NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review & Swatches ♡ Istanbul | Tokyo | Milan

Ever since I bought these NYX soft matte lip cream, I have been wearing them almost everyday to work and the ladies at my work often compliment me on my lips color and asked what's on my lips, what color and brand etc. So today I have decided to do a review and swatches on both lips and hands to show you all how amazing this product is ^-^

I bought three NYX soft matte lip cream from makeup.co.nz, they were NZD $14.50 each for a 8ml tude of lip cream; I bought the colors in Istanbul, Tokyo and Milan.
As NYX stated, these are "neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and gets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisngly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing."

The NYX soft matte lip cream comes in a 8ml typical round lip gloss tude, the packaging may not be as fancy but the colors are so gorgeous ~ and the smell is heavenly ~ the smell is hard to describe, hmmm let me try and put them into words... They smell like a mixture of cupcakes, candy floss and lollies. (YUMMM) ~ If you love scented lip products, you will definately love these! 
I made a spelling error in the above picture, suppose to be Istanbul, not "Instanbul"

When first applied the NYX soft matte lip cream, they appear "silky smooth" as NYX described and /or "watery" as how I would describe it. I feel like it is so "watery" it goes everywhere! After applying these they dry down as a soft matte finish. The NYX soft matte lip cream lasted a long time, up to five hours then the color slowly fades away and leaves a stain for a few more hours.
The NYX soft matte lip cream dries matte but it does not dry out your lips, but to get the best result, I highly recommend to exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm before applying this lip cream. If you have cracky and dry lips, the lip cream tends to appear uneven when applied, and it leaves a dry patch somewhere and will make you feel uncomfortable. 

Overall I give these a 5 star ~
I love these, they aren't pricey, they are very pigmented, the soft matte finish is gorgeous and the smell is amazing! I don't regret buying the NYX soft matte lip cream and I would recommend it to anyone to would like to try them.


  1. These have been on my wishlist for forever ever since I seen Jenn from ClothesEncounter wear it! Thanks for this review! ^^

  2. I love NYX lip products! But I haven't tried the soft matte lip creams yet. Thanks for the review! XD

    1. I reckon this is one of the best lip products they have came out with ^^

  3. The colors is really pigmented and looks so great on you <3


  4. The colors are so pretty ♥ especially Tokyo and Instanbul ♥


  5. beautiful colors *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  6. i have this in istanbul and some others. i love the formula quite a lot. soft is really waht it is and it stains extremely well.
    A Beautiful Zen


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