Valentine's Day Bright Makeup Look

Valentine's Day is only two weeks away, whether you are going to spend the day with your love ones or by yourself; It's always fun to glam up on this special day with your favourite Valentine's Day makeup looks.

I personally like bright makeup and I reckon Pinterest is the best place to get inspiration from. There are loads of talented makeup artist and regular people on there that will inspire you with their gorgeous makeup skills! I was inspired from some very talented people on Pinterest to create the below Valentine's makeup look.
So... I was asked on Instagram how I create this look, and I totally suck at explaining the steps; but I will try my best to explain this and hopefully you won't get confused.

1. Apply NYX Cosmetics jumble eye pencil in Milk (white) all over eyelid.
2. Apply a red eyeshadow of your choice over eyelid, here I have used the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 1st Edition; blend well.
3. Apply a light pink eyeshadow of your choice over above crease, blend well.
4. Use a black eyeliner of your choice, here I have used 3 Concept Eyes gel eyeliner in glitter black; draw little hearts over eyelid.
5. Apply wing eyeliner using the same black eyeliner you've used in step 4.
6. Curl your natural lashes, skip this step if you have naturally curl lashes.
7. Apply falsies of your choice.
8. Curl your natural lashes and falsies together then apply mascara of your choice.
9. Apply red lips liner of your choice, here I have used NYX slim lip pencil in Hot Red.
10. Apply red lipstick of your choice, here I have used MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo.

TADA! & you're done!

I finally got the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette Y(◠‿◠)Y

Ever since I learn how to use these USA mail forwarding companies, I have been online shopping ALOT! More than I should... It's like, once you start doing something you love, you just can't stop and this hobby of mine is making my wallet sad.
I have recently bought the Urban Decay Naked3 palette from Sephora and let's just say it's the most perfect palette I have came across, so far. I had previously own the Naked palette but I didn't like the colors as much as how everyone loves it, so after a few use I sold it and I didn't bother with Naked2 cause the colors all look pretty much the same.
First of all, I love the packaging. The Naked3 comes in a rose metal tin with these waves looking texture and I absolutely love the shades! Limit and Nooner are both love at first sight and I used them both today, just love them even more! All the other shades are gorgeous too . One thing did really annoyed me thou was I dropped this palette when I first received it and one of the eyeshadows came off; I kind of get this feeling the tin case can't hold the eyeshadows well, like it's not sturdy.
As Urban Decay stated, Naked3 palette contains 12 never-seen-before eyeshadows, shades from the palest, shimmery pink to the deep, warm black; each eyeshadow contains 1.3 grams of product. Naked3 includes a double-ended shadow / blending brush and an eyeshadow primer potion sampler.


Etude House Minnie Wink Lash

In early November last year, I showed you guys the kawaii Etude House xoxo Minnie Mouse collection and since then I have tried most of the products from this collection. I have tried the Minnie Kissing Lips Lipsticks, the Minnie touch highlighter and touch blusher which I absolutely love! I have also tried the eyeshadows which I am not much a fan of :( too much shimmer, I prefer matte eyeshadows, well, right now at least and last weekend I tried the eyelashes ~

Falsies are probably one of my most favourite makeup items besides lipsticks. I have really short, straight, Asian eyelashes so I often look up to those with naturally long curl lashes. SO JELLY! 

I tried both the top and bottom eyelashes but the bottom one looked totally awkward on me so I threw it away and here is a picture of me wearing the top lashes with one coat of waterproof mascara.

They are very long, soft and natural looking. I like the feel of these and they aren't too expensive, only cost around USD$5. I probably wouldn't purchase these again cause they're just too fancy for me lol... I still prefer those falsies from the Japanese mart in the mall.

These can be purchased from beautynetkorea.

Mini Lush Haul ♡

I've caught the flu :( been sick these past few days so I haven't had anytime to go anywhere or do anything other than go to work. Yesterday, I finally had some free time to go to town, visit the LUSH store and bought some goodies. So... I do like LUSH and all that, but I think it's overrated; who else agrees?! I like that most of their stuff smells amazeball and I get that all products are handmade and that's probably why they are so expensive.
Anyways, I wanted to try their bath bomb to see what all the fuzz is about and also most of their soap were 50% off. So I bought three bath bombs and two soaps.

I tried Sex Bomb last night and I love it so much! I love that the water turns pink, smells amazing and it made my skin so so smooth and soft even when I wake up this morning.

I Spoiled Myself Some Juicy Couture Goodies ♡

During the Christmas and New Years holiday, Juicy Couture had a 50% off winter sale (which I think it is still going on right now), I decided to take advantage of this amazeball sale and treat myself to some of their jewellery that I have been eyeing up for a long time.

In total, I ordered two pieces of necklace, one piece of bracelet and two charms. Usually I would order from Juicy and get directly deliver to my house but because Juicy is not able to deliver those two charms to international addresses so the only way I could get those items is to use mail forwarding companies.

I have never used mail forwarding companies before because I always have this feeling that they are such hassle and they cost a lot, which is true, probably cause I chose the wrong company; but because it was my first time buying via a mail forwarding company, I wanted to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Since it is quite an expensive order, I was being extra paranoid. So I chose NZpost's YouShop which has been recommended by a good friend and it is also a very trustworthy company, just very expensive.

Juicy Couture always has amazing packaging and that is one of the reasons why I love them so so much! Their qualities are also very worth the money, a bonus if you get items on sale and not to mention their style is just speechless...

So I went on the Juicy Couture website just for a casual browse and I came across this Limited Edition Year of The Horse charm, as soon as I came across the horse charm, being as dramatic as always I was like I need to have that in my life! So I added it to my cart and then...

See how gorgeous the horse charm looks ^^ sadly I was abit disappointed of the packaging for this charm. The Limited Edition Year of The Horse charm comes in a gold Juicy packaging box, the box looks kind of like those gift boxes you can get from $2 shops :( Just the feel of it is kinda cheap but other than that this charm is perfect.

I also got a 2013 Limited Edition Candy Cane Martini Charm which I absolutely adore. When I placed this order, it was already close to New Years, but because 2013 has been amazing year for me, I wanted something amazing to remember by so I chose this.
Next I got these Pave Heart Chain Link Bracelet and Pave Heart Chain Link Necklace, I have been eyeing these up for the longest time and today I finally have them ~~ *soo happy omg*
And last piece I got is a starter charm link necklace in gold.
So out of these five pieces of jewellery, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment ye?! ^^