Yes To Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes Skin Care

I first came across the 'Yes To... Natural Skin & Hair Care Products' in Countdown a few weeks ago. This brand is totally new to me, as always, before buying a new product I always check for these products reviews on Google. Sadly at the time I have only came across some not so helpful reviews on makeupalley, people were all feeling either neutral or dislike this product, only a few people thought that the Yes To... product is to die for. So at the time I didn't know if I should get it or not, cause I might regret it seeing as pretty much 70% of people online does not like it.

I ended up getting two Yes To... products anyways, cause it was on sale. Original price is quite expensive so while it was so sale, why not try some new products?

First time I got a Yes To Tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser and a Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes (makeup wipes). I was nervous on my first use, cause as I mentioned before it is very expensive even when it's on sale (in my opinion anyways, I love to save so I always buy sale stuff that's really cheap); I was afraid that since a lot of people does not like it, I might not like it too and I could probably just waste like $30.00 on something that I won't ever use again (after first try). But guess what?! After first use I just can't stop! I love the products and I have no regrets of trying the Yes To... brand.

Yes To Tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser (can't remember exact price but it was around $16.99 on sale) 9.92oz / 95g,  this product is 96% natural product. "Yes to tomatoes and watermelon for banishing impurities. Yes to red tea for keeping skin clear". I love this cleanser, after using it for awhile now I do feel like my face is getting cleaner. One bad thing thou, it smells bad haha.

I absolutely love the Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes, it is the best makeup wipes brand that I have used! After each use, it leaves my face feels very refreshing, it removes all makeup, including waterproof :) smell very nice too, like cucumber.

I have used the makeup wipes so fast that I had to go back to Countdown and get some more. Luckily I went today and the brand was on sale again! This time I bought more than two products!

Here are the few Yes To... products I bought today:
** Yes To Tomatoes daily pore scrub - $12.99 (sale price) - $19.99 (original price). 4oz / 113g, 97% natural product "Yes to bamboo to exfoliate and salicylic acid to unclob pores and make blackheads run for cover!", this product targets combination, oily, and breakout-prone skin.

** Yes To Carrots daily facial moisturizer - $26.99 (sale price) - $29.99 (original price). 1.7 fl oz / 50ml, 97% natural product, SPF 15, "Yes to natural SPF protection from zinc oxide. Yes to carrots and chamomile for rich, non-greasy nourishment".

I love that it's got a pump head (or whatever you call them heheh), it'd be much easier to get the moisturizer out ^^

** Yes To Carrots repairing night cream - $26.99 (sale price) - $29.99 (original price). 1.7 fl oz / 48g, 98% natural product "Yes to organic carrots that know just how to nourish dry skin. Yes to vitamin E for healing and hydrating". I was super surprised at the size when I took it out of the box cause it's really small.

** I bought two more packs of Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes - $8.99 (sale price) - $9.99 (original price). 30 Pre-moistened towelettes, 98% hnatural products, "Yes To Cucumbers and aloe vera to cleanse, remove makeup, and nourish skin... al in one swipe!". I am in love with the package opener thing, it's one of those plastic easy to open and close opening and it's also one of those that won't dry out your left over makeup wipes after each use!


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  2. these sound amazing! a little pricey but from what you have said well worth it!


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