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2016 Beauty Favourites ♡ Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, Guerlain, MAC, Clio, Laneige, Lancome, Urban Decay, Becca Cosmetics, NARS, Etude House, Lipstick Queen, ColourPop, Carmex + More

2016 Beauty Favourites

2016 Beauty Favourites  the most exciting post of the year!

Today I am sharing with you the few makeup items that I have been loving this year, some of these products were mentioned in my last year's favourites post and until now they have remained the beauty products that I can't live without. Also I have included some new products that I bought during the year and find that they actually works amazingly on me.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Guerlain L'Or Pure Radiance Face Primer

Guerlain L'Or Pure Radiance Face Primer is one of those products that I didn't like at first, but I start to fall in love with it after a few uses. I am sure you have guessed it, I bought this primer because the gold flakes look so pretty and luxourious in the bottle, I didn't even think twice about buying this primer, because we all know, this is not the first time I buy a product based on its' packaging.

Upon my first tried of this primer, I find that it did nothing at all and I was kind of regretting it because this primer is soooo expensive! Due to the high price tag, I thought I would give this a few more chance before I make my final decision to either keep or to sell. Who would have guessed that I end up really liking this primer and now it has become a stable product in my makeup collection.

Last time I visited the Guerlain counter in Smith & Caughey's, I asked about the difference between this and the Meteorites Base Perfecting Pearls primer and I was told that this is more suitable for mature skin types while the Meteorites one is more suitable for younger skin. So this explains why the lifting and tightening effect of this primer didn't work for me at all.

I mostly love wearing this primer on its' own as it gives my face that natural glow and when wearing this under foundation and other products, it makes my makeup last a lot longer.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation was mentioned in my last year's beauty favourites and it has remained my absolute favourite and go-to foundation. I love that this foundation is very lightweight and it has a buildable medium to full coverage that last all day.

I have an oily skin type and a lot of foundation tends to wear off within a few hours, or the foundation would separate during the day; but the Fusion Ink Foundation doesn't do any of these. I love that it's good at controlling oil and I love that the foundation looks so natural and flawless on my skin.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Highlighter

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Highlighter was mentioned briefly in my 2015 beauty favourites. This is one of my most re-purchased makeup items and it is literally the best highlighting pen that I have tried.

The YSL Touche Eclat highlighting pen has a sheer formula that is lightweight and buildable, but it doesn't have that high coverage if you are expecting to hide pimples with it. I only use this under my eye area and I love that it instantly brightens up my complexion and makes me looks more awake.

2016 Beauty Favourites: CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer works amazingly to cover acnes, it has a thick texture and opaque finish that will cover imperfection in one layer.

I am not liking this concealer under the eye area though as it feels heavy and it crease throughout the day, but I love to dab this concealer on pimples, then blend with fingers to cover that a little bit of imperfection.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Face Primer

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Face Primer is one of those highly raved about high-end products that it always makes me wondered what the fuss is about. I finally got to try a deluxe sample of this and I cannot explain in words how in love I am with this product.

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite brands of all times, I love that her product quality is so amazing and her products always looks so flawless on my skin. The Wonder Glow can be worn on its' own or mix with foundation or wear under foundation, I love that the primer delivers a gorgeous subtle glowing look without shining too over the top.

2016 Beauty Favourites
2016 Beauty Favourites: Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion

My obsession with the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion started when I bought the one from the Playnomore collaboration, not only is the packaging SOOO CUTE! The actual product is LIFE!

BB Cushion is big in Asian beauty, but I was never really a fan. I have tried a few and I thought they are okay, but they are nothing compared to liquid foundations that I have always loved. My thoughts changed completely when I tried the Pore Control BB Cushion and now I cannot imagine my life without this product!

There is a lot of reasons to love about this BB Cushion, including how lightweight it feels during wear and how smooth and flawless it applies. One thing that I absolutely love about the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion is that no matter how hot the weather is, this stays on! Even on my oily skin, with no touch-up during the day, this literally last 12 hours and more and when I check in the mirror, my face looked as flawless as when I have just applied.

2016 Beauty Favourites: MAC x Chris Chang Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder

My eyes sometimes gets this stinging feel when my face starts to produce too many facial oil and the MAC x Chris Chang Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder helps to reduce the problem. This is a colourless finishing powder with a silky texture that is great at controlling shine.

I have been using this powder to set my under eye concealer and I love that ever since using this, my eyes doesn't get this burning sensation anymore. Also when I touch-up during the day, the powder doesn't make my face look cakey. The only downside is that this powder doesn't come with a brush or a puff, so if I bring this in my handbag for touch-up, I would have to carry a brush which is a hassle.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finishing Powder

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finishing Powder is my most re-purchased makeup product. This powder was mentioned in my 2015 beauty favourites and since then I have already re-purchased two new ones, because its' THAT GOOD!

I love that this powder has a silky smooth texture and it makes my skin looks SOOOO flawless and TOTALLY poreless!

2016 Beauty Favourites: Guerlain Meteorites Illumating Powder Pearls 
Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder Pearls is my all time favourite and it is a must-have makeup product in my collection, it was also mentioned in my 2015 beauty favourites! If you compared this year's photo and last year's, you can obviously seem that been used ALOT! I love using the Meteorites Pearls to set my under-eye concealer as not only it brightens up my under-eye area, it also smooth my skin and makes my face looks like photoshopped flawless!

2016 Beauty Favourites: Lancome Absolue Sublime Radiance Compact

I am the most lazy person when it comes to touching up my makeup during the day, but sometimes it's a must for me to touch-up my makeup especially in a very hot and sweaty day, and I have to meet clients to sign documents in the afternoons, I had to make sure that my face looks fresh, non oily and my makeup is not disappearing or leaving random patches here and there.

So lately it's been a habit of mine to carry around a powder foundation in the handbag incase of makeup emergency, I have been using the Lancome Absolue Sublime Radiance Compact Foundation ** provided for review ** and I am in love with this product! I love that as I pat the foundation on my face it does not turn cakey, it feels lightweight, it controls facial oils, it reduce shine and it gives my face that very smooth look. I also like that it comes with a nice squishy sponge for easy touch-up and it has a cover that you can lift up to use or tap down to protect the powder from getting dusty.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is one of the top favourite products that I cannot live without! This is a bottle of magic and it is the best setting spray I have ever tried.

Someone has recently asked me if I would recommend this setting spray for oily skin type and of course I said I 100% recommended it because I have oily skin and this product holds my makeup in place all day. Also it does not make my skin more oilier during the day, but sometimes it depends on the foundations that I wear, for example, if I use a foundation that is not long-wearing, this setting spray does hold in my makeup, but it's only a few hours, then I would have to touch-up during the day and after applying foundation, I would spray UD All Nighter and my face would refreshed again.

2016 Beauty Favourites
2016 Beauty Favourites: MAC Plum Foolery, MAC Sculpt, MAC Emphasize

I can't remember the last time I was this obsessed with a MAC Powder Blush, Highlighter or Bronzer that I have used it for two months straight and still loving it.

MAC Sculpting Powder is described as a powder that sculpts contours into the face, it is available in five shades and I have "Sculpt" which is described as a soft taupe matte. I like that the powder is smooth and it is pigmented, but buildable. I love that the colour looks natural on my NC25 skin tone and it doesn't show up like dirt or it isn't too warm, it's just perfect. Plus it is long-wearing.

MAC Shaping Powder is described as a powder that emphasises the high planes of the face, it is available in five shades and I have "Emphasize" which is described as a off white with fine pearl. I bought this highlighter based on great reviews and I like the clean and white pearly colour that illuminates the cheekbone with a soft highlight.

MAC Powder Blush in Plum Foolery was love at first sight! I firstly spotted this MAC counter in Smith & Caughey's with no intention to buy on the day, I swatched this blush on the back on my hand and instantly fell in love with the colour. I didn't buy the blush on the day though cause I tried to convince myself that I already have enough blushes, but when I came home I had major regrets. I end up placing an order on MAC heheh! "Plum Foolery" is described as a faintly plum with a sheertone shimmer finish.

2016 Beauty Favourites: NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette

This NARS Nordstrom's Best Cheek Palette is one of my favourite and most used palettes this year, I love everything from its' packaging to its' quality and colour selections.

The two main colours that I have used the most is the Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush, both are cult favourites, and I feel no need to describe further as I feel like everyone own at least one of these products in their collection.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

Another face palette that I have been really enjoying this year is the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. My most used colours are Rose Spritz, Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop.

Rose Spritz is a pinky coral with shimmer that offers a natural glow on the cheek, Champagne Pop is a warm peachy gold that gives an intense glow look and Prosecco Pop is lighter and more gold than peachy. All the colours in the palette are very pigmented and the texture is so smooth and easy to blend. Also the colours looks absolutely gorgeous once applied on skin.

2016 Beauty Favourites2016 Beauty Favourites
2016 Beauty Favourites: Etude House Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes 
I have worn eyeshadows no more than ten times this year and within the ten times of wearing eyeshadows, the Etude House Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes Palette in Strawberry Fondue is my most reached for eyeshadow palette.

I love all the colours from the palette, the pigmentation is great with a buildable opaquecity, the texture is smooth and blends beautifully. There are hardly any fall outs and the eyeshadow was long wearing. My favourite thing about this palette is that the glittery shades actually shows up on skin and I like that the palette is small and handy, and it also comes with a good-sized mirror.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Kylie Cosmetics Kyliner

If I don't wear eyeshadows, naturally I don't wear eyeliners too, or mascaras etc... I am always in the rush in the morning to get ready for work and doing my face makeup, brows and lips already taken me 30 minutes each morning, there's really no time for eye stuff, so I have always skip the eye step, which means that I rarely wear eyeliner and if I do, it's only when I am wearing eyeshadows.

Although I hardly reach for eye products, I still want to mention the Kylie Cosmetics Kyliner Creme Gel Eyeliner in my 2016 Beauty Favourites. I have used this a couple of times and I love that the quality is so good! The gel liner glides on smoothly, it is smudge proof and very long wearing.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Favourite Lip Products

A few of the lip products shown in the photo above were mentioned in my last year's beauty favourites, but a majority of them are new products that I have tried during the year and fell head over heels for.

I have mentioned Kylie Cosmetics on my blog plenty of times this year and my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PRODUCT from the brand is the Koko K Liquid Lipstick! I find that all of Kylie's liquid lipstick dries to a darker colour and when I first tried Koko K, I didn't expect the colour to look so good on me because it looks so pale in the tube, but the colour turns out so pretty, Koko K on me is a my lips but better pale pink. I am crazy about the Kylie liquid lipstick formula, it dries completely matte without drying out my lips, it is comfortable to wear and it is very long wearing.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip is the BEST liquid type of lipstick I have tried from the brand this year and Dopey is my most worn lip colour and my all time favourites, it is a dusty mauve shade that is suitable for any type of seasons. I love that the formula doesn't dry completely matte and it doesn't transfer too much or smear all over when I have food. Dopey has a liquidy texture that glides on the lips smoothly with full opaque coverage and it comes with a standard doe foot applicator that is easy to work around with.

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color was launched this year and since MAC has launched the product, I have already purchased five of them because the formula is the type of liquid lipstick formulas that I like. I honestly didn't think I would like this product because I thought the packaging is so ugly, but upon trying Back In Vogue, I fell totally in love with the colour and the formula. Back In Vogue is described as a peachy nude and it looks like a salmon-ish nude on me. Not the type of nudes that I always go for, but it has surprisingly became my favourite this year.

I have been wearing the Guerlain Gloss d'Enfer Maxi Shine Lip Gloss in shade #901 a lot this year, the original colour of the gloss is clear with gold glitters, but I have been wearing it on top of lip liners so much that the colour of the tube kind of changed to a pink shade throughout the year. My favourite way of wearing this lip gloss is to wear it on top of the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, I love that the formula is very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and also the wearing time is longer than expected for a gloss.

Carmex Original Lip Balm is the lip balm that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! Honestly I have never tried a lip balm that is as moisturising and smells as minty fresh without being too sweet or strong. I have gone through five or six tub of these this year and I have also tried other lip balms that just cannot compete.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Lip Liner was my favourite last year and it is still my favourite as of now! When it comes to lip liners, I dislike those auto ones the most, then those that you need to sharpen but the formula is too creamy that they either feathered terribly as you apply or the ones that breaks too easily. The thing I love about the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats is that it is designed in an actual pencil that you have to sharpen, but the formula is not so creamy that it breaks so easily nor does it feathered or smear upon application and during wear. Although the formula is not creamy, it still glides on smoothly and precisely. Pillow Talk is a mauve nude that goes well with a lot of different brands of lipsticks, the colour is also beautiful on its own and it wears for a long long time.

I have included the MAC x Ellie Goulding Only You Lipstick in this year's favourite beauty products because it is a perfect match when wearing with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk.

Lastly, Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick has become my favourite after my holiday to Europe in October, it was one of the three products that I bought with me during the holiday. I used it almost everyday for a month and my feelings forward this lip product is confusing, I like that the colour changes to a type of pink depending on your pH and skin tone, so sometimes the colour is so sheer that it's almost not visible, but sometimes it shows up as a darker and more vivid pink that is very pretty. I dislike that the formula is not moisturising nor drying, and the colour is not long wearing. I decided to add this into my 2016 favourites because I have been wearing it a lot since I came back from holiday, and I always get compliments when wearing to work.

2016 Beauty Favourites: Favourite Lip Products
2016 Beauty Favourites: Favourite Lip Products

what is your favourite beauty products this year?
have you tried any of the products mentioned in my 2016 beauty favourites?


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  1. YSL Touche Eclat has been a staple in my makeup bag for many years. I love it. I've always wanted to try the Guerlain & CT primer. Glad to know that each are really good. I bought that NARS palette, but haven't tried it yet. Can't wait, because I've heard nothing but great things.


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