Happy Valentine's Day Beauties ♡

Happy Valentine's Day beauties ♥ 

Silly me, I didn't even realize it's Valentine's Day until I saw these kids holding up signs of "roses for sale" on the side of the road this morning; right that moment I was like "oh my gosh it's Valentine's Day today? but I haven't even upload my second Valentine's inspired makeup look!". Oh so fail ~~ I seems to always forget about what date and time it is...

Today is also Lantern Festival, my family celebrates this day and we eat these yummy rice balls. I guess our family is quite traditional even thou we have lived in New Zealand for years and years. We still celebrate every single festival there is in China and I just have to admit I am so proud of being Chinese :)

Anyways, I wish you all a beautiful day with your love ones, enjoy every moment of this special day even if you don't have a valentine ^-^ Ummm as I mentioned earlier I forgot to blog my second Valentine's Day look :( boo-hoo! But I did take some very romantic pictures with my teddies hehhe ^^ please enjoy~

& below is the eyes & lips makeup I wore in all above pictures x



  1. Your top is really pretty. I'm also super jealous of your teddy bear collection!!!
    I hope you've had a great day! :)


    1. thank you hun ^^ I hope you have had a great V Day too x


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