Chanel Le Brilliant Glossimer Duo ♡

I am currently on June NO SPEND month and it's killing me while I window shop online. So to cure my shopping addiction, looking back at my old hauls really helps.

Last month I bought this set of Chanel Le Brilliant Glossimer Duo from Nordstrom, I haven't had a chance to show them off as I've been lazy ~ and plus, I have so many other reviews lining up, so today is only a sneak peak of what came in this gorgeous Chanel lipgloss set!

Are you one of those people that keeps all shopping bags, boxes, wrapping papers etc...? Cause I am ;) lol and I am definitely keeping this one! Chanel Le Brilliant Glossimer Duo comes in a classy gold box with black writing all over.

Chanel Le Brilliant Glossimer Duo comes with an elegant black mesh makeup bag with "CHANEL BEAUTE" printed on it. The makeup bag is just the perfect size to fit all daily essentials in, it's not too big, nor too small. I am not the type of girl who would carry a makeup bag in my 'already-heavy-enough' handbag, but ever since I received this lip gloss set, I have been carrying the makeup bag everywhere with me.

Along with the makeup bag, Chanel Le Brilliant Glossimer Duo included two glosses in shades - Wild Rose and Crushed Cherry, a mini Le Crayon Levers Precision Lip Definer in shade - Mordore Nude and a pencil sharpener.

Chanel Wild Rose Glossimer (top) & Crushed Cherry Glossimer (bottom)
Chanel Le Crayon Levers Precision Lip Definer mini in Mordore Nude & pencil sharpener

I will probably do a proper review on this Chanel gloss set in a month time, right now, all I can say is, I am so glad to finally own something Chanel that is not a lipstick! Not that I don't love their lipsticks, I do! I adore them! But it's nice to finally own something else, different ;)

So, who is looking forward to the reviews? *raise hand please* ^^


  1. Omg...I want a review!!! I almost never buy typical high end make up although I spend TONES of money on make up. I've seen so much about those glosses and the texture and would love one!

    1. heheh I was the same! But then I thought... All that money I spent on something cheap, why don't I just save up for one expensive thing?! Best decisions ever, you should try ;) I feel like nowadays I own so much makeup, mostly brand news, so much that I feel so bad Im wasting these products.

  2. Me!! They look so pretty! As a poor student, I would never be able to spend money on higher end products, so I shall just live through you :D

    1. Oh I feel ya Kim! Remember those student days... can only look, not spend!

  3. Yessss let me live precariously through you, show me the swatchess!! ^^


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