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While I was jotting down my Best of 2014 Lips Products list, I kind of panic and asked myself "did I not use any MAC lipsticks this year?" LOL! Of course I did! But I wasn't crazy about them like I used to be. MAC lippies are my ALL TIME favourite lip products and the reason why I haven't given them enough love this year is because there are way too many new brands and products to try out and I have been loving all other brands lately.

I could NEVER neglect MAC lippies, I have a collection of their lipsticks plus some others that could last me my entire life! **not bragging here** Not trying to brag about how much money I spent on each lipstick, all I am trying to say is, only a few of my absolute favourite lips products made into my Best of 2014 list, they must be so DAMN GOOD! & They definitely deserve a mention!

This year I have been loving...

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick is described as "a luxury lipstick that delivers intense color payoff plus creamy shine". The Revolution Lipstick reminds me of an expensive version of the Revlon Lip Butter, it is such a rich, creamy and buttery lipstick that is also highly pigmented at the same time!

There are 20 shades available in this range and I remember it was so hard to pick one color that I think it will look good on me as well as something that I like and it's wearable. I end up picking Native, it's a pretty pale pink color. Native doesn't make me look wash-out, it looks good on my NC25 skin tone and it gives me that natural glowy shiness.

Compare to the Revlon Lip Butter, the UD Revolution Lipstick is much more pigmented even for such pale shades like Native; the texture is creamy but it doesn't slides around during wear and the lipstick wore well for five hours on me.

I have a confession to make: I bought this lip gloss purely on the lip gloss name! LOL!

This was an impulsive buy that turns into a lately favourite of mine! I love wearing this over Urban Decay Native Revolution Lipstick and I sometimes wear it alone. When wearing it over Native, it does becomes a bit streaky cause the Revolution Lipstick is very creamy; so ever since I noticed that I have been wearing it alone and it still look as pretty.

Urban Decay Naked Lip Gloss is described as "a luxurious lip gloss and a rich balm in one". The formula is very creamy and moisturizing during wear, it isn't sticky and it wore well for 2 hours on me. There are 9 shades available from this range and it wasn't hard to choose the right color for me haha, I wanted Liar purely because of the PLL, lol I guess you can say I am a bit obsessed even thou this has nothing to do with the Pretty Little Liars! Not only am I in-love with the name of the lip gloss, I also really like the color; Liar is described as a "soft mauve-pink".

MAC Coral Bliss is one of my favourites during mid-year, it was when I was a bit crazy about the whole coral-y orange-y shades. During that time I also purchased Sushi Kiss, Sweet & Sour and Razzledazzler; but Coral Bliss has won my heart. ♥

Coral Bliss is described as a "frosted light coral" with a cremesheen finish. The lipstick pigmentation is buildable and it has that summer vibe.

MAC bought back three retro lipsticks chosen by their Facebook fans for a limited time sometimes this year and MAC Hoop was one of the three. I didn't know anything about this whole voted by fans thing until all the lipsticks were sold out *cries*; I remember searching EVERYWHERE for MAC Hoop as it was the only shade that appeal to me the most, I didn't want to pay double the price for a lipstick, you guys know how crazy some people would do for $$? **sad** I was searching to the point where I almost gave up, THEN... My favourite seller on TradeMe listed a Hoop lipstick & lip glass; and I got both. ^^

MAC Hoop is described as a "mid-tone rosy pink" with a matte finish. The formula is not drying, nor moisturizing during wear; it didn't drag my lips during application, it actually applies smoothly even on days that I forgot to exfoliate.

The color is beautiful, it's a rosy, almost hot-pink color that is not over the top and it is suitable for every-day-wear.

MAC Sweet Grenadine is one of the first Sheen Supreme Lipsticks I own and I love the high pigment color and the formula so much that I started to crazy on the Sheen Supreme range, by right I have collected a few.

MAC Sweet Grenadine Lipstick is described as a "bright orange", this is not as bright in person, it's more like a tone down orange coral-y that is suitable for every day wear even in an office environment. The formula is creamy and it has a lot of glossiness.

MAC Woodrose Lipstick was my least favourite when I first purchased it, first of all, A Lustre finish is my least favourite formula and second, this lipstick is WAY too sheer for my liking. Then after awhile convincing myself this is not just a pretty name, I actually end up enjoying this every time I wear it.

MAC Woodrose is described as a "light pink beige" with a Lustre finish, it's pigmentation isn't as satisfying for me, but I love that it's moisturizing during wear, it's consistency is creamy and it applies smoothly.

I love my bright colors, but that doesn't mean I always go for bright colors; like I love the brights, but at the same I am uncomfortable wearing bright shades to work. A lot of the times I feel like it is either not appropriate for the office or it's not in my personality.

Anyway, my point is, I have only worn this Carousel lipstick for a few times since I purchased it sometimes this year and it probably should not be in my best of 2014 list, but I decided it deserves a mention cause it is the first ever lip products from a New Zealand brand that I feel like it has outdone itself!

That's What She Said! is one of the six lipsticks shade available from the brand, from the tube, it looks like a pretty girly Barbie pink shade; but once applied on the lips, it appears more of a dark fuschia shade. Not only is the color really appealing, the pigmentation is like... SO FREAKING PIGMENTED!!! The longevity is also SUPER AMAZING!!! **not shouting here* It's really just... *speechless*, you have to experience it yourself to know what I am talking about. ;)

I have been a Chi Chi fan since my teenage years, it is one of the drugstore brands that is easy to purchase from our local mall. Thinking back, I have used Chi Chi for more than 10 years now and my love for the brand is still going strong! Chi Chi Cosmetics always has cute and adorable packaging, their products are also very good quality, they gives you that high-end feel for a drug-store price.

Actually, I am not sure if I should class this as a drug-store? Compare to YSL, Chanel and all that expensive brand, Chi Chi is definitely cheap in price, but compare to Maybelline and Revlon, it's about the same price.

I have been living under a rock, most of the time this year, so I am really slow on catching new products etc... I have only just started trying out the Viva La Diva range and so far I am loving their formula!

My favourite and most used shade of Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick is Game On, it is a soft rosy pink with a matte finish. The matte texture is soft and creamy, and it glides on my lips smoothly, application was easy, it didn't pull or tug. The lipstick has a fresh floral scent and it wore well for six hours on me before it fades into a stain.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick is described as "an innovative lipstick that coat with bold color, 10 hour wear and luxe comfort". I have been loving this lipstick during the whole Kylie Jenner big lips craze. I wore Lovecraft almost every single day, even thou the formula is very drying, I still love it so much. There's just something the KVD makeup range.

Lovecraft is a cult favourite, and it is described as a mauve pink nude with a matte finish. The formula is very VERY drying, even on days that I have smear a whole pot of Carmex lip balm on my lips; the lipstick wore well for a hours and hours and during wear it feels drying, not moisturizing but it doesn't make my lips looks chapped and ugly.

I purchased the Chanel Le Brilliant Glossimer Duo back in June this year when it was available on Nordstrom, in it came with two Chanel Glossimer, a lip pencil and a makeup purse. So glad I got the set as I have never tried the Chanel Glossimer before. Experiencing with new products is such a nice feeling!

After months of using the Chanel Glossimer in Wild Rose, I am glad to say it has become one of my top favourite lip gloss! Wild Rose is a beautiful medium mauve rosey shade, when swatched on my hand it looks super pigmented but once it goes on my lips, it looks kind of sheer. I love that the color is build-able and the formula isn't sticky. It feels like once the gloss is on, it just clings onto your lips, very secure and it doesn't go anywhere like smear around my lips etc...

I love that there's tiny shimmery sparkles in Wild Rose, the sparkles doesn't look as obvious in person, but when look closely, you can see it's shimmery and pretty. I am seriously impressed with the long-wearing time for the Glossimer, I don't expect much from a lip gloss as I know they all tend to disappear within an hour wearing time, but Wild Rose wore well for 4 hours on me.

Those that follows me on my social medias, I have constantly talked about how much I dislike using a beauty product that is made in China blah blah blah... It's true and I probably will never change my thought on this until someone can convince me they are safe.

Stupid as it is I have been using the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream for a LONG LONG TIME to find out they are made in China =.= OHMYGOSH IT DIDN'T EVEN SAY it's made in China, or may be it did but it's in another language... *sigh* I'm so heartbroken because I love the soft matte lip cream range and I don't know what to do?! Grrr....

Maybe I am making a HUGE deal out of this, but I love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, don't think I can ever give them up. Milan is so far my favourite and most worn, it's mauvey rosey shade. LOL see the pattern here?! Everything is a mauve-rose shade this year! The formula is creamy and soft, it applies smoothly and evenly, dries matte and the staying power is good.

I have been loving all Canmake products this year, the Candy Wrap Lip lip gloss is one of my top favourite! This lip gloss is super moisturizing during wear, it applies smoothly and it isn't sticky. I get at least 3 hours wear from this, it looks natural and it gives a lot of glossiness.

Too Faced Liquid Lipstick is described as a lipstick that has "a shine of a gloss, lasting power of a stain, pigment-packed color, bold, long-wearing color". I have the shade Melted Peony, it's a dusty rose shade, I get so many compliment when I wear it, people just love the color!

I love that the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick is very long lasting, it applies nicely and evenly with the spongey tip, the color is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. The only negative thing I would say about this is that when I have chapped lips, the liquid lipstick would go on looking very flaky and uneven.

Hourglass Liquid Lipstick is described as "a richly pigmented, silky smooth, matte lip color that delivers 14 hours of continuous wear without smudging or drying". I have had plenty of great experience with Canvas, it's a pretty soft rose beige shade. I am not gonna lie, just like any matte liquid lipsticks, the Hourglass one is as drying as the others you see on the market, it's better than KVD liquid lipstick, man that formula is crazy drying; Hourglass has better formula especially when you have apply lip balms before hand. The liquid lipstick goes on smoothly and the short applicator wand is easy to work around with. The liquid lipstick is very pigmented and it wore well for approximately 5 hours on me. Maybe the darker shade could last longer as it claims for 14 hours wear.

How many tubes of lip balms does a girl need at once? I would say plenty, as much as possible! I tend to keep them in my handbag and the next time I look for the same lip balm, I couldn't find it anywhere. So I had to buy a new one, I often end up with a bunch of lip balms and lip care products that are only used once or twice. >.< Such bad habit heheh but I know I am not the only one!

This year in the lip care range, I have been loving the LUSH Lip Scrub in Mint Julips, I have also tried the Santa one that is only available during the Christmas period, but it's nothing compare to Mint Julips. I love that LUSH Lip Scrubs offers the hard scrub without damaging your lips, Mint Julips taste sweet just like sugar and it smells minty which is very refreshing. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub is not bad as well, it's a bit more gentle compare to the LUSH Lip Scrub, it's almost like a lip balm with little bit a scrub in it for gentle exfoliate.

As for lip balms, I have been loving a few. Firstly, the PIXI Sheer Butter Lip Balm is very moisturizing; secondly, the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm smells so fresh and minty! I received it from the last GoodieBox I got and at the time I was like... ajsd;faksldj; WTF I spent $20 on a box and got a lip balm hahahha I end up really liking it cause of the lip balm scent. ^^ Then, lastly, Hurraw Lip Balms! Not only are they moisturizing, they come in plenty of different flavors, smells so great and the moisture is long lasting!

So, tell me! What lips products have you all been loving?


  1. many yummy lip products!! I on the other hand have NO MAC lip products at all! Have never owned anything and still haven't own any yet! Unbelievable ain't it? If I could pick from your stash I'd love to own that UD lipppie, the carousal cosmetics lippie, the KVD lippie and that Chanel gloss!! I totally will be buying myself a UD and Chanel lippie this coming year. I must pamper myself and stop buying so many smaller purchases! I've been loving this lipbalm I've ordered now twice from's by an aussie brand called "Glamouflage" and is mad of oils and not waxes. For lips I've been wearing only a few products the whole year, mostly lip butters from revlon, lots of crayons and a few lipsticks mostly from maybelline! Nothing too interesting!

  2. My absolute #1 is probably Revlon Moisture Stain, I'd still love to try the Too Faced Melted Lips!


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