can be purchased as a set or individually. (almost everything is out of stock and it's been that status since the day the collection launched).

The only two items that I was able to pick up from this collection was the Lip Balm in Aquamarine and the Liquid Highlighter is Amethyst.

ColourPop Crushed Crystal Lip Balm "Aquamarine"

The Crushed Crystal Lip Balm is described as a moisturizing, crystal-infused lip balm that can be used alone or as an opalescent topper and Aquamarine is described as an opalescent blue infused with crushed Aquamarine crystals.

ColourPop Crushed Crystal Liquid Highlighter "Amethyst"

ColourPop Crystal Liquid Highlighter can be mixed with moisturisers or applied on top of your foundation and Amethyst is described as a lavender with pink flip infused with Amethyst crystals.

I love that this highlighter is very pigmented and only a small dot of product is needed to create that blinding look. It looks shimmery and golden in the sun, and the shades looks like a pale lavender in the shades.

ColourPop Crushed Crystal Liquid Highlighter "Amethyst" arm swatch


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  1. Everything looks so beautiful on you Kay! They do come out with new releases ALL the time. It is hard to keep up. But you chose some beautiful products.


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