MAC Haul ♡ ft. Viva Glam Rihanna 2, The Matte Lip, The Kylie Jenner Lip Combo + More!

Happy November lovelies ♥

November is my favourite month of the year, all good things happens in November and I am always pretty lucky with everything I do around this time of the year; let's not count winning the lotto, cause I am never lucky with this sort of things haha ~ 

Since this is my first blog post of my favourite month, I want to start off with something amazing... ;) A big MAC haul! 

I have planned this huge MAC purchases for months and months now and I finally saved up enough money and did my big purchase. I did three separate orders on the MAC USA site to avoid getting charge custom fees when my packages arrives in New Zealand and I did my orders using YouShop.

I had categories my orders into a few groups, spent mostly on lipsticks ~ I can't help it >.< I want to start building up my MAC lipstick collections! Also purchased a concealer palette which I have already dig into and I love it! I must say I prefer it over the Pro Longwear Concealer, for now; and got a travel size of the Strobe Cream to try, so curious as to why everyone in the beauty world raves about this product.

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 Lipstick - warm mauvey silver frost [Frost]

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 Tinted Lipglass - cool mauve with red frost

When pictures of the Viva Glam Rihanna 2 lipstick and lipglass surfaced on the internet, I was like "not another Rihanna collaboration... nahhh I'm not gonna get anything from this collection" ~ I ended up ordering both the lipstick and the lipglass with no regrets hahaha... It's no surprise I changed my mind towards this collection as I have been eyeing up the lipglass, the color is sooo unique and different from all others I have seen! & I am in love with the packaging. ♥

L-R: Velvet Teddy, Angel, Kinda Sexy, Please Me, Myth

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick - deep toned beige [Matte]

MAC Angel Lipstick - soft pink [Frost]

MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick - netural pinky rose [Matte]

MAC Please Me Lipstick - muted rosy tinted pink [Matte]

MAC Myth Lipstick - light neutral nude [Satin]

Few months ago I have received a promotional email from MAC which states their top-selling nude lipsticks, there are about eight shades that were mentioned and I already owned two or three shades from the list, so I got the rest that were mentioned that I have not try yet.

I love it when MAC occasionally sent out their top-selling products lists, this way I don't just stuck on their lipsticks, I get to try their other products as well.

L-R: Creme Cup, Snob, Creme D'Nude, Saint Germain, Pink Noveau, Rebel

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick - light blue pink [Cremesheen]

MAC Snob Lipstick - light neutral pink [Satin]

MAC Creme D'Nude Lipstick - pale muted peach beige [Cremesheen]

MAC Saint Germain Lipstick - clean pastel pink [Amplified Creme]

MAC Pink Noveau Lipstick - bright pink [Satin]

MAC Rebel Lipstick - midtonal cream plum [Satin]

I have previously owned all six shades mentioned above and I have categories these as my "all time favourites MAC lipstick". Saint Germain was the first MAC lipstick I purchased when I was 16 and then I started to build my collection with all the colors above; my absolutely favourite, always on top of my list is Snob! & Creme Cup comes second place ~ I then end up selling my old ones of these shades cause they're old and they weren't as pretty anymore... So I got some new one ^^ these are some re-purchased MAC items.

L-R: Styled in Sepia, Fashion Revival, Living Legend, La Vie En Rouge, Pander Me, Nouvelle Vogue

MAC Styled in Sepia Lipstick - dirty cement beige [Matte]

MAC Fashion Revival Lipstick - deep raspberry [Matte]

MAC Living Legend Lipstick - deep plum [Matte]

MAC La Vie En Rouge Lipstick - bright orange coral [Matte]

MAC Pander Me Lipstick - soft peachy mocha [Matte]

MAC Nouvelle Vogue Lipstick - soft blue pink [Matte]

These are the new matte lipsticks that were released recently, there are eight shades from the collection. I wanted all eight lipsticks but they didn't fit in my orders, so I choose six of my most wanted! I was most looking forward to Styled in Sepia and Pander Me, saw some lip swatches online and I fell in love straight away!

MAC Pro Palette Refill Eye Shadow: Espresso, Chrome Yellow, Bitter

MAC Espresso Eye Shadow - muted golden brown [Matte]

MAC Chrome Yellow Eye Shadow - vivid bright yellow [Matte]

MAC Bitter Eye Shadow - vivid green with shimmer [Velvet]

** Not sure what shade the bottom left one is, I bought that one ages ago on TradeMe.

I also want to build my MAC eye shadows collection, but I already have enough neutral shades palettes from other brands and I think more neutral shades is not necessary, since I don't really wear eye shadows that often. So I bought one of the best sellers shades: Espresso, I remembered Temptalia said it's great to fill in your brows too ;) sooo *bonus*! & I have been eyeing up on Chrome Yellow & Bitter for a long time, so I thought why not get it now?! Instead of drooling over them each time I go on the MAC website.

MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette / Light

MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette / Light
As stated on the MAC website, this is a professional palette of four concealer shades: NC15, NW10, NC20 and NW20; and two corrector shades in pale yellow and pale pink. They can be used individually or combined to perfectly match any skin tone and they are suited for all skin type.

Still pretty new to MAC concealers, I have only tried the Pro Longwear Concealer which everyone seems to love and raves about; I feel like it's a bit overrated or may be I am just using it wrong?! It works amazing, covers dark circle and blemishes; but the smell is horrible! It smells like dirty old wash cloth that hasn't been washed in a month! Of course there are plenty of other types of concealers to choose from and I have compared each on the internet, I then came to a decision of getting the Studio Conceal and Correct Palette. I have tried it a few times since my purchase, and at the moment I am loving it more than the Pro Longwear Concealer! It's less runny and it doesn't smell; also covers blemishes and dark circle well!

MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks

MAC Pro Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks
The 6 Preferred Pinks MAC Pro Lip Palette set is described as warm, cool, vibrant; these are 6 key shades that translate pink into gorgeous, of-the-moment hues. The palette includes shades:

Pretty Please - pale pink pearl [Lustre]
Creme de la Femme - pink laced with gold [Frost]
Show Orchid - vivid hot pink [Amplified Creme]
Lovelorn - emotive blue pink [Lustre]
Please Me - muted rosy tinted pink [Matte]
Violetta - bright clean violet purple [Amplified Creme]

This is just one of those things that I feel the need to have them, but I don't actually need them, & plus, I don't even like to apply lip products with a lip brush! Grr can't believe as soon as my items arrived, MAC has released a Viva Glamorous Lip Palette!

Anyway, I haven't dig into this lip palette yet, I can't find my Real Techniques lip brush (my only lip brush) and I think it's better to leave the palette as how it is, for now ~ it's just so pretty to look at! I haven't tried any of the lipsticks included in this palette, although I did purchase the Please Me lipstick.

MAC Size to Go Strobe Cream
This is the much raved about Strobe Cream, almost everyone in the beauty world talks about this products; so I just wanted to see what is so good about this item?! I have purchased a travel size instead of a full size, just incase I end up not liking it, then it's like wasting money...

Strobe Cream is described as the ultimate quick fix for the skin. Super-powered with potent botanicals; de-snoozes, de-stresses, moistens freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zp and mega does of green tea. Brightens and enhances the effects of light on all skin and all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight.

I have used the Strobe Cream before foundation application for about a week now and I love how it brightens up my skin! I feel like it's a highlighter for all over your face, not just for cheekbones etc... At the moment I am really enjoying this cream, but it's not like crazy amazing for me, well not yet ~

MAC Whirl Lip Pencil - dirty rose

Everyone in the world seems to fuss over Kylie Jenner's overdrawn lips at the moment, some said she uses MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and paired with MAC Whirl lip pencil. So I wanted to join the craze trend aswell! LOL! I am not used to wearing lip pencils, but I think that is the only way to cure lips bleed and smudges?! I have heard MAC lip pencils are some great products, so I thought why not ^^ ~ Excited to own / try my first MAC lip pencil!


Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this haul? Do share your experiences and thoughts with me ^^ ~ Oh! & Please tell me more about Strobe Cream, if you have tried it yourself xx


  1. Dear girl! Did you just let go of your salary at the mac store!? Wow, soo many lipsticks! I'd love to have a nude or two from mac right about now, I've been saving up photos of swatches to decide on before heading to the counters! I'm so happy for you, can't wait to see the lipsticks on you!

    1. Haha ~ I can't help it and I am already planning my next big order... but right now I can't decide if I wanna order Hourglass first *sigh*.. the struggle huh

  2. I am experiencing so much Lipstick envy over here~ ^ w ^

  3. wow! amazing haul! currently saving up for Christmas so i'm not allowed to splurge on makeup hahaha

  4. Wow, what a giant haul! I can't deny that I'm super jealous, haha! If I had saved up that much money for mac products, I probably would have spent 75% of it on lipsticks as well. The Kylie Jenner combination is really intriguing, I can totally understand why you wanted to try it for yourself! I think I'm getting Velvet Teddy & a drugstore alternative to Whirl. I'm all for MAC's lipsticks but I'm not big on lip pencils you have to sharpen manually.
    Styled in Sepia was definitely a great choice! I got mine yesterday and - oh my god - it's so good! I have a review of it scheduled for tomorrow. :)
    Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Thanks Elina ~ Oh yeh, the frustration of sharpening a lip pencil!

  5. Great haul, I now want to go to MAC! xxx

  6. Great haul? I love mac there lipsticks are the best.


  7. Oh my god!!!! That's a huge haul!!!! I so wanna grab them all!!

  8. OMG Look at all these beautiful lipsticks!!! <3 I might be little jealous :D

    Pink Frenzy

  9. Wow, you got a lot of great products! I love the look of the lipsticks you purchased - such pretty shades! x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  10. Wow, that is one impressive haul! I only own one mac product - a lipstick - maybe it's time I added to it! :)

  11. Oh wow i am left with my mouth open!!!wonderful products and good job in saving for it!i am terrible at that hhhiihhi..
    Great products and would love to see the swatches of the lipsticks!!

  12. Wow, awesome haul - you must have saved for months! Loving the look of Please Me, it looks such a pretty shade :)

    Jess xo

  13. Oh wow! :O
    I have a nice collection of Mac lipsticks and I love them all, would love to try the Kylie Jenner lip combo though, that's next on my wishlist! :)

  14. OmG that's a lot of mac! So many shades, love them all!!

  15. Amazing shades :D
    I love the nude ones!!

  16. My god that is a massive haul! Wow! Velvet Teddy is one I am watching for x


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