My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks ♡

I am a lipstick lover and MAC is one of my favorite brands!

I wish there is a MAC closer to where I live, but the closest one is in the city which is like 30 minutes drive away; eeek! Every time I go to the city I always have to get a MAC lipstick, no other MAC products, just their lipsticks ;)

I often feel like I don't give my MAC lipsticks enough love, haha xD so today I am going to share my top 5 favorite MAC lipsticks --> [from left to right] Cremesheen Creme Cup, Snob, Saint Germain, Viva Glam Nicki and Ruby Woo. <-- Sorry they all look so used and ugly :/ haha but I love them anyways x

MAC Cremesheen Creme Cup - The perfect pale pink, nude-ish lipstick ;)
MAC Snob - I am pretty sure everyone have at least one of MAC snob in their makeup collections! This is like a daily wear lipstick for me, it's light pink with a bit of purple-ish in it.
MAC Saint Germain - This lipstick has been with me for the longest time! That's probably why the MAC logo has been fully rubbed off on the packaging. I start my MAC lipsticks collections from Saint Germain and because this has been with the since the start, there is so much to write about! I bought this lipstick was when I started to become interested in makeup, at the time I didn't know what MAC was. I remember one day in Smith & Caughey's in town, I came across the MAC counter, saw their whole lipsticks collections and I was blew away by how beautiful they look. I have always been a pink color lover and Saint Germain caught my eyes straight away! After I bought this lipstick home I started to fall in love with MAC lipsticks cause everything about them is perfect! MAC Saint Germain is a pale pink with a blue undertone, this is the perfect Barbie Girl pink lipstick!
MAC Viva Glam Nicki - I loveeee this lipstick! I bought this because I am a Nicki Minaj obsessed and when you love someone that much you got to have things, everythings that they have! If it wasn't for Nicki, this would probably not be in my top 5 favorite lol hehe. This is kind of a bright ish neon pink / coral color.
MAC Ruby Woo - I am not a fan of red lipsticks, I mean, yeah they look glamours, sexy and all that but I don't think they look good on me :/ some people can wear them so good. But it just looks weird on me, when I wear red lipsticks they often make my skin looks pale ass even thou I have this yellow-ish Asian skin color..  I don't know why. For a long time I couldn't find the perfect red lipstick for me until I found Ruby Woo. 

Oh yeah, must not forget to mention how good these smells! MAC lipsticks has this sweet vanilla scents hmmmm ~~ so yummy la ~~ A very weird facts about me, I only wears lipsticks that has a nice scents. I for some reason hate those lipsticks that just smells like, lipsticks >.< wahh hahah.


  1. Well Kay, good news for you girl:))

    Mac representatives will come to your door, as of about 5 maybe 6 weeks ago. Hoping that helps you out:)

    I too love Mac

  2. Thanks

    I am considering to buy a red lipstick, so this is useful for me!

    I have a blog too, want to follow each other?take a look and let me know.

    1. I also have MAC russian red, you should try that out too :)

  3. I currently only own one Mac lipstick
    but I do really like their lipstick products(:
    The Saint Germain one looks really nice but
    I'm scared it wouldn't work with my skintonelol
    Thank you for the review!!
    Following you now^_^

    Much love,


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