Michelle Phan Bad Girl RiRi Inspired Look ♥

Remember when Michelle Phan transforms herself into Rihanna in February? Yeh I was totally inspired by her bad girl RiRi re-creation that I have decided to re-create her look as well. Sadly I was so focus on all of my selfies that I have forgotten to take note of what products I've used. 

Even thou I have forgotten to take notes of the products I have used, glad to know I have a pretty good memory (I know this would come in handy some day ^^ ). Here I will jot down some of the products I have used in this Michelle Phan [Rihanna] bad girl inspired look.

- ELF mineral infused face primer
- 3 CONCEPT EYES glossing waterful foundation in nude beige
- 3 CONCEPT EYES full cover concealer
- MAC blot powder/pressed in medium dark
- NARS bronzer in laguna
- NARS blush in orgasm
- NYX eyeshadow base in skin tone
- NAKED3 "Strange" as base
- NAKED3 "Nooner" & "Limit" (both are my favourites) blend into crease
- NAKED3 "Blackheart" dab a little into crease
- 3 CONCEPT EYES gel eyeliner in glitter black
- False eyelashes from $3 Jap store
- MAYBELLINE the colossal cat eyes waterproof mascara in glam black
- LIME CRIME lipstick in chincilla (one of my favourites)

Please check out some awesome selfies I took while creating this look ^^ I look totally awkward in hats but whatevs ~ heheh


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    1. Thank you ^^ I am pretty sure it's the 3CE foundation :p

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your compliment Brittany :) *blush*

  3. Wow you are so beautiful! I love this look. I'm your new follower I hope that you follow me back.


  4. Wow you look so good rocking that purple lipstick! Love it :)
    The eyeshadow looks amazing too, i can never use eyeshadow because it makes me look like i have a bruised eye ahaa ;P


    1. Oh Fifi ~ thanks so much for your lovely comment!


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