E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer Review ♥

Ever since I had a bad experience with the E.L.F tinted moisturizer, I have been trying to stay away from any of E.L.F's face products. Not that I dislike E.L.F or anything, I actually love this brand; some of their products are actually very good quality and very affordable. I was just trying to avoid getting pimples using products that does not fit my skin. Anyways, I have been eyeing up on the E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer but due to my previous experience with E.L.F's face products I kind of hesitated about it and plus no stores near me sells E.L.F, I either have to get them from America or TradeMe (New Zealand version of eBay) and it's a hassle sometimes. 

Back in October, I did a makeup swap with my very good friend Mary and in the package she has given me the E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer. **YAYYY** Girl can read my mind! I have been using this face primer everyday for work since I received it and I have been loving it so much. Today I want to share why I think it's one of the best  face primer out there~

Alright, so I have used primer from brands such as Tony Moly, Etude House, Shiseido (love this one but it's not very affordable) and more but they are all either very expensive or they feels so heavy on my face. 

I have the E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer in "tone adjusting green" which as stated on the elf website it is ideal for minimizing redness and correcting blotchy skin. The face primer comes in a white tube with a pump head which I like very much, it's easy to use and pump out the product. 

In each use I only need one pump of this face primer, one pump is enough for my whole face and last up to approximately 8 hours. The face primer is in a avocado green color but when applied on my skin / face it turns clear. 

E.L.F described this primer as one that will transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

When I use this primer, my face doesn't feel heavy like when I used primer from other brands, the tone adjusting green does even out my skin tone and covers more of my redness which I usually have around my nose, my foundation or BB cream always goes on smoothly and doesn't look cakey. 

So very good product, except that it smells like petrol. Like that smell when you go to a petrol station, yeahhh ~ that smell~ It doesn't bother me thou, I am one of those weird peeps that don't mind those smell and also this primer is abit greasy but I am not surprised and no complaint either cause I do have oily skin. 

I love this product and I highly recommend all my readers to try it out, it is very affordable and always good to try new things ^-^ 



  1. You make it sounds so good that I want to try it too <3


    1. Oh you should deff try it out hun :p so good!


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