My RED Lipsticks Collection ♥

Happy Chinese New Year Beauties. 

Last night I came up with this idea of celebrating Chinese New Year with something beauty related on my blog, I thought it would be awesome to show you all a full collection of my red lipsticks. 

Red in Chinese culture symbolize good fortune, good luck and joy; and it is found everywhere during Chinese New Year and other important dates like couples getting married etc, nowadays you hardly see anyone wearing a red dress for weddings, but the color red is still kept around somewhere during the event. 

Even though my family is not very traditional, you won't see lantern hang everywhere in our house, nor will you receive a red envelope from us (how many red envelopes did you get this year?); we do still celebrate Chinese New Year. We had a fancy home-cook dinner last night and chat online with all of our family in China.

Anyway, I came up with my red lipsticks collection idea at the last minute and I didn't get a chance to swatch these lipsticks in a natural lighting. All the pictures in this post is taken indoor with flash on, some of these lipsticks I have already done an in-depth or first impression post on, which I will attach the link if you are interested to have a read.

My Red Lipsticks Collection

I was expecting a mountain high of products to swatch through, but I was surprised to see that I only own a few red. I guess when I buy lip products, I always lean toward the nudes and the pinks.

My Red Lipsticks Collection // The High-End Red

The High-End Red image

♥ MAC x Rocky Horror Oblivion Lipstick: Oblivion is described as a vivid blueish red and it is my absolute favourite from all the MAC Rocky Horror lipsticks. I do still have the other three lipsticks from this collection, but I just didn't think that they fit into the red category as they either appear as too much plum or too orange. (click here for my MAC Rocky Horror first impression post).

♥ Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Candy Apple: Candy Apple is described as a deep ruby red with glitter. I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but I love the color, it reminds me of the Christmas season.

♥ MAC x Proenza Schouler Mangrove Lipstick: Mangrove is described as an orangey-red, I always compare this to MAC Ruby Woo as both are a matte finish with a huge difference in formula and application. Mangrove is such a beautiful red, it applies so smoothly with no tugging nor dragging, the formula is very impressive for a matte finish, it is also non drying during wear. (click here for my MAC Mangrove Lipstick review).

♥ MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick: Ruby Woo is described as a very matte vivid blue-red, it drags and pulls during application, very very drying, must exfoliate and care for lips before wearing Ruby Woo. Even though the formula is not the best, it is still name as the best red lipstick in many well-known magazines! I have had Ruby Woo since I started wearing lipsticks and since I am not a regular red lips girl, I have only worn it a couple of times. I personally adore the gorgeous glamorous color, just not so much of its formula.

My Red Lipsticks Collection // The High-End Red
My Red Lipsticks Collection // The Drugstore Red

The Drugstore Red image

♥ Australis Velourlips NY-CEE Matte Lip Cream: NY-CEE is described as a vibrant glamour red, I love the color, it's a true red. Velourlips' texture is like a mousse, it glides on the lips smoothly, but if apply too much it clogs up and turn your lips into a very thick clay-like layer. Due to NY-CEE being a bright red, application was a bit messy. (click here for my Australis Velourlips swatch post).

♥ Etude House Princess Etoinette Lipstick PRD302: I adore the Princess Etoinette theme, the packaging is beautiful and the product itself is very high quality, for such an affordable price. Someone did mentioned to me that the E logo is upside down, *shock* I didn't even noticed! PRD302 is a gorgeous rosy red with gold sparkles, the lipstick is highly pigmented, it has a creamy and slick texture that makes application easy. (click here for my Etude House Princess Etoinette Lipstick review).

♥ Etude House Minnie Mouse Kissing Lips Minnie Red Lipstick: Minnie Red is one of the two lipstick that was released in the Etude House x Disney Minnie Mouse collection back in 2013. I am a huge fan of the packaging, it looks simple, yet kawaii at the same time! (click here for my Etude House Kissing Lips first impression post).

♥ Maybelline Color Sensational Pop of Cherry: I got this lipstick from one of those Big Bucket Deal makeup sales in Auckland, it was sooo cheap, so I bought it anyway, I didn't care that I will never get a good use of this hahah. (click here for my March '14 Big Bucket Deal makeup haul).

♥ Maybelline Color Whisper Who Wore It Red-er: I am not a fan of the lighter shades from the Color Whisper range, the lighter the color is, the sheerer it shows on the skin, pretty much like a lip balm and it's kind of pointless and wastey to spend $15 on a lip balm that hardly moisture. Who Wore It Red-er is a lot more pigmented, the formula is smooth and hydrating and it last up to hours, also smells amazing. The color is like a berry-red shade, I love this.

My Red Lipsticks Collection // The Drugstore Red
My Red Lipsticks Collection // The Memebox Red

The Memebox Red image
Memebox loves sending me red lipsticks.

♥ I Myss 3D Cinema Transform Lipstick Sexy Red: I Myss Lipstick is suppose to be a transformation mood changing lipstick kind of thing, they come in blue, green, yellow and purple; sadly I received the most boring one, it's no magic here! Sexy Red is just a sheer red tint, it has a gorgeous strawberry scent though, I love it! (click here for my Memebox #58 Lipstick box unboxing).

♥ Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick Edge Red: This lipstick is described as a lip product that is so loved among Korean celebrities, but why have I never heard of it? Edge Red looks like a true red in the tube and once it is worn on the lips, it shows up with a hint of rosiness. (click here for my Memebox #58 Lipstick box unboxing).

♥ TonlyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar Juicy Cherry: There are many color choices to choose from in the Petite Bunny gloss bar range, I have already tried the strawberry, grape and peach before trying the juicy cherry and I love the fruity scent it comes with each gloss bar. (click here for my Memebox TonyMoly box unboxing).

♥ Cheek Room Color #3 Lipstick: I have come to a conclusion that Memebox either loves sending me red lipsticks or they love sending me Cheek Room products! I love this lipstick, but I wish I got a more wearable nude or pink color, the formula is creamy and it applies with a plump look.

♥ EGLips Real Color Lip Lacquer #PK03: This one I just received from my Memebox, I have never tried this brand nor heard anything about it; so no comment at the moment. I will be writing an unboxing of the two Memebox that I have received recently.

My Red Lipsticks Collection // The Memebox Red

Overall, I think I own a nice and small collection of red lipsticks, don't you think?!

Please show me your collection! image


  1. Wow you have a whole section for Meme box reds! :D. Happy new year Kay, may this year be awesome for you ^^. I hardly own any red lipsticks because I don't think they suit me that well. My favorite shade on me is "wine with everything" by Revlon.

  2. Ruby Woo is such a lovely colour, so it's a same that the formula isn't very good. I recall being very disappointed after my first time wearing it. This was such a lovely idea for a post! It was great seeing a bunch of reviews for a variety of red lipsticks!! :)

  3. OHMYGOODNESS lipstick galore!!! I recently purchased ruby woo!!! *gasp* after seeing it on soooo many ppl but i guess you really need the patience for it huh! But oblivion looks really close... and the minnie mouse red omg!!! such an intense color!!!! Loving your collection, looking forward to more!

    xoxo, Kerina Mango ❤

    Blog | Youtube

  4. The Mac lipsticks are so pigmented :o I've always been reluctant to purchase lipsticks for more than $15 because I always misplace them.

    The Etude House lipsticks look just as great though, especially the Minnie Mouse one.

    Great post!

  5. The red shades are all pretty :) Mac Ruby Woo is such a perfect shade of red and a must have!


  6. I had a blog post ready with my reds, and then I noticed last minute that I was actually missing 3-4 of my red lipsticks. I decided to just redo it at a later date hahaha mostly because I'm planning on buying 2 more reds soon though....

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  7. AHHHH! So many cute and different products! This is what I like seeing in others collections, one with lots of variation and not just every shade from each brand! Hope you had a good CNY (assuming you celebrate), I've been eating waaaay too much! Time to diet and work out! I would love to own that lime crime gloss, the etude house lipstick and the tony moly color bar!


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