50 Facts About Me ♥

First of all, I would like to wish all my beautiful readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^^ and thank you all so much for supporting my blog throughout this year, I swear you guys support it more than people in my real life do, so I really appreciate this ♥

Ever since I started this blog in March '13, I haven't properly introduce myself; nor have I made any 50 facts tag videos on youtube which I have wanted to for ages but I stopped doing youtube videos. So today I thought it'd be fun to share some little secrets about myself, enjoy this 50 random facts about me ~

1. I spend a majority of my free time watching Taiwanese drama.

2. During 2010 and early 2013, I have been a very crazy, obsessive, truly dedicated Nicki Minaj fan. Nowadays, meh ~~ I still like her music, her style etc but I am not as obsessed.

3. Most things don't bother me nor do I get offended easily, or at all; cause I don't care what people thinks about me!

4. I really dislike people who are demanding, controlling and thinks they know it all.

5. I am known as that shy girl who doesn't talk much, or at all when I first meet people, strangers; then once we become best friends they wish I would shut up lol. 

6. I don't understand myself.

7. Wedges aren't as comfortable as heels. 

8. I am quite indecisive, sometimes I can't keep up with myself.

9. Pretty Little Liars the book series is better than the TV show.

10. I wore braces for 6 years, during my teenage years.

11. I was very against owning an iPhone but then I ended up with a 4s anyways.

12. This, is exactly how I feel everyday :(

13. Nicki Minaj's 2012 Reloaded Tour was my first proper concert and then this year '13 I saw Beyonce ;) It was soooooo amazeball ~

14. I am scared of almost all living things, maybe even a fly.

15. I am so used to saying whatever is on my mind that I sometimes don't notice people are hurting from my words; but wouldn't you rather I tell the truth than lie to make you happy? If it was me I'd rather hear all truth than lies. Oh and there's nothing wrong with having a big butt, you know how many girls would kill to have some butt?! I know I would ;) We always want things we can't have, so instead learn to love yourself ♥

16. Tumblr addict right here ~ I can't help but check my Tumblr at least once a day, or... 50 times a day. I don't consider it a blog thou, it's just a picture thing / app / social network site.

17. I like to explain myself, alot. Even for things that no need explaining.

18. Starsigns is such a big thing in my life, I am always obsessing over it and I date boys depending on what star sign he is. e.g: Gemini and I will never work, says it in the book, happens in real life.

19. Life 30 years ago was probably poor, but at least all love and friendships were real. I am totally jealous of my mommy and her best friend's friendship, they met in primary school, grew up together, went to same high school and college; YEARS LATER they are still BFF even thou they live like across the world from each other. *sigh* When I look at my life, I don't even have a proper friend, they all come and go, non of them like me enough to stay long term and I have more internet friends than real life ones.

20. I probably would have been a party girl if I don't feel so guilty every time I go out cause my dad likes to give me the no drinking, no drugs, no boys lecture then he tells me he will be staying awake, till whatever time until I come home, even if it's like 4 in the morning =.= So I always feel so guilty once I step out of the house and that's why I have turned into a homebody.

21. I only wear heavy makeup for my pictures and videos ~ In weekdays for work I only wear BB cream, blush and lipstick.

22. A Cinderella Story, Wild Child and Bring It On: All or Nothing are my top 3 favourite movies.

23. I dislike hot food with fruits in it, gingerbread man, house, anything ginger and hot cross buns those kiwis eats for Easter.

24. Shopping by myself is the most enjoyable thing for me, I like to spend loads and loads of time with myself.

25. I am a Christian, we celebrate Christmas; but we don't put up Christmas trees or have presents under the tree, filled stocking or anything... awesome.

26. I enjoy acting and I am a very dramatic person in my group of imaginary friends.

27. Campus Life and Hay Day are my two favourites iPad games.

28. I learn html codes from Myspace days then Tumblr by editing themes, I also learn my photoshop skills by watching loads of youtube tutorials.

29. I like long showers.

30. People likes to think that since I am an only child, I get everything I want, daddy buys me million dollars cars, houses, Jimmy Choo, barbie dolls etc. No, NO! It's nothing like what you have seen on TV. Yes I am an only child and Yes I work hard and save up for all those expensive makeup, shoes and bags.

31. In Year 11 I got put into this rugby group for P.E and that experience was like hell, I don't play sports, I dislike sports and I can't catch a ball.

32. My favourite food is Chinese, I have been eating them all my life! I also like all types of pasta.

33. I can play the piano.

34. I love the British accent.

35. My parents forced me to learn Japanese in high school and I hated it so much. Now I totally regret not paying attention in class!

36. I made my primary school principal walked in home. LOL. Okay that sound dodgy but it's really not! I went to primary school in Australia and I couldn't speak or understand English at the time so communication was like the hardest thing between us. The principal saw me standing outside of school for a very long after school hours and he thought no one coming to pick me up which was true, I was waiting for a friend to walk home with and she didn't end up coming so the principal asked if I want a ride home; but I remember my mother said not to get in any strangers car so I said No and then he decided to walk me home. <-- Okay see I like to explain alot.

37. I have two dogs, Lucky a 2 years old Rat Terrier <-- he is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE ♥♥♥ & Sunny a nearly 6 month old Maltese <-- the craziest little fluff things.

38. I started to get very obsessive with Taiwanese and Chinese music and celebrities this year, back in the days I only like non Asian. Weird how things change.

39. On my 18th birthday, someone turned up at my door with a teddy bear bigger and taller than me; that was the cutest thing anyone has ever done for me!

40. I get very paranoid over everything, I over analyse people and I think too much.

41. Bryant Chang 張睿家 is my boyfriend ♥

42. I have very shaky hands, my hands shakes not because I am nervous.

43. I love gifting people, it makes me happy.

44. I never regret anything that once made me smile.

45. My lashes are super straight and down pointing, no mascara works for me except for Maybelline falsies. Oh same as my hair, so straight that no hair curler works for me except for the Jose Eber curlers which only last for like 5 mins.

46. A year ago everyone thought I was crazy for wearing pineapple prints or like fruits and food prints clothing and now a year later, it's the latest style! I think those people are really the crazy one, I am not crazy, k whateves.

47. I am really a mermaid.

48. I don't cook but I like to clean.

49. I love, love, LOVE Gossip Girl! It's my #1 tv show ~ I will watch it over and over x100 times.

50. It took me a month to come up with 50 facts about me.

Finally! 50 facts about me, done! Thank you to everyone who read this ~ Please leave a comment if you're similar to any facts I have mentioned ;) or If you have done a 50 facts about yourself I'd love to read ^^


  1. I also named my dog Lucky & love the british accent! ♥ Do you watch Korean drama too :) ?
    Thank you for following back ♥


    1. I have watched a little but I got annoyed cause I couldn't understand and catching up to the English subtitles were frustrating lol so hmmm I'd say no I don't watch Korean drama. what about you?

      Ohh of course I follow back! I love new friends and plus your blog is amazeball! x

  2. Wow KAy!! This is a very exhaustive list... I loved reading it.. and thinking at the same time I probably wouldn't be able to think of 50 random facts about myself... hehehe! But WHATTT I can't believe you find wedges not as comfortable as heels? I can walk nonstop in wedges but those stilettos... can't handle them! Go you!!! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Posing with glasses!

    1. heheh omg I always fall flat on my face everytime I wear wedges but for heels is so much easier x

  3. Posts like these are so fun! No. 5 is totally me as well lol. And I miss Gossip Girl so much! They filmed it in CYC and every so often I'd run into their sets but def. not enough. I used to watch TW dramas but now I'm obsessed with K dramas :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. WOW YOU'RE SO LUCKY im so jelly! I wish I could run into the GG set, once inawile ;)

  4. i also explain myself a lot! and i also used to listen to English songs only, now i listen to a lot of Korean songs (although not K-Pop, ugh)!

    1. What type of Korean music do you listen to? It seems like everyone around me is sooo into Korean music that it kinda got me into it as well. I am just slowly getting into the Kpop scene lol hehe.


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