CANMAKE Creamy Touch Rouge

I have never heard of this Canmake brand untill I came across it in the Japanese store. At first I didn't know what it was, I mean yeah I know it's a lipstick cause it's got a picture of a kiss and the words "Creamy Touch Rouge" but everything else on the packaging is in Japanese and I don't understand any of it :( Should have paid more attention in Japanese class while I was in high school *sigh*.

At the time I kind of hestitated to buy them cause they're too expensive for my liking, at $20.00 per lipstick I didn't know if I should try it or leave it. So I search it up on Google and came across some beauty blogger who gave really nice reviews about these and so I decided I should try them. I bought Mashmellow Pink and Misty Orange.

On the Canmake website these are described as "Velvety semi-matte lips", "Creamy texture and high color" and "A rouge that creates plump lips".

[01] Mashmellow Pink is a cute princess ish cotton candy pink color, it's described on their website as "A pink that's perfect for sweet, doll-like makeup", agree-agree ^^

[02] Misty Orange is a coral ish orangy color. I thought it's going to give me a 'pale' look cause I don't suit orange color lipsticks but surprisingly these came out very nice.

♥ Gorgeous colors
♥ Cute and simple packaging
♥ No need lipbalm, lip concealer; these goes on my lips very smooth
♥ Very moisturizing

♥ Expensive ($20 per lipstick)
♥ Smells like fish (LOL idk, maybe it's just me)

 From bare lips to [01] Mashmellow Pink

From bare lips to [02] Misty Orange

Overall I am very happy with these lipsticks



  1. I love your blog layout, it's so pretty! & this lipstick looks amazing! :)
    Hope you're having a Fierce & Fabulous Tuesday!

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba
    My YouTube Channel

  2. Hey~ Im loving this review!~
    I was going to get this lipstick, but maybe not- due to the smell!! :)

    1. Awwh don't let the smell puts you off ;) maybe it's just me (who thinks it smells like fish). x

  3. The colors look very good on you!!
    I like how the lipsticks are nicely pigmented(:
    Thank you for the great review!!

    Much love,


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