Beauty Empties #10 ♡ ft. MAC, Clinique, LUSH, Garnier Micellar Water etc...

Today I am sharing with you a bunch of makeup and skincare products I have emptied during the past three months. I have been encouraging myself to use up the already opened products before I buy more and this plan has been working very well. With the exception of Limited Edition items, I haven't been buying too much makeup and random stuff like I used to and it's very impressive.

 MA CHERIE AIR FEEL SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - you could have guessed that I bought the shampoo & conditioner duo because the packaging is really cute... It's true, these are a travel sized duo and they are so adorable! Also they smells like fresh floral and the 'Air Feel' type helps to volumized my hair. I love it, but will I buy again?! Probably not, unless if they go on sale, otherwise it's a very expensive brand for shampoo & conditioner.

 DAVINES LOVE SMOOTHING SHAMPOO - A deluxe sample of this shampoo was included in my May's Birchbox and this shampoo is formulated to tame frizz-out and tangle-prone hair. The first time I used this shampoo, I woke up with my hair all tangled up the next morning and during a next few uses of this shampoo, I was convinced that this is the worst shampoo I have ever tried. THEN, after a few more uses I fell in love and I wish that it would never run out because it is literally the best shampoo I have ever used; ummm HELLO?! I can never make up my mind! Okay, so I complaint about the over-powering flora scent at first, but then I got used to it and I end up really liking it, it smelt like lollies grapes and I really like that it leaves my hair silky smooth after wash (not sure what I did the first time when I had my hair all tangled up?!).

 DR. BRANDT POREDERMABRASION - This is an exfoliator that reduces the look of enlarged pores and helps to keep smooth ultra smooth. I love the sand-like texture and I like the feeling of when massaging on my face, but I don't see a big difference it made on my skin, probably because I have only used it for a few times. The sample tube I have received in my July's Birchbox only allows me to use about six to seven times.

 W3LL PEOPLE BIO CORRECT MULTI ACTION CONCEALER - This concealer is SO amazing and I am already considering to buy a full sized one, because it's THAT GOOD! I have received a sample to try from my May's Birchbox and I love that it blends like a dream, it covers under eye circle and blemishes and it feels very lightweight.

 MAC PRO EYE MAKEUP REMOVER & MAC CLEANSE OFF OIL - I have received both products as samples when I buy products from the MAC website, they are super tiny and each last approximately five uses. The makeup remover is described as a non-oily cleanser that needs no rinse and removes makeup without irritation. It does remove makeup easily, but it doesn't remove mascaras well. The cleanse off oil is described as an oil-based makeup remover that is gentle on the skin. I haven't used it on the skin yet, but I have used it on the wall when I accidentally splat cream bronzers on the wall... and I panic... and MAC Cleanse Off Oil came to the rescue! The cleanse off oil removed the stained wall in a few second, it was amazing!

 CLINIQUE LIQUID FACIAL SOAP - This is a non-drying liquid soap that cleanse gently and thoroughly and it has become a stable skincare product in my bathroom! I use it day and night and I love that it made my skin feel very soft and clean after use. I have since purchased another one and I was surprised to find that they are actually very affordable in New Zealand!

 GARNIER MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER - This is another one of those products that I was convinced it is the worst products I have ever used, and after a couple more try, I end up really liking the product and have been re-purchasing it. The first time I tried the Garnier Micellar Water, I have ended up using the bottle as a makeup sponge cleanser as I just could not stand the idea of wiping my makeup off without washing my face with face wash. I still can't get pass this idea, but I do wipe off my makeup first with the micellar water then wash my face again with face wash. I am actually quite surprised with the amount of makeup the cotton pads wipes off when using this.

 LUSH SANTA'S LIP SCRUB - It took me almost two years to use up the Lush Santa's Lip Scrub and I am honestly SO THANKFUL to have FINALLY finish this lip scrub. I was literally getting sick of it as I bought it not knowing it smell so weird. I bought this lip scrub in 2014 because I get attracted to Limited Edition easily and the Lush Santa's Lip Scrub was only available during Christmas. The Santa's Lip Scrub was all gooey and watery towards the end and I just could not wait to get rid of it.

I finally used up the Santa's Lip Scrub and bought myself a new Mint Julips which I absolutely love!

 ETUDE HOUSE DRAWING EYE BROW - This is one of my favourite brow pencil and I have re-purchased this a couple of times already. I love that it is so easy and quick to fill my brows with this and I like that it stays put all day without smudging or fading.

 COLOURPOP BROW PENCIL - I have been using Bangin' Brunette and I like that the colour matches my black brown hair. The Colourpop brow pencil is pigmented and it has a smooth texture that glides on easily. A down side for me is that the tip is not slanted and it's harder for me to make the brows looks perfect.

 DIAMOND LASH LADY GLAMOROUS SERIES - This is Glamorous Eyes from the Lady Glamorous Series and I didn't purposely left one false eyelashes for this beauty empties post hehe... These falsie are so dramatic and I love that they are comfortable to wear and looks so flattering on.

have you tried any of the products mentioned in my beauty empties?
what is your current favourite skincare product?

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  1. I love the Clinique Liquid Face Wash too! I've goo through a couple of bottles before but I actually haven't bought one for years since it's just expensive for me to keep buying when I can find a cheaper alternative.

    Joanne at Urhappybunnie


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