MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lipstick Collection + Swatches

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lipsticks Collection

Let me be honest with you guys, I don't even know what the Rocky Horror Picture Show is all about until I search it up on Google. I grew up watching cute cartoon series like Doraemon (ドラえもん 小叮当), Sailor Moon, Chibi Maruko Chan (ちびまる子ちゃん / 櫻桃小丸子) and TV shows like Pearl Princess (还珠格格); and also I was not born in New Zealand or an European country, I was not bought up in an oldie life-style environment...  So I guess it is normal that I am not familiar with this kind of film. A lot of times people asks me if I am a fan of such and such old music or if I have seen this super old film and I am just, totally clueless!

MAC has recently released a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection and the lipsticks were sold out with ten minutes! Like how crazy is that?! I seriously did not expect this, I knew there were a lot of people raving about this collection before its release date; but not everyone is a fan right? and I am sure there's a percentage of people in this world have never heard of RHPS before, just like me. So yes I was very surprised it sold out so quick and by the time I have decided to place an order, all were sold out ~ haha so sad! I end up getting all four lipsticks at NZ prices, they were $45 each! *sohh expensive*

Anyway, you may be wondering why was I so excited about this collection even thou I am clueless about the RHPS?! Well... a) It's a Limited Edition collection and I am obsessed with LE products! b) The packaging is so sexy, in a creepy vampy way.

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lipsticks Collection
I am not gonna lie, I wasn't a fan of these packaging when pictures of the collection first starts making its appearance on the internet. I thought it's all fake, like someone has played around and created these pictures on Photoshop; lol I have quite an... imagination... sometimes ;)

MAC RHPS lipsticks comes packaged in a black inside-out tube with red Rocky Horror Picture Show "rocky" font printed in red and a red biting lips on top. There's black and white designs of the characters from the film printed on the inside of the lipstick box, which I loveeeee ~ I thought it's very unique.

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lipsticks Collection


Description from MAC:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the cult classic musical tribute to horror and sci-fi movies, kicks off the celebration of its 40th anniversary with an untamed MAC collaboration, featuring an outrageous collection of hues and products specially designed to recreate the looks of your favourite characters from the 1975 film. <-- I wasn't even born then! Transform yourself into a sex-swapping mad scientist, heroic newlywed, alien from Transylvania or even hunky Rocky Horror himself, <-- sooo... Rocky Horror is a person??? with an orgy of color worthy of any midnight mayehm at Frankenstein Palace. <-- I hear people talk about Frankenstein every Halloween and I think I have seen pictures of him, a big guy? I don't know >.< I don't even know who Frankenstein is! Oh goshh I feel so lame not knowing anything hahah. 

imageMAC RHPS Sin Lipstick is described as a "deep dark blue red" with a Matte finish. I am pretty sure MAC Sin is permanent, I have seen a few bloggers talks about this before this collection release.

imageMAC RHPS Strange Journey Lipstick is described as a "yellowish brick red" with a Matte finish. It looks like an orange red in person, but it appears as a bright red in swatches.

imageMAC RHPS Oblivion Lipstick is described as a "vivid blueish-red" with an Amplified finish. I am not familiar with Amplified finish as I don't own any in that formula. I love that the lipstick looks starry from the tube ~ This is my absolute favourite out of all four lipsticks!

imageMAC RHPS Frank-N-Furter Lipstick is described as a "deep raspberry wine" with a Matte finish.

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lipsticks Swatches
Did you pick up anything from this collection? Which of the lipstick is your favourite? Also, are you a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Or are you like me? Hahaha don't be afraid to admit you have never heard of the film!


  1. I didn't even hear about the rocky horror picture show until i moved to the UK for uni, it's a big deal apparently but I never really got into it :P I love the look of Sin and yes its been moved to the permanent collection. I've been considering getting it for ages, it looks lovely. Would love to see you in a full face.

  2. Frank Furter and Strange journey looks so mesmerizing! Love the packaging and Sin looks down right wonderful too, love that deepness to it!


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