Best Of 2014 ♡ BLUSHES

I am ending the wonderful 2014 with a list of my top beauty favourites of the year, this will be divided into a few categories which I will post and update within the next few days.

I actually got this idea from a thread in the Specktra forum and I thought it's a pretty cool way to end 2014 instead of posting beauty empties and/or some regular end of the month posts.

Today I am starting off with my favourite blushes of the year.

Last year I thought I don't need a lot of blushes as I am not as crazy about them as I am with lip products and plus, owning one or two in different shades can last me my entire life, so there is really no need of a huge blush collection... right?! Yeah that's what I thought, until I came across Sharlynn's blog! She loves her blushes, she owns some of the most beautiful shades and she knows how to apply them perfectly. Most days I read her blog, I am just here like... *total envy* ~

Sharlynn of The Blackmentos Beauty Box is one of my most read and favourite blog this year, her reviews are all very detailed and she's a nice and lovely girl. Check out her blog if you love blushes or just beauty in general. ^^ Sharlynn def deserves a shoutout because she is my number one commentor on my blog this year. So thank you, Sharlynn ♥ for supporting and keeping up with my blog!

Anyway, since discovering Sharlynn's blog, I have been collecting more blushes than I would usually do. This year I have three blushes that I have been obsessing over, scroll down to see which ones they are...

Hourglass Luminous Flush Ambient Lighting Blush is described as a "champagne rose", the blush color looks different depends on lighting, it could look coral, and it could turn into a true pink. That's not the main reason why I love this blush thou; haha ~

Ever since I purchased this brush from Mecca Cosmetica, I have been SO obsessed! All it takes is a little dab in the blush with a blush brush, apply to the apple of your cheeks and it could last all day! The packaging is also really gorgeous, I love the golden reflected mirror look, but I am no fan of the many finger prints it left. The texture looks a little powdery from the blush pan, but it isn't chalky when applied; the blush feels very silky and soft, it applies and blends easily.

I regret to say I have been neglecting MAC lately, I mean, there's just too many new products and new brands to try; I just can't keep up hahah, anyone else with me?

MAC Bad Girl Gone Good Blush is described as a "warm cropper" with a Satin finish. I love that the color isn't dramatic, it doesn't give me that over-the-top un-natural flush. It is a dusty orange-y brown and the color payoff is great! The texture is soft, it blends well without being powdery, the color shows up on my skin as a dark orange-y shade and the blush could last up to hours and hours!

I wish I have purchased this blush sooner so I could write a full review of it and tell you guys how amazing the Candy Doll duo blush applies! I spot this blush in Ippondo a few months ago and my first thought was, how gorgeous is this blush?! Everything from the packaging to the product itself all looks very simple but it's really kawaii at the same time!

There are two colors in the Candy Doll Duo Blush, you can choose to wear the blush alone and add the highlighter or both colors can be swirled together to make a pretty light pink color. I have always swirl both the blush and the highlighter together and it turns into a pretty light pink shade with subtle shimmer.

I am always heavy handed when it comes to applying blushes and the reason why I adore the Candy Doll Duo Blush is because even thou I tend to be heavy handed and apply too much at times, the blush still comes out as a subtle pink and it gives me that natural flush on the cheek. The blush also last long hours!


Leave a comment below and tell me about your Best of 2014 Blushes! I would love to know what everyone has been loving this year.


  1. Candy Doll Blushes are my favourite~ ^ w ^
    I love how they come with in-built highlighters now too! ^ u ^

  2. AWWWW! You're welcomed Kay! I really couldn't believe how pretty and lovely your blog was when I found it! And I mean it in all encompassing ways! You also write great reviews and I love how you show your products on your face which I really appreciate when it comes to certain products! I'm so glad you love my blog and YES i love my blushes although I really have been buying a lot less blushes this last year! However that doesn't shrink my blush collection! I have seen so much about those Hourglass blushes but I'm lusting after a chanel baked blush right now! My favorite blushes of this year have to be from Sleek...I own like 8 colors I think and Flamingo, Mirrored Pink, Pomegranate and Suede are my favorite shades! They are all beautiful worn with a light hand or can be built up to drag queen opacity!! They look flawless and last all day and night too! I haven't thought of doing any end of year round up products post but I think I should do one about blogs I found this year! If I do you'll definitely be on that list! ^^


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