Instagram Made Me Do It #1 ♥ Melt Cosmetics Lipsticks

Before I write up some reviews, I just want to announce that I am starting a new series called - Instagram Made Me Do It. This series was inspired by Trisha Paytas on Youtube, I was watching her videos a few months back where she mentioned she may start a video series called "Youtube made me do it" or something similar cause she is always buying and trying out new things from Youtube gurus recommendations.

I watch Youtube videos regularly, but it's not like that for me. I don't get inspired so much that I want to go out and buy that product recommended by my favourite beauty guru immediately. It's more like Instagram for me, I follow a bunch of accounts that only post makeup related stuff and sometimes kawaii things like decoden phone cases which I adore. So I get inspired a lot and when the whole Instagram world loves a product and everyone recommends it, I just want to try it myself.

Today I am doing a mini review on two of the Melt Cosmetics lipsticks.

Melt Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty free brand which is well-known for their vibrant colors. Melt lipsticks are described as ultra-matte textures with amazing vanilla cake scent and so far they only have twelve shades available, which most of the time half of them is always sold out.

After seeing people raves about Melt Cosmetics on instagram, I grabbed myself two Melt lipsticks to try while they offered free shipping worldwide. I wanted to try their famous DGAF and 6six6 lipsticks, but they were sold out; so I bought Space Cake and By Starlight instead.

♔ Packaging:
The packaging of the Melt lipsticks is simple and sleek, house in a black matte round shape tube with a purple melt. logo on the cap.

Melt Cosmetics: By Starlight (left) & Space Cake (right) - in natural lighting
Melt Cosmetics: By Starlight (left) & Space Cake (right) - with flash
Swatches on skin of Melt Cosmetics: By Starlight (top) & Space Cake (bottom) - in natural lighting

 Melt Space Cake ($19.00)
Space Cake is a cool toned grey with blue undertones and a super matte finish. I bought this cause I am a huge fan of Lime Crime Chinchilla (a grey with lavender undertones) and Space Cake looks like the closest color to Chinchilla on their website. + Space Cake is such a cute name!

Due to Space Cake being super matte, I find it very hard to apply without tugging my lips and after wearing the lipstick for about five minutes, it starts to feel very dry and uncomfortable. The color is very pigmented and opaque, one swipe can almost cover my lips with a pretty grey-ish blue color.

♔ Melt By Starlight ($19.00)
I've been having a thing for purple lipsticks lately and this is the reason I bought By Starlight. By Starlight is a medium-dark purple with pink undertones and a matte finish. This one is much easier to apply than Melt Space Cake. It does appears to be a bit dry after wearing it for awhile, but it's not as obviously and uncomfortable as Space Cake.

By Starlight is also a very pigmented lipstick which requires only one swipe to get an opaque color. I like this a lot, it's a pretty dark purple shade; but when I remove with a makeup wipe, the pink undertones kind of stains my lips, making it super hard to remove. 

Melt Cosmetics: Space Cake (left) & By Starlight (right) - with flash

 Lipsticks scents
There's an over-the-top vanilla cake scents for the Melt lipsticks, too strong that makes me want to puke when I wear these. I wish I don't have to be so harsh, but it's the truth. I am a huge fan of scented lips products, but I find the Melt lipsticks to be... too much! There's also a play-doh smell when I apply these lipsticks on my lips. Overall the scent is very gross.

 Customer service
If you have been a long-time reader of my blog, you would know customer service is very important to me. I would not buy and/or deal with the company again if they offer non-friendly customer service, regardless of how amazing their products is. 

Melt Cosmetics' customer service in my opinion is excellent. I bought the two lipsticks while they were having a free worldwide shipping deal. I placed an order on 18/05/2014, they sent me an order confirmation email straight away, then on 21/05/2014 they sent me an items shipped confirmation. I received my Melt lipsticks within one week, in a big cardboard box (not necessary?!), the lipsticks were wrapped in a bubble wraps baggie thing and inside the box I found a Melt Cosmetics promotional card and two stickers of the lipstick shades I bought printed on two lips. Very thoughtful I think.

♔ Repurchase & Recommendation?
I, myself would not repurchase Melt Cosmetics lipsticks cause seriously, I can't stand the vanilla scent. I love that the colors are very pretty, but I dislike that they are so dry. So no, I would not repurchase. 

I don't recommend these if you're one of those that can't stand scented lips products, if you're a fan of vanilla cake smells, maybe you can try. I would not recommend this product overall.

♔ Overall rating: 3/5
Products formula: 
Products color: 
Products packaging: 
Products scent: 
Customer service: 

Have you tried Melt Cosmetics? Are you a fan of their lipsticks? Please share your thoughts with me. ^^


  1. I love the look of Space Cake on you! I was intrigued by the color but not sold on it, think I'll have to try and get my hands on that shade. I'm actually alright with the scent of melted lipsticks but I suppose everyone has different tolerance levels.

    1. Thank you :) I love the Space Cake, the color x

  2. I have been dying to try out these lipsticks they look so pretty.

    1. You should try it :) if you don't you'll never know if it's any good?! ^^ What may not work for me may work for you x

  3. Sorry to hear they don't suit you! Luckily you only got 2 the first time! I too despise vanilla scents and the fact that they are drying and tug? I can't have that either! I do actually quite like the grey blue on you!

    1. OMG Yes! Luckily I only got two! Or else I'd really regret it. Glad to know I have changed a habit of buying every color in a collection without knowing if they suit me or not. :p

  4. Whoa, these colors are so fun and they look great on you! I'd definitely like to try a bold color like one of these. Too bad they have a strong scent. I also prefer my lip products to not smell, haha.

    1. I love it when my lips products smells like yummy stuff, but when it's too much like the melt lipsticks, it's a turn off. A light vanilla scents like MAC lippies is very nice ^^ - Thank you for your compliment. x

  5. These are definitely NOT my colors but it's cool to see that these color options are available. I am surprised that the gray one is drying though, in your swatches it looks very moisturizing.

    1. I figured :p cause I've never seen you wear any weird colors like this one, but I'd love to see you in them someday ;)

  6. thanks for sharing, I love the colors of these lipstick but I am not sure about the scent issue

    1. Me too Angel! The colors are both gorgeous! If only Space Cake (grey one) doesn't have too strong smell, I'd love it so so much x

  7. These look like nice products, overall :0 It's too bad they're not that great based on the review D: I like the colors, though ^^
    -Kiyomi xx

    1. You should try them :p maybe these will work for you! I think im just one of those weird ones that dislike a product which 99% of people in this world loves.


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