NZ Sale Mini Haul ♥ Australis Blushes

It's sh*t bad weather like today that many people are wishing they have an indoor job and me, I am so thankful to have an office job, to be able to sit here with a roof on top and browse the internet for good Easter deals ;) Oh, I won't be online shopping today, or this week even thou Sephora did refund my cancelled order, I am still on a shopping ban ~ 

Australis was having a massive sale on NZ Sale awhile ago, products were as low price as just $2.00 and so today I am going to show y`all what I got from my NZ Sale order.

I have placed an order for 3 Australis Blushes in shades: Baby Doll, Fantasy and Rosy Cheeks ($2.00 each) and 2 Australis Creme Color Blushes in shades: Dusky Rose and Flirtatious Pink ($2.00 each), total cost $10.00 + $7.50 shipping which took nearly one month. It's no surprise, NZ Sale is famous for its crazy long shipping time. 

One of the blushes (Fantasy) came broken and I had to throw it away cause shimmers were falling everywhere. :( I emailed NZ Sale and complained about the broken blush, they replied within 48 hours with very good customer service, they told me they don't do refunds but since this product came broken, they'd be happy to solve this if I send in some proofs. As I was getting ready to send in some proofs, I realize these were only $2.00 each and so I told myself, you know what?! They have replied with good manners, I should let this go, its only $2.00!

Australis blush: Rosy Cheeks (left) and Baby Doll (right).

Australis creme color blush: Dusky Rose (left) and Flirtatious Pink (right). These can be used for both cheeks and lips.

Australis blush in Rosy Cheeks.

Australis blush in Baby Doll.

Australis creme color blush in Flirtatious Pink.

Australis creme color blush in Dusky Rose.
Australis blush in Fantasy, which came broken, or let's say "smashed".

The Australis blushes (not the creme color ones) each came with a small brush applicator , which is pretty useless; as you can see from the broken blush, it's a very small brush! I won't be going into much details for the blushes today as I have only swatched them on my arms, I haven't got a chance to use any of these on my face so I can't say a lot.

I can tell you that these are very good quality blushes for drugstore makeup, very pigmented and also buildable, check out my awesome swatches below.

Gorgeous shades right? Which one is your favourite?


  1. Have you tried the isopropyl alcohol trick for pressing the powder blush back in the pan?

    1. hmmm I haven't heard of it! is it easy to use? I have an Etude House highlighter powder that just smashed into pieces grr now I don't know if I should sell or do something?!

    2. Look up "isopropyl smashed powder"

    3. Thank you for your suggestion Teresa :) x

  2. Oh wow! I love Rosy Cheeks and Dusty Rose! I'm a huge fan of blushes and about 80% of my blushes are a variant of a rose shade! that's too bad that one shade was completely shattered! It looks like such a beautiful bronzey color!

    1. Nice taste Sharlynn ;) *thumb up* I love Rosy Cheeks too :p such a beautiful shade! x

  3. I love Australis, it's one of my favorite drugstore brands! Their mineral inject lip products are my fav and the peparazzi perfect blushes are amazing. Thanks for this review, might have to pick up some of these blushes now!

    1. Oh I've heard a lot of people raved about the mineral inject lip products! I might have to try that to see why every loves it so much :p


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