Playboy Beauty Review ♥ ♥ Blusher, Lipstick & Lipgloss

Ever since I blogged about my AllCosmeticsWholesale experience, a lot of people have been asking me to do a review on the Playboy beauty products. So instead of blogging an individual review for each product, I have decided to blog about it all in one post.

When I first came across these Playboy beauty on AllCosmeticsWholesale, my first thought was, these packaging are so gorgeous; but I wasn't sure if the quality is good enough for me so I looked up reviews on Google and came across some very positive reviews and I decided to get a blush, a lipstick and a lipgloss.

 Playboy Beauty First Blush in shade #18 Cabana Boy

Beautylish stated the Playboy Beauty First Blush is a sheer blush formula that provides stay-true color and delivers a long wearing result. Advanced technology powder delivers of pure color with a shimmering, light-reflecting finish. Triple milled powders and micro-crushed pigments create an ultra smooth application. I have bought the shade #18 Cabana Boy, which is a gorgeous baby pink color.
♥ Packaging
Playboy beauty first blush comes in a square pink plastic case, I fell in love with this case when I first saw it on ACW. On the cover it's got a very pretty gold bunny and gold frames around the edge of the square. Color combination is gorgeous.

The blush does not comes with a mirror which makes the case feels very light weighted. Inside there is half a circle of the Playboy beauty first blush and another half is a mini blush brush (which is useless), the fact that it's so small and hard to hold etc just very frustrates me. When apply with this blush, I use a normal blush brush instead of the one that came with.
Picture shown below the Playboy beauty first blush is very pigmented. A little goes a long way, if apply too much it will make you look like a clown (which happened to me on my first used). This blush gives a smooth application and it is long lasting.
- Very affordable, cost USD$4.99
- Gorgeous color & packaging
- Gives a smooth application
- Last up to 4 hours

I can not think of any negative things to say about this blush. When I first bought this I had my doubt about the quality as we all know Playboy does not specialist in beauty products. At first I only bought this for the pretty packaging and after using it a couple of time I can not believe the quality! I am in love with this blush and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to try.
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 Playboy Beauty Stiletto Lip Shine in shade #54 Starlet
Beautylish stated Playboy beauty stiletto lip shine is an ultimate lip-stylo with high shine appeal and cushiony, sheer color. The sheer coverage of a gloss with the lasting ability of a lipstick. High impact shine contains the protective broad sunscreen SPF 15. Formula contains aloe, avocado, and jojoba to continuously nourish and hydrate lips. I have the color in Starlet which is a pretty peachy pink-ish color.
And again, packaging is super gorgeous, it is in a small black tube with these pink playboy bunny on it. 
I like it that this lipstick gives a lot of shine and last a long time but overall I don't like it because it stinks my lips so badly every time I apply this. Makes my lips feel very itchy, does not apply smoothly and I have to apply a lot to give the color I want. Oh and one last bad thing about this is whenever I apply this lipstick it always gets on my teeth, other lipsticks like MAC, NYX etc hardly does that do me, so it very annoys me cause sometimes I don't even know I have lipsticks on my teeth >.<
- Affordalbe, cost USD$2.99
- Gorgeous packaging
- Nice fruity scents (could be a con for people who dislikes scented lip products)
- Gives a lot of shine
- Very moisturizing
- Stinks my lips very badly
- Always gets on my teeth 
Not sure if it's just me that it stinks my lips so badly and makes it all itchy etc, but I would not buy it again and I don't recommend this product. I guess I would recommend to those who isn't as sensitive?!
playboy bunny 2playboy bunny 2

 Playboy Beauty Kissing Gloss Lipgloss in shade #52 Not In The Mood
I previously stated in my ACW review that this lipgloss is called the "Kissing Gloss Lipgloss", but I have just searched up on Beautylish for a description of this lipgloss and it says this is called the "Mood Lip Gloss" ~ So.. I am abit confused. Anyways, Beautylish stated the Playboy beauty kissing gloss lipgloss (mood lip gloss) can create your perfect pout with this mood-enhancing lip gloss. Clear, Cushiony lip gloss that reacts with a natural PH of your lips to give you your own perfect shade of pink. Wear alone of over lip stain for added glamour. I have the shade in #52 Not In The Mood, a gorgeous baby pink color.
I will have to give Playboy beauty's packaging a five star, they all comes in either a very pretty, simple tube or case with their signature playboy bunny as the design. On top of the Kissing Gloss Lipgloss cap, it has a Playboy bunny design which makes this super cute looking! 
This lipgloss smells and taste fruity-ish which is something I like very much (I don't like lip products that taste like nothing). The smell does not last long thou but the lipgloss itself does, last up to a few hours. This lipgloss gives the plump looks effect, very gloss, baby pink color, non-sticky.
- Affordable, cost $2.99
- Gorgeous packaging
- Lovely color
- Yummy fruity smell / taste
- Long lasting
- Non-sticky
I don't dislike this lipgloss but I don't love it either, I would not buy this again.
playboy bunny 2playboy bunny 2playboy bunny 2


  1. Everything looks great, especially the blusher :)

    1. Thank you ^-^ I love the blusher the most heheh x

  2. What! i never knew they had a make up line, it looks great!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. :p me neither! their makeup products are surprisingly good~

  3. Never heard of this brand, but the packaging is so cute! You have gorgeous lip shape. Anything will look great on you!


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