NARS Orgasm and Laguna Blush / Bronzer Duo ♥ Swatches + Review

I have been using the NARS Orgasm and Laguna Blush / Bronzer Duo everyday since I posted the NARS mini haul in February and I have been loving the products so much that I decided it's time to share some swatches and review.

This is a NARS mini size blush / bronzer duo, I purchased this from Sephora for USD$24.00.

NARS Orgasm is described as a "peachy pink with golden shimmer".

When I did my research before purchase, a lot of people have mentioned this blush have big chunks of glitter which made their faces looks like a disco ball and there's also people who says Orgasm doesn't show any color on their skin.

I personally really like NARS Orgasm, the blush shows up more as a pink shade on my NC25 skin tone. I like that it's buildable, easy to apply and blend, and it's long lasting. Usually last me more than six hours. The blush does not appear to have big chunks of glitter on my face like some people claims (hmm could they be exaggerating it?!), it does appear to have a bit of golden shimmer, showing a natural glow on my cheeks.

NARS Laguna is described as a "diffused brown powder with golden shimmer".

I am a bronzer newbie, I have always been afraid of using bronzer as I have imagined it would look weird on me and if I don't blend it well it may look like I can't apply makeup and people will laugh at me?! Lol! Hmm I guess bronzer just gives me a little pressure sometimes.

I still don't know how people contour so well! I am still learning ~ I like to use NARS Laguna as an all-over-face bronzer and I like that Laguna gives me a natural sun-kissed look without looking like I have too much bronzer on, too tan or too shimmery. This bronzer is buildable, easy to apply and blend.

My favourite part of using this bronzer is after applying an Asian brand BB cream, my face tend to look a little ghost white. After applying a little amount of NARS Laguna, it instantly gave me that glow.

Swatches of NARS Orgasm and Laguna blush / bronzer duo on my arm.

I am starting to understand why everyone in the makeup world raves about NARS products, the brand may be expensive but their products are amazing and well worth the price. Like the NARS Orgasm and Laguna duo, this is my first NARS product and I am already hooked on the brand! Hoping to try out more of their products in the future. ^^

I love everything about NARS Orgasm and Laguna, from their sleek packaging to their lovely products. Only downside is, since this is a mini size blush / bronzer duo, I feel like there's not a lot of space for me to swirl my brush around; I use Real Techniques duo-fibre face brush for the bronzer and Sigma F40 large angled contour for blush.

Wearing NARS Orgasm and Laguna blush / bronzer duo.

What is your favourite NARS product? Share with me ^^ so I can check them out too ~


  1. Omggg I've been dying to try the NARS orgasm since forever!
    It's such a pretty colour and it looks sooo good on you >~< !!
    Thank you for the review and swatches!! I think i'm definitely gonna buy this soon hehe


    1. Thanks so much Fifi ♥ Should definitely try it, totally worth the expensive price!

  2. Hey Kay!!
    It's Denise
    Thank you for subscribing to me! Couldnt find anywhere else to contact you so Ill post here since I read you blog quite often xD
    Love this review! I love my nars duo as well. Laguna is so awesome, I even have like the real mini size thats the same size of a Nars eyeshadow. I want to try the Nars concealer next that everyone rave about but wouldnt want to buy it here since its ridicously expensive in NZ >< arghh!!

    1. Oh thank you so much Denise! It's so nice to know that kiwi girls are reading my blog too :p I thought it's mostly just Americans hehe. This is my first NARS product so I have no idea how big the eyeshadow pans are haha NARS noob right here! lol next on my NARS list are their lip products x

  3. These duos from them really are great bargain buys! I never thought I'd want to pick one up but I probably will want to get the sin and casino! It definitely sounds like a great product!

    1. If you end up picking up the Sin and Casino duo, please do review :p I'd love to try out more NARS products x

  4. I just recently had the revelation that contouring really can change your bone structure (at least temporarily!) All my life, my face has been fickle-- some days, I have the really nice V-shaped chin and other days, my face looks edematous and puffy. Ugh. I found some MAC bronzer I had lying around and am currently using it, but it's way too red for a brown tone. The NARS Laguna looks like it would be a much better fit for me! Thanks for sharing this. (:


    1. I am new to the whole contour thing, I sometimes can contour so well and make my face looks slim and then sometimes it just gets messy and made my face look kind of chubby. I do really enjoy using the Orgasm / Laguna duo ^^ Which MAC bronzer are you using at the moment?


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