Top 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her ♥

Valentine's Day is a special day for couples to show each other how much they love and appreciate their other half, it is also that special day for those who has a special someone or a secret admirer who they want to prove their love to. People celebrates this day by spoiling each other with roses, chocolates, jewellery, greeting cards and other goodies.

For people who are single, don't panic ;) You can always spoil yourself some jewels or spoil your best friend / your family some goodies they've been eyeing up for ages! It's like, Christmas all over again!

Here I have five Valentine's Day gift ideas to help you pick out something special to spoil your girl and of course not all girls are the same; there are girls who wants diamond and roses, girls who only needs a box of chocolate to fulfil their dreams and there are girl who wants a giant teddy bear to cuddle with.

The below suggestions are based on what I would want heheh ^^ or someone who loves beauty and has a girly personality.

Jewellery ♥

Diamonds are a girl's best friend  but can you afford it?! Not everyone can and that's okay. Spoil your girl with a Juicy Couture necklace, I promise she will love it! Or you can spoil her a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bangle etc from her favourite jewellery store; it doesn't have to be expensive, as long as she likes it.

Perfume ♥

"A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future." - Coco Chanel

A lot of people thinks buying others perfume is like telling them they smell and they should spray on something to make them not smelly. In my opinion it is a nice choice of gift if someone buys me perfume and again, it does not have to be expensive, it does not have to be from a designer brand; you can buy a celebrity perfume which usually cost around $20 - $50, as long as it smells nice. Do not gift cheap perfume from dollar stores or general clothing stores with no brands. It's cheap in quality and disrespectful.

Lipsticks ♥

I have never come across anyone who doesn't like lipsticks, even people who doesn't wear makeup at all wears lipsticks. When I go out without lipsticks or lipgloss, it just feels naked... It'd be nice if someone spoils me with the whole MAC lipsticks collection ;) *hint* *hint* and I am going to say this again, again and again ~ It's not about how expensive the lipstick is, or what high end brand it is; it's more about the quality. Wet n Wild has some good quality and affordable lipsticks, pick a color that you like and one that you think will suit your girl, spoil her and let her know the color looks good on her ♡ .

Palettes ♥

If you are a guy, you would probably wonder how many makeup palettes can a girl own?! I sometimes wonder this as well and the answer is... countless! Before I bought myself the Naked3 palette, I asked myself if I really need this? and how many neutral palette do I REALLY NEED? If it wasn't the Naked3 palette I was eyeing up then I would probably just walked away right there. Your girl is probably debating if she really needs that makeup palette she is currently eyeing up from the store and at the moment you can make her dream come true by spoiling her with one, or two, or three... I highly recommend the Naked3 cause it's so amazing and every girl just loves it! It is a bit pricey thou, if it's way out of your budget, you can always get her a BH Cosmetics makeup palette, they are very affordable and excellent quality.

Beauty Samples ♥

Some of you are probably thinking... "What is this?! I would never gift a bunch of samples cause it is disrespectful, makes me feel poor and it's a way to make people feel sorry for me cause I can't afford a full size and can only gift some boring samples". Don't you ever think that! Not everyone is born rich, we all have to work our way up there; don't pretend you're rich when you're not. Some people may only have a little income weekly that is only enough for food, there is nothing ashamed about being poor if you have already try your best. There are loads of benefits of gifting samples, benefits such as being able to try out a new product without wasting any of them if you decide you don't like it or trying out new product to make sure it is really worth buying. I am sure we all have products that we regret buying and trying out samples is to prevent you from spending money on stupid things.

I hope you guys enjoy the top 5 Valentine's Day gift ideas I have suggested ^^ At the end, it's not about how much money you will spend on your girly, it's really just about spoiling your girl with a little something to remind her how much you love and appreciate her ♥


  1. I love the Versace Crystal Noir, its my fav winter frangrance.

    1. me too ^^ it's one of my all time fav x

  2. I love samples! My mum travels a lot and she sneaks out all the shower & bath freebies from hotels and gifts them to me. Instant pasalubong :P This Valentines, I've been hinting at CG's new foundation. I took my bf w/ me at a CoverGirl counter to color match "just for kicks". Hope he takes the bait! <3

    1. wow I hope he realize how much you've wanted the CG new foundation ^^ did he end up getting your hint?! :p

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