MAC ♥ Rose Lily Lipstick Review + Swatches

Today I want to share with you this beautiful pink lipstick with a gorgeous name, her name is MAC Rose Lily. ♥ Lovely name isn't it?

MAC Rose Lily Lipstick is from the MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection that was launched in January / February 2014. I was just cleaning my vanity draws a few months ago, I came across Rose Lily and I thought "I have never seen you before?!"; but of course I did! I purchased MAC Rose Lily a year ago, and I just haven't given it enough attention. 

So during the past few months I try to give MAC Rose Lily as much attention as I could, I always put her first in line and I feel that it's time to finally review this beauty.

MAC Lipstick
MAC Rose Lily Lipstick (MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection)
MAC Rose Lily Lipstick (MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection)
MAC Rose Lily Lipstick (MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection)

MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection was launched in 2014 with six Limited Edition lipstick and a whole bunch of other products. I only had my eyes on Rose Lily because of its gorgeous name and the pastel pink really had me drool all over, so MAC Rose Lily Lipstick is the only product I own from this collection.

MAC Rose Lily Lipstick is a cool-toned, bright, pastel pink with a Lustre finish, it has a semi-sheer coverage and some kind of shine that applies streaky and uneven, I feel like I have to swipe it around many many times to get an opaque coverage. The texture of Rose Lily feels like a gel lipstick, it glides on the lips very smoothly, it does not slides around the lips, nor bleeds outside the lip line.

Rose Lily is such a stunning shade for the summer season, it is currently summer in New Zealand, I have been wearing it quite frequently and I love wearing on days that I am not wearing a lot of makeup and all there is on my face is BB cream; Rose Lily looks very girly and natural on those no makeup makeup days.

There is just one thing I am a bit disappointed about MAC Rose Lily Lipstick, and that is it only wore for two hours on me; actually, not sure if I should be disappointed as I was expecting it to not last for long as it is very sheer. I don't mind the constant re-applying the lipstick throughout the day, but when it is a busy day at work, the lipstick has faded into the lip line and it is not looking good, I get a bit frustrated. Haha!

MAC Rose Lily Lipstick Lip Swatch (MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection)
MAC Rose Lily Lipstick Lip Swatch (MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection)
MAC Rose Lily Lipstick (MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection)

Selfie taken in last winter, that's why I was photographed in Kathmandu heheh. ~

I ♥ Rose Lily because...
image beautiful name
image gorgeous summery girly color
image glides on the lips smoothly
image not drying nor moisturizing

I dislike Rose Lily because...
image limited edition but normal packaging
image too sheer, applies uneven and streaky
image fades into the lip lines within two hours

I feel sad to have to admit that I am not a fan of MAC Rose Lily. image

It is such a beautiful lipstick inside out, but it's not for me. I wish the color doesn't look as bright and pale on me and I wish it is more opaque and stays on for longer.

Do you own anything from the MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection?


  1. The color in theory sounds great, but I could never wear this kind of pink because of my skin tone. Pinks (especially cool toned pinks) are too odd on me. The color does look nice on you, but lustre finishes can be sooo finicky because some of them are too streaky :(

    Hao | haodoyoungo

    1. Thanks Hao x yes I have come to realize that lustre finishes are that great :/

  2. I didn't think this shade would look as good as it does on you, it really suits you wonderfully!

  3. The color seriously works well on you! You totally gotta have nice white teeth for shades like this to look great! I'm jealous you can pull it off so well! I don't do well with pale pinks and I usually stay away from frosty finishes although I do like glitter and shimmer in my lipglosses! Glad it works but it's too bad it fades patchy and is quite sheer!

    1. Heheh thanks Sharlynn! Maybe it's the lighting ~


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