RONA Makeup Haul + Store Review

I often buy Korean cosmetics from eBay, RoseRoseShop, BeautynetKorea and all these other online boutiques, but sometimes it is a hassle if I just want a few items and since I have no patience, I just get so frustrated with the waiting time. I actually don't mind shopping in-stores these days even if they cost a full price, when I work out the shipping price and time wasted shopping online, paying full price in-store is not that bad!

Anyway, awhile back I visited this cute Asian makeup boutique in Auckland CBD, it was like an eBay heaven in there! Their prices aren't like crazy-crazy, so I grabbed a few things. This is kind of like a mini haul and a talk-through of the products I bought, also a store review. I have only been there once and first impression is very important, I was there for about 20 minutes and my whole experience there was... I felt like I didn't exist! I did really enjoy seeing all the products that I always save to my watch-list on eBay in person thou!

ETUDE HOUSE Help My Fingers Quick Dry Drop

I have never seen this product on eBay nor have I tried a fast drying top coat or quick dry drop kind of things before. I have seen people reviewed the OPI Drip Dry one, some says it's pretty messy and a majority of people loves it, so this quick dry nail thing has been on the top of my must try list for a long time. When I saw the Etude House quick dry drop in-store, I thought this is it! It's time I finally get to try a quick dry drop and plus my nails needed a make-over so badly!

For the past two weeks, I have been changing my nail colors quite regularly. I usually change my nail polish once in two weeks, cause I am impatience, I get frustrated having to wait two hours for a coat of nail polish to fully dry and I often wondered how people change their nail arts every single day, they must have a fabulous life-style, not having to worry about dirty dishes and/or running errands etc...

Since I bought the quick dry drop, I would sometimes change a nail color overnight, I could wear red today and change to a green tomorrow, no problem, not frustrated and always a happy gal ~ The Etude House Help My Nail Quick Dry Drop is suppose to a create a high gloss protective shield which can resists smudges, nicks and scratches to make your nail colors last longer, it only takes 30 seconds to set your nails with two drops.

I was very impressed with this product and it only cost $10! So cheap ^-^

Etude House Look At My Eyes Jewel: PP501 & Look At My Eyes Cafe: PK001
Etude House Look At My Eyes Jewel: PP501 & Look At My Eyes Cafe: PK001
    Look At My Eyes Jewel: PP501 & Look At My Eyes Cafe: PK001

I won an Etude House Look At My Eyes 8 Color Eye Shadow Palette on eBay, it was only the palette, no eye shadows included. I originally planned to store my MAC eye shadows in this palette, but the Etude House pans are a tad too big for MAC. So I had to get some Etude House eye shadows to fit the palette, I didn't want to sell the palette cause it has a very cute and girly cover, also came with two eye shadow brushes.

I think these cost $8 each, there were many colors options to choose from and I only picked up two. The depotting process was surprisingly easy compare to MAC eye shadows, for the Etude House eye shadows, I can just flick the eye shadows pan out with a knife; simple, easy and not squashed or broken. I have tried and depot two MAC eye shadows and both came out shattered, the pan squashed and I end up throwing them in the bin :( What a waste, but I just proof myself suck at depotting eye shadows!

There are two styles from the Etude House Look At My Eyes eye shadow range, there's a jewel type which is like glitter eye shadows and another is called cafe which is just normal eye shadows... Etude House didn't say what type of formula these are... These eye shadows are very pigmented and I absolutely adore the jewel ones, it's like SOOO Sparkly! Both eye shadows are very creamy and easy to apply.


Now, onto the store review.

LOCATION: Unit 5G, 239 Queen Street, Auckland

BUSINESS CATEGORY: Cosmetics & Skincare

PRODUCTS SELECTION: There are many brands and products selections to choose from at Rona Makeup, I think most of them are Korean brands and those items available in-store, they can be purchase from eBay and other Korean online beauty store as well. Almost all the well-known Korean beauty brands are available in-store at Rona Makeup, even limited edition products that are no longer available on eBay.

PRICING: Comparing the products I have purchased from Rona Makeup, the prices are just a little bit more expensive than buying from eBay. It would be nice buying in-stores for those who ran out of a certain product and need a replacement asap, this way you don't have to wait two weeks for your items to arrive from Korea. Only downside in the pricing area is, Rona Makeup doesn't price their products! Not a single price tag I spot on their makeup stands or anywhere in-stores! I pretty much had to guess the price and if I decided to buy it, I would have to take my item to the counter and ask for the price... No price tags is SUCH A HASSLE! Especially when the girl who looks after the shop IGNORES YOU from the minute you enter the store!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Till this day I still don't understand why every single Chinese-owned cute Asian clothing / makeup boutique I visit ignores their customers! I assume Rona Makeup is owned by a Chinese person and I also assume the girl who bag my shopping is the boss or a member of the boss' family.

I went to Rona Makeup on a fine Saturday afternoon and there was only one girl looking after the shop. From the minute I walked into their store, the girl ignored me till I placed the items I wanted on the counter and asked for a price check. During the time I was looking around the store, the girl looking after the shop was chatting to another girl, it didn't seem like she was helping the other customer choosing the right product, instead they were chatting about holidays and other personal stuff, in Chinese... (that's why I assume this shop is own by a Chinese person). The girl from the shop didn't once look up in my direction and see if I needed help, even thou I looked up a couple of times hoping she would be like "oh I'm happy to help!".

I wasn't sure if I should feel relax that no one is tagging along, bugging me if I need help or be mad that she completely ignored me. I guess I was glad that no one was bugging me and following me around trying to help, but I was also not impressed with their customer service, especially when there is no price tags on any products and it makes the whole shopping experience really hard :/ unless if I didn't care about the price... then maybe I'd feel more relax about it.

Anyway, I told my parents about my shopping experience at Rona Makeup and I questioned why the girl there ignore me... Shockingly, my parents told me IT'S NORMAL for Chinese to do that!

OVERALL: ♥ their products selection, great pricing & sheeeeeit customer service >.<
I RATE THIS STORE: imageimageimage


Do you prefer when someone tags along, try and help you during a shopping trip or have them completely ignore you? For me, it was nice to be left along, but I would prefer if someone can come around and ask if I need help once in awhile, not tag along like Ippondo staff does...


  1. When I shop in the Asian based stores at the Atrium on Elliot they either follow me around being toooo helpful or ignore me altogether -.- This happened a lot to me in Taipei too with smaller stores, it's so annoying when they never price things!!

    1. It'd be perfect if they price things and ignore me altogether haha ^^

  2. Ooooo...I've been wanting some single shadows from them for a while but I've got so much already! I think I could use at least one or two shades! Haha, I have to agree with your mother though, I'm never surprised or disappointed if the asian sales girls tend to chat with themselves or just stand around and not help you out. I still prefer that when it comes to beauty items than someone badgering me and suspicious if I'm going to buying something or not!

  3. Ohh my Gosh I need to get my hands on that Quick Dry Drop! ^ ^

  4. That sucks about the service. In most of the Korean shops I've been in they've been the complete opposite -- almost overwhelming by following me around! There needs to be a happy medium.

  5. I don't think we have a Rona store over here in the UK but it sounds as though you are impressed with your purchases!

  6. Lovely haul, those colours are pretty :)

  7. Great haul Hun love the eyeshadows you picked lovely packaging and shades.


  8. I definitely love the layout of your blog cus its PINK <3 Haha.. I've never heard of this brand before but the products you got looks promising onesx

  9. Love the look of these eye shadows :) So pretty! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  10. Oh I hate it when there are no prices! Especially if the shop assistants are unhelpful!

  11. Those colours are so pretty, am just not too sure I would wear them x


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