Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush First Impression

In my recent order from beautybay, I bought a Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush. I have heard so much about this brush and at the same time my hair brush is breaking apart so I have decided to try this. Since I have only received this no tangle brush today, I can't give a proper review as I have only used it once. I have decided to write a first impression blog post instead.

I bought this no tangle brush for $11.40AUD, pretty expensive for a hair brush but guess what, I was impressed when I received it and even more happier when I start using it. The shape of the brush gave me this feeling like it will not be comfortable using but it fits my hand just right. When I brush my hair with this, my hair go instanly un-tangle! Like it's some magical wang or something! I have super thick, past shoulder length hair and they tangle all the time and when I started using this brush, I knew this is made for me, for my hair hehe; even thou I have only used it for the first time today.

There's pretty much no cons about this brush except that the color is so neon and it hurts my eyes looking at it for long and since I am a pretty clumsy person, I have had this brush poked my face several times while brushing my hair and its hurts so much. Other than that it is such an amazing brush and I highly recommend it!

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