MAC ♡ Proenza Schouler Lipsticks Swatches

I wasn't planning on purchasing anything from this collection cause of many reasons, for example: the packaging, the shades and the price. I ended up with all four lipsticks anyway, cause... well, I am addicted to limited edition products LOl and I love lipsticks!

At first I wasn't fully impressed with the packaging when I saw pictures of the MAC Proenza Schouler collection, I wished they have designed the lipsticks in their usual tube with some ombre shadings instead of in a square tube. I honestly didn't expect to fall in-love with this collection!

When I received all four lipsticks, my view on the MAC Proenza Schouler collection just totally changed! I am a sucker for cute packagings and I would sometimes buy a product just for the packaging. I wouldn't say the Proenza Schouler lipsticks have "cute" packagings, but I really like the metallic ombre shading, the more I look at it, the more in-love I am with the design!

I went from not fully impressed with this collection to totally impressed. I wasn't feeling the lipsticks colors at first as well, the shades all look too ordinary to me on the computer screen. Who would've know, as soon as I swatched these, BAM! My views totally changed!

Mangrove (matte), Primrose (lustre), Woodrose (lustre) and Pinkfringe (satin)

The MAC Proenza Schouler lipsticks comes in four limited edition shades, I bought all four lipsticks from Nordstrom, USD $22.00 each. So expensive right =.= Check out all four gorgeous shades below.

MAC Mangrove - bright orangey red with a matte finish.

I own a few MAC matte lipsticks like Candy Yum Yum and Ruby Woo and I always feel like it's very hard to apply without having to tug and drag my lips. I was very surprised to find MAC Mangrove being quite easy to apply, it applies smoothly and evenly with a rich opaque red color and it allows me to apply smoothly without dragging and tugging my lips. 

MAC Pinkfringe - flamingo pink with a satin finish.

If you are a pink lover, you will love this; this is absolutely gorgeous with a super cute name! Pinkfringe is described as a "vivid flamingo pink", it does not look as crazy and scary as you would imagine when you hear the word "vivid". The shade is not as opaque and it's build-able. I think I like the swatches (below) better than the lipstick in the tube.

MAC Primrose - sheer berry plum with lustre finish.

Dark berry plum shade is not my usual color choice for lips products, I can't imagine me wearing this outside the house, or my room and I definitely can't wear that to work (a law office environment), especially when I only wear pink and nudes shades to work; but believe it or not?! Primrose is my favourite lipstick out of all four from the MAC Proenza Schouler collection. I love that you can wear it sheer, with a hint of dark plum color and/or you can build it up and give that full dark vampy berry plum lips.

MAC Woodrose - sheer pink beige with lustre finish.

I love my nude lipsticks, but I have to say Woodrose is not much but a pretty name. I may change my view on this later, like always ~ This is my least favourite out of all four lipsticks. Woodrose is a sheer pink-ish beige with a hint of shine, this was one of my first choice from all four MAC Proenza Schouler lipsticks and I don't know why I have a love-hate feeling with this?! I guess it's just compare to Mangrove, Pinkfringe and Primrose; Woodrose seems to be nothing special.

Swatches of MAC Proenza Schouler lipsticks

Primrose, Mangrove, Pinkfringe and Woodrose

Did you pick up anything from the MAC Proenza Schouler collection? Which of these lipsticks do you like best?


  1. The packaging is pretty, but I haven't tried anything from the MAC Loves Proenza Schouler collection-I'm drooling over the Maleficent line

    1. I feel like the MAC Maleficent collection isn't as amazing compare to Proenza Schouler or Alluring Aquatic... The packaging isn't like WOW I MUST HAVE IT, y'know?! & I often buy my stuff for the packagings so I pass..

  2. I love the packaging! Hahaha I think it's really unique.
    I'm having regrets right now why I didn't get something from the collection. :( I am banning myself from purchasing lipsticks until June. I hoard a lot from april and may. Hahaha

    1. Oh good on you! I should learn from you :p I don't know how everyone does it?! When I am on "shopping ban", I tend to spend more lol! I think this collection is okay, I'm deciding if I want to get the Osborne collection? I'm also super excited for the Simpson one as well x

  3. Drooling so hard right now, Mangrove is too pretty!

    1. The swatches is gorgeous right :p I didn't expect it to be so bright and smooth! Usually MAC matte finish are all pretty chalky etc.. x

  4. Ah, you are so lucky! The lipstick are gorgeous and the packaging is super unique. I'd buy all of them if it weren't for the steep price haha. Nice review, by the way! :)


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