I finally get to try the famous Revlon Lip Butter!

Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter was released how long ago...? and I have recently just bought my first lip butter, talk about being 10 years late!

I remember when Revlon first introduced their colorburst lip butter, everyone around the world was crazy about it. I remember I wanted one soooo bad! But it wasn't selling in stores here. New Zealand is always late on keeping up to trends with the world (like me), so when Revlon lip butter hits New Zealand stores, people around the world is already over this trend.

I was so excited one day while shopping knowing that the Revlon lip butter is FINALLY in stores here and I told myself I need one, I must try one to see what all the raves was about this lip butter. I went to the store and I was shocked at the price! It was something like $25.99 for ONE LIP BUTTER, like are you kidding me? I was not planning on spending that much on a lip balm / lipstick.

So I waited months later and finally bought my first one about two weeks ago. I bought the nude 'Creamsicle' and was expecting something like creamy nude gorgeous looking nude pumps lips. *sigh* I was so dissappointed after swatching on my hands, it was almost like a clear gloss color. It was nothing like the colors that was shown in Google images when I search 'Revlon Lip Butter Creamsicle'. When I put that into Google search it came up with like nude pump lips. Grrr I was disappointed alright.

I got to admit that this lip butter is very good looking, I am a huge lipstick lover and the look of this impress me :) I love the clean, simple packaging and the top part (I don't know what you call this thing :/) matches the color of the lipstick!

When I tried this on my lips I was also disappointed because it was not moisturising as it should be. It's more like a watery gloss and the color looks like it's going to melt on my lips. I was not happy :( I am so sad! The quality of this lip butter is no where worth $25.99!

PROS: cute simple packagaing
CONS: expensive, not moisturising as it should be, too watery, color doesn't really stay on

I was thinking that, maybe it's such bad quality because of the color I bought is 'too nude'? I don't know, maybe I should try a pink lip butter, maybe it will be different and maybe it will be a better quality than this.

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