LABATO Leather iPad Case Review ♡

Labato Leather Case Megnetic Cover for Apple iPad 4 3 2 with Auto Awake & Sleep Function Fold Standing / Movie Stand Design Rose Red Color Lbt-IPD-03H33rose
Recently I have been given an opportunity to review this gorgeous ipad case by Labato, a brand that offers high quality and inexpensive cases for iPhone and iPads. Ever since I bought my ipad months ago, I have been looking for a suitable case to protect my ipad; suitable I mean it has to be stylish, durable and affordable. I could not find the perfect ipad case until this Labato case arrived in my mail, I was pretty impressed with the case ^-^

Labato case has a simple and slim design, very classy in my opionion ;) As described from their Amazon store, the case is "hand made from the Premium Leatherette matched with functional design and style to allow access to all ports whilst case is closed". It is "decorated with silkscreen, the color of which was designed through many attempts and adjustments", "Microfiber Leather with strong tenacity and wearability matches with contrast color stripes", "soft internal lining imprinted with Labato logo, the insurance of brand and quality", "equipped with smart-cover folio, cover to sleep for the iPad and open to wake it, intergrated 2 position stand functionalities with multi-viewing angles", (great for watching movies on ipad), "exquisite details processing on all edges and corners for full protection, free access to camera, USB port and loudspeaker".

The packaging of the Labato case is very simple, it comes in a white A4 size box with the word "labato printed in the center; on the bottom it has "Case for iPad 2, The New iPad & iPad 4" printed in black ink.

The Labato case comes with a brand new sheet of screen protector for your ipad ~ bonus!

The front view of the Labato case.

The back view of the case. Very simple design and gorgeous color, the material of the outside of the case is very easy to clean, just wiped it with a damp cloth and the dirt is gone ;) I like to use makeup wipes to clean my case.

This Labato leather case comes with a magnetic cover which automatically turns off ipad when ipad case is closed and turns on ipad when the magnetic cover is lifted up or ipad case is opened. I am personally not a fan of this magnetic cover, I often feels like my ipad will die sooner if I keep turning it on then turning it off. Maybe it's just me who feels like this hehe maybe I really am weird :p I guess the magnetic cover is quite useful too, saves you a lot of time if you are rushing some where.

I like that the Labato case allows my ipad to sit in whatever positions they wish, the top picture shows the ipad siting straight up which is good for watching movies on ipad, which happens alot as I am always on YouTube and second and third picture shows the ipad can be put into a lower angle suitable for playing games and or just reading news.

Overall I am super impressed with this case. When I received the Labato case I was blown away by the quality, the camera hole is cut right, the case fits well, the color is gorgeous and it feels worthy.


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** Disclaimer: This ipad case was sent to me for review purpose, all contents and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


  1. wow... it looks so beautiful... I would want to get one if I had a ipad lol


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  2. Hi Kay!!! I gotta say the hot pink definitely drew my attention from the start! You look so gorgeous, I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Holiday Party Outfit: Little White Dress

    1. Thank you Mango x love your name hehe ^-^ followed you back on GFC and you're totally gorgeous yourself!

  3. Very stylish cover. I want one!!


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