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I have never been a fan of moisturizer, I always feel like they're either very sticky, uncomfortable or they smell like sunscreen eek (& I really don't like sunscreen). That is probably why my mother often tells me my legs looks like chicken legs, lol eww much?!

I may not like moisturizer but I do love trying out new products. When the brand I love... Cosmetics first came out, all my internet friends were like going crazy and I just wish that I could try it already; I have heard so much positives feedback about this brand, everyone loves how yummy they smell. Sadly it was not available in New Zealand (like always, we always get everything last). I remember looking everywhere in store, online etc (no online store ships to New Zealand!) I was so grrr, I just had to be patient and wait.

So I almost forgot about this I love... Cosmetics brand until one day I came across this website where it says something like "I love... Cosmetics is coming to New Zealand", I was like Ooh yes finally!

One day, while wondering around in Takapuna mall I finally came across this brand in a pharmacy and I just had to get some products even thou they were so expensive.

I got these:
I love... Strawberries & milshake moisturising body lotion - 250ml - $16.99; and
I love... Strawberries & milshake shimmer & shine lip gloss - 15ml - $10.00

I finished the body lotion within two weeks and that is how much I love i ~ It smells so good (like strawberries), not sticky at all and very comfortable! The smell last the whole night, I was very impressed ;") The lipgloss, I have only used about five times, it taste yummy, it's a clear gloss, I guess it's nice but it's not my favorite; I don't like or dislike it, just mutual.

After I finished the body lotion I refused to use any other body lotion brands so I went to a pharmacy in Browns Bay and bought some more I love... Cosmetics products. The pharmacy were having a I love... Cosmetics promotion that day where you buy 2 I love... Cosmetics products and get one free. I bought 3, got 1 free which saved me $19.99 :") BONUS! I love sales ~~

I bought these:
I love... Raspberry & Blackberry body lotion - 250ml - $16.99; and
I love... Coconut & Cream exfoliating shower smoothie - 200ml - $18.99; and
I love... Coconut & Cream body-butter - 200ml - $19.99 (free)

I have so far used the body-butter and oh my gawd the smell is just heaven! There's really no words to describe this smell. I asked my mother if the body-butter smells like some sort of food / desert and she said it just smells like pure coconut but in my opinion it's not that simple! It's just smells like some sort of desert that I have had tried before in some fancy resturant that I can't describe! I have also used the I love... Coconut & cream exfoliating shower smoothie once and again the smells is just heaven! Since I have only used it once, my review of this product won't be correct so.. yeh!

Anyways, I am so glad I love... Cosmetics have finally arrived in New Zealand!

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  1. The statements of this products is so adorable!:)
    Riza of Pour L'instant


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