Matakana Winery Flowers Shots ✿

I visited the Matakana Winery today, took a million of flowers shots and I would love to share with you these beautiful pictures! I have recently created a flora board on Pinterest and I have been so inspired by all these stunning photographs people who shares the same interest as me has been pinning. Nowadays when I see a place fill with all types and colors of flowers, I just kinda go out of control and snap, snap, snap! Hehehe...

Hope you beauties enjoys these beautiful photos. ~ If you are not a flowers fan, don't worry ;) back to beauty on Monday!

Last but not least, I saw this chandelier as I was leaving, my first reaction was WOWWW how did I not see this beautiful thang???? Lol, not exaggerating! It's even more gorgeous in person! It looks kind of mysteries, don't you think?


  1. these are beautiful! i love the flower details and colours.

  2. Oh gosh, all those flowers!!! I freaking love seeing flowers, especially since there aren't that many 'pretty' types here in hot and humid singapore and the ones that aren't meant to grow in the tropics don't last very long. I think back to being on holiday in switzerland and seeing a garden of multicolored roses! They ARE so stunning! I wish I could've been there!

    1. If you ever come visit, I will take you there :p There's also another big botanic garden in my city, actually, everywhere you go in nz is a big flower garden!


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