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Some of these eye shadows mentioned in this post I have only purchased them recently, and I feel that they deserve a mention in my Best of 2014 series because their qualities are amazing! I don't wear eye shadows on a daily basis and/or weekly basis, it's only when I decided to practice my makeup skill or when I create MOTD for Instagram and other social medias, these are probably the only time I take out my eye shadows palettes for a show-off.

Below are a few products that I have been loving and they definitely deserves a shout-out. Even thou I don't wear eye shadows that often, I do own quite a few individual eye shadows and eye shadows palettes including NARS and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (just got that recently). It wasn't hard to choose my eye shadows favourites in a situation where I can choose more than one, but I think it would be so difficult if I had to choose just one!

Anyway, curious to know which eye shadow palettes and/or individuals I have been loving this year?...

Limit and Nooner are the only shades I use from this palette, not that the other shades aren't good, cause they are! The whole palette is beautiful inside out and the pigmentation and the quality is amazing!

I have previously tried the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else did, and when Urban Decay announced the release of the Naked3 palette, I was super excited! This palette comes with a range of colors from shimmery pinky shades to deep dark black with red micro-glitter. The texture of the eye shadows are soft and velvety, they blend easy and nicely; and the staying power amazeball!

The only negative thing I have to say about this palette is the packaging, I love the rose-gold color and the wavy texture, but the case is not sturdy enough. When I first received this palette, one of the eye shadow pan has already fell out, so if you aren't careful enough and you drop the palette, the eye shadow pans would easily come off, you'd be lucky if the eye shadows don't shatter all over.

I've only had this palette for two months and each time I use this palette, it just left me with a great impression! This is my first time trying out a Smashbox product and I love that their product quality is amazing! The eye shadows are very pigmented, even the four shimmery ones; the texture is velvety which makes application easy! Each eye shadow applies smoothly without being powdery.

As much as I adore these eye shadows, I am not a fan of the packaging! I get that it's a travel size, so it's suppose to be as thin and small as possible; but the palette falls apart when I accidentally dropped it, I wasn't expecting that cause I dropped it on the carpet! The case is very VERY thin, small and handy, it's as big as my palm and it just feels very cheap.

This is a Limited Edition eye shadow quad from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection, I have been wanting to write a full review on this, but every single time better things has came up so till now I still haven't done any reviews or first impression on this eye shadow quad.

I chose this as one of my 2014 favourites because it's one of those products that I could go months without using it, then one day I decided to create a look with this eye shadow quad and I just fell in love all over again! The eye shadows doesn't have individual names, but the quad itself is called "Her Cocoa". These four eye shadows comes in different finish, each texture feels different and overall they are all great qualities!

My favourite shade from this palette is definitely "Her Cocoa #1", it is described as a "bright bronzed gold with a Lustre finish".

Le Metier de Beaute 'True Color' Eye Shadow is described as a "weightless, true-to-color pigmented eye shadow that is adjustable in coverage and transparency". There are 31 shades available from the LMDB True Color Eye Shadow line with different formulas ranging from matte, satin and shimmers.

People always says first impression is important and it is VERY important! I came across some little problems when I did my first Le Metier De Beaute order through BeautyBay and it wasn't even LMDB's fault, but the company did all they could to turn a customer's frown upside down and that is very impressive. Not that I am a difficult person to sort out! Haha!

LMDB's customer service is top notch, so are their products! Totally good quality highly pigmented eye shadows! I have the shade Peachy Keen, it is described as a pale peach with a matte finish. I use Peachy Keen as an eye shadow base, the texture is creamy and soft, it's matte but it's not chalky.

So... Tell me, what eye shadow palettes have you been loving this year?


  1. Love the Naked Eyeshadows

  2. AHHH! Great great shadows!!! I totally am craving the Naked 2 and 3 palette! I'm actually considering getting the dupe from Coastal Scents but I would love one of the Naked palettes! Out of the ones you're showing I love the travel full exposure set the best, it's gorgeous and perfect to bring anywhere! Great post kay!


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