Best Of 2014 ♡ PRIMERS

I have tried quite a few primers this year, ranging from drug-store to high-end and most raved about to some underrated products. This was a kind of hard decision to nominate my favourite primers of the year, there were too many to choose from; but I have settled with these two, below.

I have combination to oily skin and even some of the most raved about primers couldn't keep my foundation in place, so when I tried the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, I had my doubt! I first bought a 10ml to try because of the rave reviews on Mecca Cosmetica.

After four months of using this primer, I was very impressed! Only a little is needed for each use, a little 10ml size could last up to four month even when used almost every day. The texture is kind of liquid-y, the primer goes on smoothly and my foundation would last A LONG TIME!

I end up really enjoying this primer, I went and purchased a full size!

Hourglass is an expensive brand and if you're new to the brand, you may have wondered if it's worth it?! You don't want to be like, buy something expensive then realize it's not something you wanted right? I thought about the same thing when I first tried out Hourglass Cosmetics, but I decided to take my first step with this company and I end up really really loving it!

So from my experiences, I highly recommend Hourglass Cosmetics to those with combination and oily skin people! I find most of their products really works amazingly with oily skin!

I actually bought the Tea Tree Pore Minimisier as an emergency primer, I have just ran out of my Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and Mecca Cosmetica was out of stock so I went to Farmers and it just caught my eyes. I hardly hear anyone talks about this product and I wasn't sure if it will work for my oily skin, I end up buying one anyway because I have been loving The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash.

I thought since the Tea Tree facial wash is amazing, the primer must be as well? & I was right! I love that the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser made a huge different to my large pore on the nose area, when first applied it feels very refreshing like mint and the primer made my foundation applies smoothly and the duration is also another amazing one!

Please leave a comment of your favourite / most used Primers this year! I would love to know what you guys have been loving! Maybe I could try out some of your suggested products too.


  1. AHHH! Kay! Now I need to go and buy that tea tree one! I used to use and love their tea tree toner, it's super strong but totally does magic when you use it! I didn't know they had a primer! I totally need to go and get it! Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. It's super cool you're doing these best of videos. I love it.
    I totally trust your opinion.
    love your blog :) x


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