Mini Tosowwong Beauty Haul ♡

I first came across these super kawaii Tosowoong Makeon Little Mermaid eyeliner sets on MemeBox and thought they're the cutest things ~ I must have them in my life! But the prices on MemeBox is too expensive for my liking, I decided to order from eBay, as always ~ the most affordable place for all kawaii Korean cosmetics!

Before placing my Tosowoong order, I have never heard of this brand and till this day I still have no idea if 'Tosowoong' is the brand name or 'Makeon' is?! I am confused >.< so if you know, please tell me!

I bought three items from the seller: Tosowoong on eBay (if you're interested to see where I like to shop online, you can click here for a list of my favourite / recommended online stores), this eBay store sells Korean beauty brand "Tosowoong", they ship worldwide and they ship for free.

The Tosowoong Makeon Little Mermaid Eyeliner sets are divided into three seasons, three different mermaids and these are Limited Edition Tosowoong products. Each set comes in a cute tin case which includes 5 different shades of waterproof gel pencil liner.

I have purchased two sets which are [pink tin case] - season 1 Femme Fatale, the mermaid USD$13.81 and [gold tin case] - season 3 Cleopatra Princess mermaid USD$13.50. I have bid these in the auctions instead of using buy-now so the prices are a few cents difference. If buying these using buy-now, they would cost USD$25.28 each.

I have been reading a lot of amazing reviews on the Toosowong Makeon Little Mermaid Eyeliner sets so I am very excited to try them! Will definitely write a review once I have enough time to try these out.

Last item I bought is the Tosowoong Moroco Argan Hair Oil - USD$14.00 for a 100ml bottle. I have never been much of a hair person because I have naturally straight, black, shiny (and the list goes on) hair ~ But lately I have been using these hair softener spray from Angel Professional and it seems like I have enjoyed it so much the bottle finished so quick and so I needed a replacement.

I have been using the Tosowoong Moroco Argan Hair Oil ever since I first received it, about two weeks ago and I have been loving this product! Can't wait to do a review on this because this stuff is really amazing ~ Only negative thing I would say is the bottle comes with a pump instead of a spray so when pumping out the products, the oil seems to go everywhere, making the bottle very oily. Oh I will explain that more with pictures in my next review.

Anyways, my Tosowoong order took less than 10 days to arrive, very quick and they also have excellent customer service. Overall very happy and impressed with my purchase. I highly recommend Tosowoong on ebay ~


  1. I haven't heard of tosowwong, but the packaging looks very pretty!

  2. OMG those eyeliner sets are adorable, I've never seen anything like those!!

  3. I saw these on the memebox website too! they look gorgeous! Waterproof gel liners are so versatile!
    Any swatches available by any chance? Just want to see how pigmented they come out to be! Does it glide smoothly over skin?

    1. Swatches coming soon Pebble ^^ I personally really like them, very pigmented and true to its description, VERY much waterproof :p when I first swatch them on my hands, they lasted me a day without washing them, Oh I do wash my hands, but I didn't intentionaly go and wash it off. I think im confusing you hehe, will post up swatches asap x


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