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I have been wanting to try Ipsy, Birchbox, Glossybox and all other well-known beauty subscription boxes but sadly these companies only accepts orders within USA. So I was looking for a new beauty box subscription company that is within /or ships to New Zealand when I came across Beauty Review. One of the girls in the forum have asked for a list of beauty subscription boxes that ships to New Zealand and someone have mentioned MemeBox, so of course, I checked it out straight away!

MemeBox is not a monthly beauty boxes subscription. From what I understand from the website, MemeBox is situated in Korea and they put together different boxes series like "MemeBox", "SuperBox" and "LuckyBox" which features samples to deluxe and full sizes of Korean beauty and skincare products, they don't just offer one box per month. They would offer a few different boxes at the same time and once the box is sold out, it's gone forever!

My first time ordering from MemeBox, I bought the Superbox #1 which cost USD$69.99 + tax (USD$5.77). Stated on their website this is their very first Superbox which contains full size makeup and skincare products from Korea, value at over USD$150.00 and for this box they offer free shipping which could take up to 24 business days for delivery.

My first impression when I received the box was, it's such a gorgeous packaging! Pink and simple ~~ On the inside of the box it has some Korean writings which I don't understand =.= and the package comes with a card inside stating (in English) what products are in this box, how to use these products and how much are the retail prices etc.

I have received a total of seven full size products from Superbox #1, including six skincare products and only one makeup product. A bit disappointed as I was hoping for more beauty products than skincare! But I still love this, read more to find out why ;)

Natural Cocoon Peeling Silk Balls - 1 Pack
Natural Cocoon Peeling Silk Balls are made with 100% natural silk and no added chemical ingredients, these will gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin, removing impurities, dead cells and makeup. What it does is it exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and nourish your skin. All you need to do is soak peeling balls in lukewarm water for 3 minutes, place them on fingertips through opening when it is moist and soft and massage skin with fingertips in circular motion.

Natural Cocoon Peeling Silk Balls - 3 Pack for USD$13.00

 I have used these twice and I have noticed it clean and smooth my face; but I probably won't go out and buy them if these runs out, it's not a must-have for me.

Plant Stem Cell Anti-Aging Solution - 30 ml
Dispense a few drops of serum onto skin and pat gently. Ddobyl's Plan Stem Cell Anti-Aging Solution absorbs quickly and easily to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and winkles. This product increases collagen production to fight the appearance of aging and winkles and enhances skin completion.

Ddobyl's Plan Stem Cell Anti-Aging Solution - 30 ml for USD$69.00

 I have been using this everyday since I received it, not that I need to "fight the appearance of aging and winkles" hehe but I do have some dry patches on my face and when using this it smoothed my skin.Very hydrating and my face appears with hardly any dry patches since using this!

Cheekroom's Lip & Cheek - 7 g
Cheekroom's Lip & Cheek is a creamy, non-greasy, easy to apply lip stain and blush. Whether you need to highlight, plump and or add that natural flush of color, this product does it all as it claims on the MemeBox website.

Cheekroom's Lip & Cheek - 7 g for USD$8.00

 I haven't used this yet but I will definitely do a review or first impression once I have tried this :)

Recipe Slowganic Cleanser - Lemon - 100 g
The packaging is so adorable! Slowganic stands for slow, raw and organic. This cleanser is made with organic raw materials, such as lemon extract (this explains the amazingly fresh lemon smell), lime oil and herbs. Wet skin and massage over face and eyes, this cleanser instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

Recipe Slowganic Cleanser - Lemon - 100 g for USD$18.00

 I haven't tried this yet but I love the cute simple packaging and the fresh lemon smell, so I have a feeling this will be my new favourite cleanser. Well let's see ~

Plant Stem Cell Moisturiser Goddess Cream - 50 ml 
SN's T Goddess Cream revitalized the skin's natural hydrating and soothes problem areas including redness, dark spots and acne with its non-greasy formula and all-natural ingredients. Apply to clean, dry face and gently massage with fingertips, this cream will absorb instantly. This cream will effectively clear breakouts, improve skin tone and help protect the skin from impurities.

Plant Stem Cell Moisturiser Goddess Cream - 50 ml for USD$19.00

 I haven't used this yet but I will write up a review once I have had enough time trying this out.

Skin1004 Cocoon Pore Tightening Soap - 100 g
Cocoon Pore Tightening Soap helps to clear and prevent large pores, it gently removes dirt and excess oil. Lather soap with water and massage face, leave it on for 10 seconds then rinse off with lukewarm water. Organic ingredients protect sensitive skin, removes dead skin cells, prevents skin from breaking out and gives strength to skin for smoother and softer skin.

Skin1004 Cocoon Pore Tightening Soap - 100 g for USD$22.00

 I have used this several times and overall I like it. At first it is a bit awkward using a soap on my face and I have to constantly remind everyone in my house, it's a soap for your face or my face not for your hands! LOL! I really enjoy using this soap bar as most soaps leaves my skin very dry, yet this one smooth out my skin and made my face feels like a baby bum!

Tea Tree Mask - 3 Sheets
This is a facial sheet mask for acne-prone skin that soothes the skin troubles and controls excessive sebum with powerful ingredients tea tree oil. It enhance skin complexion and brightens the dark spots. Simply wash your face to remove makeup and any dirts, gently unfold mask and place on your face, adjust the eyes, nose and mouth opening. Relax for 10 - 20 minutes with mask in place then remove the mask from your face and discard. No need to rinse, massage remaining product into your face.

Tea Tree Mask - 1 Sheets for USD$10.00

 I haven't had time to use this yet but I like that MemeBox have included 3 sheets of mask in this box. Usually when companies only offer one sheet of mask for you to try out, you can't say much?!~ So I am really excited to try these and I will let you all know if this is worth the money!

MemeBox have recently changed their shipping policies which they are now only able to ship their boxes and products to USA, Canada and Japan. I have contacted them regarding this matter, I wanted to know if they are still able to ship to other counties besides the ones stated above, for old customers but they have not reply me! Will keep you updated once they have reply my email.

I am overall very impressed with MemeBox and their customer service! The package takes approximately 7 days to get to me, it package so well and nothing came broken. All products are full size just as it stated on the website. Overall I am happy and I highly recommend you all to try out these beauty boxes if you live in either USA, Canada or Japan ~~

UPDATE: MemeBox returned my email last night and this is what they said:

"From 1st of April, we will only ship to the United States, Canada and Japan in order to improve the quality of our service at this moment".

Oh boo-hoo :( I swear the Americans gets E V E R Y T H I N G! Farewell, Memebox ~ Well I am not sad anymore ;) I have some good news! A new beauty subscription company has arrive in New Zealand, it's called Violet Box, I think they're an Australian company. I placed my order for my first beauty box and it's said to arrive by the end of the month! *dance around so excited*.


  1. Ahhh~ This is Box #1. I recently been obsessed with Memebox. I bought their Banila Co. one. I hope I won't be disappointed. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Will you do a review or similar post on your Banila Co. memebox? :p I'd love to see what you get cause I wanted that one but then they don't ship internationally anymore :(

    2. Good sharing, Glossybox and Memebox are one of the Korea’s greatest beauty ongoing services, box way up about several to six cosmetic goods or biological samples and ship those to subscribers each month. Read more at:

  2. I have been sitting on the fence and wondering whether I should get a memebox!! But the products contained looks amazing, and Korean products have historically performed well on my skin!

    I can't wait to see your reviews on the products! I am so curious about all these brands! :)

    1. I am excited to review some of these products cause they're so amazing :)

  3. how cute is this beauty box! never seen any of these products before - it's always great to try something new!

    Check out my latest inspiration post! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

    1. Thank you Anthea ^^ I've followed your bloglovin' x

  4. Hi girl! I’ve nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Please see my blog post for more details:

    Lots of blessing,

    1. Thank you for the nomination Sisi x

  5. Love to see some in-depth reviews of some of these! :)
    My mom bought me two huge bags of those cocoon thingys but I really didn't like them because they were so small! I much rather prefer the Konjac sponges!

    1. Oh I have never heard of the Konjac Sponges, but they must be good? cause you have great taste in everything Jasmine! ^^ will check them out x


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