3 Concept Eyes Haul ♡

Three months ago, Arissa Cheo posted a picture of her "current obsession" of some 3 Concept Eyes products on her instagram; I instantly fell in-love with this brand even thou I know not much about 3CE. Right then, I thought that must be a good makeup brand cause we all know Arissa Cheo has amazing taste in everything!

Three months later, I finally get to try 3 Concept Eyes myself! Oh no, don't get it wrong, it didn't take that long to arrive haha ~ During this three months, beside saving money for the products I want, I also took some times to research and learn more about the brand. It seems like a lot of girls in Asia loves 3 Concept Eyes, almost all the reviews I searched up comes with positive feedback.

At first I was going to buy some 3 Concept Eyes lip products on eBay as it is much cheaper than everywhere else I've looked, but some people warn me that those 3CE products could be fake. True 3CE isn't that expensive, but since it's quite popular in China / Hong Kong / Taiwan, people sells fakes just to save some money. So I didn't want to risk getting fake products I end up buying my 3 Concept Eyes products from Stylenanda.

Here are a few products I bought:
Prices range from USD$13.00 to $30.00, shipping took only one week to arrive, which is very impressive for me! Service is very good, Stylenanda didn't miss any of my items, instead they gave me some nail remover tissue as gift ~ All items were came packed in bubble wraps and stylenanda's packing is very simple and nice.
Can't wait to start using these products ~


  1. I can't wait either!! Been waiting to try it forever.. Please do a review on them and/or tutorial! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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  2. I wish the UK had this brand, so wana try it out ^^
    Following you! Hope you can do a review on them :)
    Have a great day dear


    1. Oh I wish we have these amazing products in NZ too! sadly cool things don't come by too often and I have to get them online! hehe but same thing just more expensive w/ shipping etc. anyways, thank you for following me Jenny ~~ deff followed you back xx ♥

  3. It looks like a great haul, I think the lipstick color looks nice <3

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  4. Im always curious of style nanda makeup products so review please ^^ looking forward to the foundation and lipstick <3

    1. will review soon ^-^ I have been using their full coverage concealer and it's one of the best products I've ever used. review coming soon x


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